Monday Musings


The problem with blogging is one keeps stumbling upon other blogs that are intriguing enough to add to the old blogroll. That’s not a bad thing, mind you, it just takes up more space and requires more reading time. Usually it results in making new friends, and we can all use new friends. I’m getting tired of my old ones. No I’m not, just kidding.

So through a fairly-new-to-me blogger on whom I bestowed (what is with my English today?) a nice little award recently (Colette Amelia), I found a guy who writes a blog that piqued my interest – it’s honest, sometimes not so nice, he loves guns (such a plus in my book) and his style just caught my attention as something different from other blogs I normally read. So to the Ever-Ongoing Longest Blogroll in the World the new guy was added.

My newest addition to the Blogroll had a posting about someone else’s posting on things she understood and things she didn’t which led him to cogitating on things with which he was fascinated. I thought to myself that I hadn’t undertaken any thinking like that for awhile; hence, today’s Musings. Not very humorous so far, huh? Sometimes I’m funny; sometimes I’m not.   But, don’t leave.  Now his fascinations were fairly short and to the point.  I tend to ramble as you well know.  Here are some of my musings today:

  • I find it interesting that EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer, can sit for hours and just watch me live. Is she waiting for me to do something particularly amusing to her or is she just amazed that there are days I can sit in my comfy chair for hours on end with this laptop and make funny clicking noises she can’t possibly understand?  All the while she sits there and watches me. Maybe she just wants her turn at the keyboard. BTW she won’t watch tv; just humans and animals. There’s something very intelligent there. She’s also a dog of few barks.
the look

this is the look

  • I’m puzzled by people who hate guns, my step spawn included. Guns are useful; shooting guns is a great hobby; going to gun shows provides excellent entertainment; and, most importantly, no one is going to come in my house and mess with me when I’m armed and unafraid to shoot.  The idea that owning a gun will arbitrarily lead you to shooting someone for no good reason is crap – and I hear it all the time.  Fascinating.   Stupid, but fascinating nonetheless. Gun safety? Yes. Gun ignorance?  No.  I don’t care if you don’t like guns; that’s your right, but stop getting in my face because I am pro-gun.  You don’t want to do that; I will gladly and quickly explain to you our Second Amendment Rights and just what the NRA is all about.  And, yes, I am a card-carrying Lifetime Member.  I will be most happy to explain to you how the NRA is not responsible for nutcases like the kid at Virginia Tech, nor the massacre at Columbine.  But don’t get me started…
  • I’m contemplating lately why on earth I ever chose to attend a Seminary to learn more about God when there are many cheaper and just as wise  paths toward that knowledge to follow. Plus the fact I so often and vehemently disagreed with my professors tells me this was not an epiphany of any sorts; just a mistaken notion that a Masters Degree in Theological Studies would help me in some way to understand my world. I now am comfortable in the knowledge that epiphany and menopause are synonymous and interchangeable.  I’ll stick to learning through books, from theologians and pastors such as N. T. Wright, (the current Bishop of Durham, England for the Anglican Church) (whose works I highly recommend you read)
N. T. Wright, or Bishop Tom as he's called by his flock

N. T. Wright, or Bishop Tom as he's called by his flock

or my friend Eric (on my church staff) , and from reading my bible and my own spiritual experiences.

a favorite from whom I learn

Obi-Wan Eric preaching

Sometimes I’m concerned I don’t have enough to do that’s useful. Don’t ask me to define useful right now please. I realize I’m somewhat hampered by this extended time of healing from the infamous injury of the Winter of 09, but still, I’m thinking I retired too young. Okay, I didn’t retire so much as quit a job I hated and then never got another job. In my book, that’s still retired; I am not paid to work. I don’t want to lose any more brain cells than are currently leaking out my scalp, so am thinking of ways to further enrich my retirement – like volunteer work. But having still not decided what to do when I grow up, I’m stymied by any thoughts of helping out somewhere.  I’d rather write a book, which takes me to the next musing…

I’m fascinated by the realization that anything you wish to do always looks easier than it is when you take it upon yourself to try it out.  I’d love to write a novel, or a book of any kind AND have it published – I’d like to be proficient with a musical instrument (I tried piano-what a disaster) (I played guitar as a young person, but then, who didn’t play guitar back in the ’60s? – we all knew House of the Rising Sun and VietNam taught us We Gotta Get Outta This Place, etc.)  At one time I actually wanted to be Janis Joplin…”Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz; my friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends…”  Unfortunately, I absolutely hated the taste of Southern Comfort.  I did get to see her perform, but that’s another story.

I’d like to paint but can’t make up my mind how to go about it.  I actually took a class once on that type of painting you find on the Public Television station done by the guy with the very frizzy Afro who’s been dead for years now…anyway I took a class on that style of painting.  I argued with my  instructor because she demanded the sky in this painting of a mountain be green.  I don’t like a green sky – I wanted my sky to have some blue.  She was adamant – I was cranky and tired and so I painted the stupid sky green.  Devoted Spouse loved the picture; I hid it in a closet.  It will one day be thrown out when I finally get around to cleaning out that particular closet.  I found the whole experience to be non-creative and unartistic – anyone can learn to copy someone else.

my first and last attempt at painting

the world's ugliest painting & it actually has my initials on it

And finally I’m just flabbergasted by the fact Devoted Spouse has kept me around for almost 26 years now. I must totally frustrate him at times as I bounce around from one thing to another much like Tigger bouncing on his springy tail, and I know he tunes me out when he can’t take any more. But that’s okay, coz those are the times I’m just rambling away.  Kind of like today.

It’s just a day I’m a musing…


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Love my visits to your blog!!! Say hi to Emma Lou
    I love your visits, too! EmmaLou lifts front paw, sez hi right back atcha Sandy!

  2. I get to thinking things along those lines….and then my brain hurts. There are so many things I wish I could do; be artistic, play piano, actually be good enough to write something that people would actually pay to read. And then truth comes crashing down. At 54 I have probably found the extent of my abilities though I do thank you for sparking my interest in knitting as that isn’t going too badly and I have made a couple pairs of crocheted socks. At least I got off the proverbial at least, rock and accomplished something.

    Some people go into their last stage of life and accomplish great things they never tried before. Then others of us don’t have that much talent to be able to grow that much.
    Oh great…I try to take up knitting, and you’re the one who succeeds. They haven’t even started my class yet — crapola I could have knitted ten afghans and a poodle by now. I refuse to believe that I have found the extent of my abilities yet – otherwise why get up in the morning? I will keep growing and learning and of course failing miserably, getting back up and trying something else, and blogging about it til I have no usable brain cells left. EmmaLou just turned around, looked at me, got up and left the room. *sigh*

  3. It took me until my mid-forties to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Don’t sweat it. It will come.

    The painting is very nice but if you like your sky blue than it should be blue.
    I don’t know that I will ever know because I flit around so much and maybe that’s what I’m supposed to do…a little of this and a little of that. As for the painting, it is the suckiest thing I have ever seen and why it hasn’t ended in the trash yet is beyond me – I learned a valuable lesson that day and it is exactly what u said — if I want the sky blue, then it should be blue. And that doesn’t just apply to the painting.

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