Crone Trivia

summer 2011 the red-headed stepchild goes BLONDE

Jan 2011

me with EmmaLou & the new porch glider Aug 10

the new shorter hairdo Aug 31, 2010

from high school reunion Oct 10 Janie on left, me in middle, Jody on right

Hi – I’m Linda and I will admit to being in mid-life.  I’ve been married for 29 years to the world’s most tolerant husband (aka Devoted Spouse).  I’m mom to a 8-yr old Golden Retriever, EmmaLou (aka the Golden Destroyer) who will chew pretty much anything but thoroughly enjoys destroying upholstered furniture, carpeting, books, Christmas trees, and errant $10 bills.  She’s not quite as bad as she once was, but kindly keep leather gloves out of her reach.

I am a child of God, a bookaholic, an editor, a volunteer, a good listener, a sometime crafter (who totally sucks at knitting), a rabid Washington Redskins and Ohio State Buckeyes fan, a horrid seamstress, a college graduate and a whole bunch of other stuff.  blah blah blah lol

I love to write but am too easily distracted to actually get the great all American novel written.  Not that I’m not working on it, mind you.  Okay so maybe I’m actually working on at least one at the moment.

I’m grateful for every day that I wake up on the right side of the grass and am a firm believer that a positive attitude and a healthy dose of laughter is what makes life worthwhile!


38 thoughts on “Crone Trivia

  1. Hello,

    I took some time today to read your thoughts. Just wanted you to know that when I walk by your old cube farms. I think of the times sitting with you and Devoted Spouse and talking. I still cant believe you two have left. I have seen a few people leave lately and it effects me more knowing I am getting older. Well I don’t know how my job will pan out with all the consolidation coming closer. But you must know that working with you two for the last 6.5 years has been the BEST job I have had. (you may have not heard that before) I sure did enjoy talking with you Linda you are a great listener you are so smart. You should write a book or a column in the paper and your husband’s manager support will probably never be matched.
    I am sure I will see you here and there. I wish the best for both of you and little emma lou too.

    Your Freind, Mike
    You know we love ya and I miss u terribly! I have to keep buying computers just so you’ll come see me – but you can go shooting with us any time!

  2. Wow. Interesting reading. I admire people like you that can express themselves with words. Me, my brain can get a thought to my mouth, but between my brain and fingers, there seems to be ‘a failure to communicate’. I’m going to make reading this a Daley enjoyment.

    I enjoyed talking to you today. You have always been my hero. Tell Devoted Spouse Hi!
    You’re so funny – I really loved working with you!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my place and adding me to the roll. I’ve done likewise.
    My pleasure – your blog rocks kiddo!

  4. I’m enjoying your blog entries. I added your blog to my blogroll and will be checking in from time to time -you’re one witty gal! I hope to be so witty someday …!
    Thanks for making my head swell – now that you’re my 3rd faithful reader…

  5. GREAT blog! I have just started reading entries, but love your sense of humour!
    thanks Merri!

  6. I love your blog…and you have a “fur baby”, too! It caused me to laugh out loud when you called EmmaLou a Golden Destroyer due to her chewing.

    Golden’s and Lab’s are notorious chewers. Two of my sibilings have these ‘chewers’…it took a lot of work…but they are now sane (I mean my siblings are sane) lol

    Kindest Regards,

    “Mom” of a little Sheltie…photos on blog
    thanks for visiting – shelties are so cute!

  7. Oh, please don’t grow up. I’m never going to. I love cooking too and do so every day for my daughter, her husband and my ex-husband. I love my crock pot especially. Oh, I just saw that you know Moonbeam. What a terrific gal she is.
    A crock pot is a gal’s best friend! Okay, I won’t grow up – it’s too much fun letting the kid in me play!

  8. I like too! You are now on my blogroll as a fellow pet lover 🙂

    Keep up the great work!
    In my household, EmmaLou rules – we run our lives around this dog and that’s okay with me!

  9. Sounds like we have a lot in common. With the exception of growing up. In my view it’s highly over-rated.
    I’ve always wanted to live the Peter Pan life…”I won’t grow up; I don’t wanna go to school”…

  10. Hi there Linda.
    Stumbled across your blog this morning.
    Really enjoyed reading it and sharing your thoughts.
    You have a great sense of humour.
    I’ll stop by again.
    Hey Karen thanks for stopping by and your kind words! You’re always welcomed to come over and chat!

