I’ll Have the…ummm…uhhh..Wait it Will Come to Me…

Cracker Barrel

The morning started out so nicely – we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  They serve grits and finding grits in Ohio is difficult.  But I didn’t want grits – no, I wanted something that took me back to my childhood.  Back to having breakfast with my friend whose mom was Italian and would always take sourdough or french bread, cut out the middle, and fry eggs in the opening.  It was so wonderful and exotic to me and I couldn’t get that meal at my house.  All my family wanted to make was Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (oh gag forever). And you wonder why I turned out this way…

So there we were, Devoted Spouse and I, and I saw it on the menu – “Eggs in a Basket” – What a wonderfully descriptive name, even though it’s not a basket, it’s a piece of bread, but I’ll cut them a little slack – it was what I had to have.  I was happy.  I closed the menu.  The nice waitress walked over to take my order and I looked at her blankly – I couldn’t remember what it was called.  I had just shut the menu but I couldn’t remember the name of the stupid dish.  So I looked up at her and said, I don’t remember, it’s the eggs and bread thing.  She gave me a stare I’ll never forget — it’s the stare that tells you someone feels sorry for you but doesn’t want you to know just how flippin’ stupid you truly are.  I opened the menu and pointed and said – See?  eggs and bread — “Eggs in a Basket”.  She shook her head as she left and I wanted to walk behind her and rip off her apron and beat her with it.

This is a new record of forgetting something – it only took me about 20 seconds to completely go blank.  What’s funny here is we were surrounded by old people; really, really old people.  None of them seemed to have trouble remembering what they wanted to order; just me.  I’m a pasty-faced, middle-aged, chemically helped-along redhead who burns in the sun and can’t remember anything anymore.  I was surrounded by old women who all had white hair and were about my size but they had dark tanned leathery faces and wore golf shirts and shorts.  So I’m thinking maybe the secret to remembering things is I have to get old and take up golf and let my skin turn to leather and go to Cracker Barrel every Friday  morning with all my old leathery faced girlfriends.  That or carry more sticky notes.  Maybe we should stick to Bob Evans for breakfast.

There is a distinct possibility this song was written just for me.


11 thoughts on “I’ll Have the…ummm…uhhh..Wait it Will Come to Me…

  1. Promise me: should I ever stop by your place for breakfast that grits will not be even mentioned. Cornmeal mush, allowed to set firm, then sliced and browned on a grill and served with butter and hot maple syrup? I’ll stay the weekend.
    For you Email Mom, anything your little heart desires! You’ll understand if I have to leave the room coz anything named mush is not something I even want to look at. I bet Devoted Spouse would like it though. I’ll just go in the other room and have my grits. Hugs!

  2. Get out the Ginko! Ain’t menopause just the biggest hoot ever? 8-}
    I’m tellin’ ya girlfriend there are days I’m just on another universe entirely. Devoted Spouse has learned to tell the person who happens to be closest when I zone out like that, “hang on, she’ll be right back.” It’s bizarre. But, would you like to know where I was on December 18, 1972? Oh, I can grab those memories in a flash. What did I wear yesterday? Beats the crap outta me. Makes the clothing decision alot easier now!

  3. Point and grunt. It the only thing that works for me.
    I am now thankful menus have pictures. It takes the pressure off, doesn’t it? LOL

  4. I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one with this problem. I looked at a phone number 4 times yesterday before I could remember it enough to actually dial the correct digits. If I have to take up golf and get brown leathery skin and eat at CB every Friday morning, I’ll do it. I’m desperate. I’ll do anything but you’ll have to call me every Friday and remind me to meet you at CB because I’ll probably forget. HUGS
    Well, darlin’ that sounds like a great idea, but I guarantee you I’ll lose the sticky note that has your number on it. It’s that bad. LOL Hugs back atcha! I knew I might get a hot flash here or there and I might add a couple pounds (which I’m starving off thank you very much) but no one warned me of the mute moments. Jeesh. I keep trying to cover by saying I’m thinking. Yeah right. That’s working real well for me.

  5. I got to this point in your post: “I’m a pasty-faced, middle-aged, chemically helped-along redhead who burns in the sun and can’t remember anything anymore.” Forgot where I was and what I was reading and wondered how I had logged back into my own blog….getting old sucks sometimes.
    Oh welcome to my life hon.

  6. BTW when you want some real Italian food….come East for a visit, and I’ll show you some good, old fashioned Italian cooking. That’s a promise. You can bring EmmaLou, too.
    Oh, I’m so ready for real Italian food (cellulite be damned) – EmmaLou would love a road trip! Hugs!

  7. This post made me smile, because I’m there with you. I just saw a new gynecologist and she asked if I had any problems I wanted to discuss, and I said “just that I’m getting really dumb.” She laughed and said “that’s the age.” And I’m almost 52. I decided after the 50s, we get smart again.
    good grief I have to wait that long? I’d like my brains unscrambled now please. LOL

  8. So my students who leave their homework in the printer are in the prime of life and me, I need to stand in an room for a few seconds before I can remember what I went for. Maybe we’re always forgetting, but when we get older we remember to be worried about it.
    And that’s precisely what pisses me off so much, the fact it pisses me off.

  9. I have those moments all the time. Makes me very, very worried about what I’ll be like in 20yrs if I make it that long. I just chalk it up to getting older along with the arthritis I didn’t realize I have until I started knitting. Aches, pains and memory loss – ain’t life grand?
    I’m sorry…what were we talking about? LOL

  10. Oh to be young again. I hate the forgetfulness part. It sucks.

    I love as I’m reading a blog post and I think “oh I want to comment about that and that and that” and by the time I click to comment, I’ve forgotten the very points I wanted to remark on. I like when someone’s post is still visible because I often have to scroll up to the post and look at it again –“oh yeah” — and then scroll back down to the comment post.

    I remember now…. I love grits too. And I never ever heard of that egg and bread thingamajiggie. Sounds like it would be good, and OMG, Cracker Barrel actually had it on their menu, huh? I’ll have to remember that, but you know, I’ll probably forget… maybe I can remember to try to make it at home.
    When I was in school recently, I had to copy and print out another student’s response to a discussio question in order for me to be able to respond to it because it didn’t show up on the screen as I wrote an email response and I would be partway through and forget what else he or she said. Very annoying. I hate this memory thing. I had something else to add but I don’t remember…

  11. Hi Cronie,
    I so know what you are experiencing and feeling.
    Ond day last year I ran into a friend (in her mid 50s) at the supermarket. We chatted for a few minutes and then I noticed her eyeglasses had no lens. She was just wearing frames. I asked her about it and she was so horrified/shocked/embarassed by this oversight (pun not intended). She blamed it on her forgetfulness. Then we laughed.
    At least we CAN grow old…
    OMG she didn’t realize her glasses had no lens – but not have needed much correction – but even I’m not that scatterbrained yet – of course I’m virtually blind without my specs – unless I’m reading – another sign of old age – bifocal nonsense. It never ends.

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