Thankfully I Don’t Have to Dress Up for the Occasion


A nice surprise showed up the other day from my dear friend Delaney over at her other site, Women’s Ink – an award – how sweet!


I am always somewhat amazed when I receive these generous kudos from such talented writers and bloggers as Delaney – I feel unworthy – truly I do.   These awards are our version of the Oscars – for us I’ll call them  Bloscars.  My blog is just a little boogerin’ look at my life and yet if you go check out my blogroll you will find some very talented writers – some who actually do this for a living and some who just have a gift for putting just the right words on the page (or screen).

So to Delaney – thank you sweetie – you are such a delight and even though I myself am not “inked”, I do enjoy looking at all the pictures of the tats you show.  Now as with all awards I understand there are some rules I need to follow:

1) Grab the Award and link love the person whom you got the award from.

2) Pass the award to different bloggers whom you think are deserving of this award.

3) Write a post about the award and there you’ll link the person who gave the award to you and those people who you’d like to pass the award.

4) Continue your passion in writing because your hard work will always be appreciated.

Thank you Delaney for both your friendship and your blogs – go visit Delaney here and here right now for some excellent reading – plus she’s recently started giveaways – how cool is that!

Who shall I award this to?  Well, I have some new friends and I think I’ll tap them this time.  So this award is being passed on to:

my new friend, Linda @ Fat Cat Crochet

the amazing Sandy from It’s A Jungle Out There

my new friend, GirlTornado (as she’s known on Twitter)  from City Gal Moves to Oz Land

yet another new friend, Colette from The whole ball of wax in a nutshell

I know you will enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do – and they all richly deserve this award!  Congrats ladies.  Hugs to all of you – especially you, D.  You all make blogging so much fun and a part of my life I simply cannot live without.

10 thoughts on “Thankfully I Don’t Have to Dress Up for the Occasion

  1. Oh sweetie! You write way better than I do, hands down and you so deserve all the awards you get. You always keep me smiling and I miss you when you are a “slug” and miss a few days. I always look forward to seeing what’s happening around your neck of the woods. :0)
    *blushes and stammers* aw shucks…today it’s gonna rain all day in my neck of the woods, blechhh. So Devoted Spouse is taking me out for breakfast – yay – good mood’s back. I’ve lost 2 more pounds so I think I can eat – I love the way I rationalize going out to eat. LOL

  2. I think you both deserve the award.

    Thank you sweetie – did I mention I’m reading some of your blogroll buddies’ works? Well, not yet, but I have a couple books that just arrived. Devoted Spouse is excited to read the book about the military stuff – task force things – I think author is Don? *it’s early and I haven’t had enuf coffee yet* – Hugs 2 u 2

  3. Awwhhhhh. *sheepishly* Thank you.

    Like you, I really don’t feel I deserve this particular award. (But I think you DO deserve it!) There are so many blogs that are truly written well and they even write about more timely topics… me, I just write about my lil life on the Kansas plains. Well, for the most part. Sometimes I touch on other things.

    But that’s what a blog is for — rantin’ and ravin’. I plan to do more rantin’ and ravin’ in the future. 🙂

    Thanks sweetie!!! 🙂
    You do deserve it – I truly enjoy reading your blog – and you are very welcomed! You just rant and rave all you want baby – I do it, too. Sometimes you can hardly shut me up! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  4. Ya know, I always forget to see which of my blogs is noted before I leave my reply. And so my previous comment clicks thru to the WRONG blog for this award. Duh.

    I fixed it on this comment, for what it’s worth. 😉
    It’s no big deal – so many of us have multiple blogs and it does get confusing at times! 🙂

  5. Wow! you like me you really like me!

    thanks so much for bestowing such an award especially coming from you who has a way of entertaining us all!

    I will try me best to pass it around!
    Yes, Sally Field, we like you we really like you! Silly thing – I love your blog! Congrats and enjoy!

  6. Don will be very pleased. He’s a nice guy.
    My husband is finishing up another book and Don’s is next on the list for him. I also picked up How to Murder a Millionaire from Nancy Martin and The Mournful Teddy from John J. Lamb. (This is all on my Currently Reading Page so I’m repeating myself here). This morning I accidentally found the webpage for Lorna Bartlett who writes some mysteries I like also so I sent her a quick note, too. I seem to be finding more and more writing blogs. You guys are costing me a fortune @ Amazon coz I can never find these books at library! They’re always checked out when I do find them. Well worth it, though – I’m enjoying my reading very much. Hugs!

  7. I met John Lamb at the conference. Sweet man, he’s a lot of fun and very funny–has that great, dry cop with DH has. He now sports a mustache so looks a bit different from the picture on his blog page. I’ll send you the shot I had taken with him–I look like crap in it though…
    I’m just happy you have so many great links so I can discover more writers – this is so much fun for me you can’t imagine. And, thanks for sending pics – I loved them and I think you looked nowhere near like crap you silly thing – you’re lovely in picture, word, and thought. Hugs!

  8. Oh my gosh! *blushing* I really can’t believe anyone would give me an award. The drivile I blog! I’m honored & humbled. Thank you so much.
    PS. I was over at Delaney’s Women’s Ink just this week. Oh that girl has got me thinkin’ now!
    I like u – I like ur blog – U give me hope in the craft department – plus when my knitting class finally starts just think of the laughs you’ll get when I post my work! I’d like one very small tat – but I’m too chicken to do it. Devoted Spouse has none; doesn’t really like them but wouldn’t care if I did it. I’m thinking maybe I’ll just get a nice color Sharpie and draw on me for awhile to see if I like it – plus it would freak everyone else out. And, frankly, at the moment I’m bored and I have Sharpies in every color they make…LOL

  9. Congrats to all of you! Now I have even more blogs to check out.
    That’s the fun part – checking out new blogs – that’s why I’m quickly getting the world’s longest blogroll – I’m going to need a longer page, oh wait it doesn’t work that way, does it? LOL

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