  11. love your witty charm, I ‘m going to add you to my blogroll, looking forward to reading more
    Thank you so much – while I’d rather be remembered for my blinding flash of intelligence in solving world problems, I’ll gladly settle for “witty charm” *grins* – I’ll stop by and see you, too.

  12. Just found your blog and really enjoy it! Humor is an art form, and I think your art is great. I’m bookmarking it so I can continue to enjoy, and letting my 6 kids know about it, too.
    Holey moley Batman – you have no idea how your kind comments arrived at just the right time, when I needed to hear that I was doing something good – thank you for visiting and come back often! Nice to meetcha Paul!

  13. I too am a crone…although a tad bit older than you. Make me #6 (you keep saying you only have 5 readers). I love the blog about what creeps you out…I personally hate the idea of mice under my bed! Yipes!

    I love being a crone and I like getting older coz I’m getting wiser – okay I’m really not – but I’m having fun. I’m so happy I now have 6 readers but u have to promise to be faithful and loyal- coz those are the words I use when I refer to my 5 (now 6) readers. LOL Come back often and I’ll come visit u soon – but not tonite coz I have to go check for spiders before I go to bed… I wish mice were there because they would eat the spiders but then again my Golden Destroyer, EmmaLou might eat the mice and there’s just nothing worse in the world than dead mouse breath…except maybe Zombies…or spiders…I need professional help,don’t I? *laughs hysterically*

  14. I’m adding you to my blog roll. I now have tears running down my face and a case of hiccups as a result of your reply to “b”. LMAO
    Happy to make u laugh – it’s what I like to do most! Welcome to my twisted silly world – I’ll add u to my world’s longest blogroll when I get home – for now I need to get my hurt back iced and then off to bed. Cya soon sweetie!

  15. Hi Linda!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Your blog is hilarious! Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I am honored! I’ll also add you to mine this weekend! Unfortunately I haven’t retired yet!
    Hi sweetie – Thanks for the compliment! I didn’t retire as much as get mad and quit – but it’s just easier to say I’m retired since I haven’t gotten a job yet. Still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. Welcome to my world!

  16. Hi Linda so happy to know your name =)

    Thank you for giving us a little insight into who you are. Also congrats on the 26+ years of marriage, you are both truly blessed!

    Take care and have a Happy Saturday!
    Hola Ms. Latina. Glad to have u visit! I need to get some better pics up of us – these aren’t too good – I’m really not that goofy looking (I don’t think anyway). Yes indeed, we are blessed – he’s my best friend!

  17. Hi Linda, it was so sweet of you to stop and take the time to write. No apologies necessary my dear, I never expected a reply, I just wanted you to know that you inspired me to write . Something I’ve always had in the back of my mind to do. Just something light or maybe not, I’m going to just let it free.
    I did enjoy reading your blog so from one redhead to another, enjoy your retirement and keep doing what you enjoy.
    Hi sweetie – I’m so glad coz I rarely overlook comments – but like I said I’m having trouble w/the comments on the other blog – they don’t always show up. Grrrr. Have you started a blog? Your URL doesn’t connect to anything. I was hoping to be able to add a new blog to my blogroll. LOL Hugs!

  18. I love the pictures of you, DS and of Emma. All of them are so great.

    Thank you for sharing these pics with us and the story of you.

    God bless.
    I’m glad u enjoyed looking at them – we’re a motley group, the three of us mongrels all. I’d love to get an acting job coz I think I have a classic “character” actress face – unfortunately my cute model days are so far behind me it ain’t funny any more. I have more wrinkles and pooches and sags and every day I threaten to do something drastic like plastic surgery. Then I look at Joan Rivers and decide to live with each wrinkle I’ve earned! LOL

  19. Just joined the blogging world…and have so much to learn. I stumbled across yours today….and it’s amazing! You really do a great job here…..and I absolutely love your sense of humour!!! I will be visiting you often.
    Hi Holly pleased to meet you! I’m so glad you stumbled upon me – I get a new bloggy friend!! And that’s what blogging is all about – it’s a great way to connect to new people and I know you will love it and do well. I’ll be visiting you real soon! Anything I can do to help you in your new blog life – please just ask! Welcome to Blogland kiddo – have tons of fun with it! Hugs!

  20. Sis,
    Your pics are way cool. You are very photogenic.
    I wish I looked good in photos.
    Hmmm. methinks you need glasses! ROFLMBOBO (…BigOleButt…) I’ve seen pics of you w/Mr. Peanut and you are adorable. ((hugs))

  21. Hi I came across your blog.. And I really enjoyed reading it..

    Expect my visit to be more often..

    I’m glad you stumbled upon me – come back anytime! Nice to meet ya!

  22. Hello,
    Like Frugal Expat, I too came across your blog – and through the front page of WordPress…man how did you end up there?

    I haven’t read much of your posts but I’m sure I’d enjoy reading them. I came across your reading lists, wow you are a very well-read person, wish I can read more. I am trying these days, gotta organize my time. I, too, am working at the “next great American novel” lol.

    Anyway, I hope to visit again. I bookmarked your blogsite.

    Take care – Anna
    Hi Anna – Thanks so much for dropping in. I have no clue how I got to the front page but I’m grateful as it gives me an opportunity to meet new bloggy friends such as yourself! Oh, the next great American novel —how many times have I started and then delete, delete, delete? LOL Hope to see you soon!

  23. To Holly who left a comment above…
    I also started blogging in Novemeber as an outlet and have one in Blogger also. WordPress and Blogger are both blogs but with differences. I like both. What I learned about this blogging thing is, even if you do not end up having hordes of followers, it is such an amazing outlet to just write one’s thoughts. It is very entertaining and therapeutic especially to those mending a broken heart. So if anything, we blog for our own good. For the rest of things that we should learn about blogging…there’s always manuals and the Help button, lol 🙂
    Happy blogging everyone!
    Well put, sweetie – I know blogging certainly is therapeutic for me. Pls go visit Holly’s blog! Cheers.

  24. I just stumbled here too and fell in love with the place. I don’t plan to grow up either so it’s great to meet another one like me. I see Joan here too. That’s cool. I’ll be looking forward to more from you. I love the attitude, husband and dog.
    Yikes nothing like a little pressure – more from me? Oh, okay I can handle it. I’m happy to meet you too – I love my bloggy friends and I hope to get to know you better in 2010. Joan is a sweetie-pie and so much fun to blog with. I like the husband and the dog and I’m sorta stuck w/the attitude. Cheers!

  25. I’ve been enjoying your blog the last few days. I like your spirit and your sense of humor. Just wanted to say Hi.
    Hi Jim! Nice to meet you – I’m glad you are enjoying what you read here. Come back any time!

  26. Hi Linda

    u probably remember me 🙂

    Yes you are very witty – stay that way

    Think I’m pretty boring 😦

    Keep twittering 🙂
    Of course I remember you, my dear friend from Over There! LOL I think you’re fun to tweet with and I always enjoy your tweets – so there! Now go to bed, it’s really late where you live. giggles. Hugs!

  27. Hi
    by name I am a Crone
    enjoyed reading your blog
    Well hi back! It’s nice to meet you – I always get a kick out of seeing the word used on Street Names, human names, and there is a construction company whose dump truck I frequently see and their company is called Crone. Too cool. Thanks for stopping by!

  28. I take it that your name is Crone am I right?
    I am way out in Nebraska and we are the only ones here.
    We are having nice weather now snow finally gone
    No m’dear my name is not Crone. Let me briefly explain. One of the older definitions of the word Crone is: an older, wise woman. There is a saying, Grin and Bear It — As a middle-aged lady, I humorously (I thought) combined the two ideas and came up with Crone and Bear It. Make sense? I do like the fact your name is Crone. I hope you don’t think I’m making fun of your name, that’s not my intention at all – it’s simply a play on words. Thanks for asking though. I would love to live in Nebraska – I am surrounded by suburbia and I hate it – I long for open country, peace and quiet and a chance to actually see stars at night without city lights interfering. Take care.

  29. yes life is good in Nebraska we are in the middle of nowhere it has been named
    we are having nice weather here which is really nice.
    I live with my husband and little friend patsy a papillon dog which we love hershe is something else
    hope you have a great day
    I think living in the middle of nowhere sounds wonderful but don’t you have rather nasty winters in Nebraska? I absolutely papillons – those ears are so adorable and I’ve heard they are the sweetest little dogs. So give Patsy a little belly rub from me and tell her hi from EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer. Cheers!

  30. Yes we do have long winters and a lot of snow and ice and the wind always blows.
    Patsy is a very loving dog but a little head strong she has to be where we are all the time they are very smart and she really is sometimes wish she could talk do not know what we would do without her
    I told her hi
    Sounds a bit like EmmaLou – she feels we’re her pack and wherever we go she follows … even right into the bathroom! LOL

  31. Read your blog for the first time today, WOW! I can see that you have never lost your famous sense of humor. It is one of the many things I have always loved about my “big sis”. You can be sure that I check back often, I can use the laughs. Love to Devoted Spouse, and give Emmalou a scratch for me.
    Hi sweetie – I’m glad to see you here. Come back any time. See ya on FB kiddo. Love u too! Hugs to the fam.

  32. I just found you thru the wonderful world of Twitter! I too am an avid football fanatic, but I’m Chicago Bears fan. So I guess we can take turns on wearing the paper bag!

    So nice to know someone who has a four-legged child and just loves life to its fullest! I have three ferrets and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!

    Keep up the great work!!
    Welcome to my bizarre world! I used to love da Bears but they’ve been as pitiful as my ‘Skins so we’re true sistahs w/those paper bags! My fur-child has her own page here – she pretty much rules the roost in this house I’m afraid. We have spoiled her terribly and EmmaLou has us wrapped around her little paw now. Thanks for dropping in – cya l8r!

  33. Reading through your blog and loving it. I totally relate to this…

    “known to call my local weatherman bad names even though I imagine he is a very nice man.”

    …as I live in Toronto and the weather is taking a toll on me this winter!

    Adding you to my blogroll…and will visit often.
    Hello sweetie – you’re getting over here quite a bit lately LOL yay! I saw my local weatherman standing at the bar of a downtown restaurant one evening and two friends had to “help” me leave to keep me from literally going up to him and smacking the crap out of him ROFL; he’s such a toad. Goodie – another bloggy friend – lemme just getcha on my blogroll and then as soon as this craziness slows down and I’m not still replying to comments I’ll head on over to chat at your place! xo

  34. Hi Linda: Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Memetastic Award that’s making the rounds! You can read more about it on my latest blog (and no, that’s not just a shameless way of getting more traffic, ha!). Seriously, I probably should’ve given you a heads-up before subjecting you to the assignment, but that’s not one of the requirements!
    Hi Debbie – wow I’m tickled that you want me to join in the Reindeer Games (despite my being a rabid OH State fan? Despite? lol snort) I’m not good at memes after all these years — my 19 or 20 (I can’t keep count coz the numbers are so high you know) faithful readers are simply sick to death of hearing things (be they true or false) about me. However, I like the award and think it’s nice and flashy and would make a good addition to my awards. So, here’s the deal – I am sooooo swamped at the moment with one thing or another that it may take me a little while, but I promise on my honor that I will try very hard to do this. That’s the best I can offer. And I thank you kindly!! EmmaLou sends big ole slurpy doggie smoochies your way! xo

  35. I’m glad you were Freshly Pressed so I could find your site. We seem to have a lot in common, although I am not a “step” anything. I am a wife of 30 years to an awesome man of God, a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, and an avid Redskin fan. We differ on college football teams, however, as I am a Gator alum and fan.l I had no animosity for OSU except that you now have Coach Meyers. We had a much loved golden retriever for about 13 years. She was the best dog in the world–never chewed up any of our things. Our springer spaniel was a different story–she liked to chew on the legs of my dining room furniture. I look forward to reading your blogs.
    Don’t look now but I’m also a Gators fan just didn’t want to put it on my Ohio blog lol. I’m not so into Coach Meyers. Maybe he’ll grow on me, I dunno. I’m simply disappointed in OSU period. My EmmaLou has probably destroyed (hence her nickname) at least 4-5 grand worth of furniture, wood trim, carpeting, etc. One day she got bored and chewed a hole in a wall, I kid you not. Vet said she needed more exercise. I thought she needed a visit to the dentist (just kidding). She really is the best dog in the world. A couple of years ago I broke my back and dislocated my shoulder and she never left my side. So intuitive. Anyway – glad you found me, now don’t be a stranger! I’ll come see you soon. Right now it’s all I can do to keep answering all these amazing comments! God Bless!

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