Breaking News – This is Big! You Must Read This!


Yes, the pic below is of Devoted Spouse holding the sling contraption from Hades and yes, that is a lit Bic in his hand.  What is the significance of this picture you might ask?


Ta-dah!!!   I no longer have to wear the sling contraption from Hades.  The physical therapists want me to get more movement in the arm and I am now allowed to go anywhere I want without this stupid piece of crap covering me.  (with some restraints of course – I won’t be playing basketball anytime soon).  YIPPEE SKIPPY!!  I am one happy girl!


Now, before you panic and fear he will burn down the house, we aren’t going to burn it just yet – I still need final release from the Orthopedic dude.  Then I’m calling my friend Mike who has a nice piece of property with a big bonfire area and we are going to watch this sucker burn to nothing but ashes.  I can’t wait!


It’s A Milestone Kinda Day


Attention — this is rather personal news, so if you don’t want to go “ewwww”, leave.  However, if you are one of the four people who actually read this blog and care to know how I’m doing, let’s press on.

I can now put on and take off all by myself:  my own bra.  With that little statement, I have now achieved total freedom of dressing!  Hallelujah!  It’s a great day!  Not that I want to wear a bra when I’m just hangin’ out (pun intended) around the house.  But, on the days Devoted Spouse is taking me out into the world, it’s just a lovely thought knowing I can say to him:  Sweetie, I’ll go upstairs and get dressed now.   That’s freedom, baby.

Of course, on outings away from home, I still have to be strapped into the sling contraption from Hades.  I can reach one of the straps myself, but can’t reach the other one since my arm is still not allowed to make that trip all by itself.  So, it’s not like I don’t need Devoted Spouse anymore.  But I am slowly getting my independence back.

On a quick serious  note — this lack of independence has given me such an insight into what some of our older folk must go through as they lose the ability to take care of themselves, maybe from a broken hip or just a nasty fall.  Let me tell you, it is not fun to have your mental faculties in place, but be unable to take care of something we all take for granted like dressing or brushing your teeth and combing your hair.  And I can tell you from first-hand experience that helplessness is no picnic.

So, now I’m a little happier.  Every day it gets better.  I now have 138 degrees of rotation in my arm and the goal is 160 degrees.  It will happen.  I have two more goals:  to be able to wash and style my own hair using both hands, and to drive my car again.  Goals are good.

It is a great day in the neighborhood and I am a thankful puppy.

Nothin’ Up My Sleeve

Yay for me.  Doc says around the house I don’t have to wear that gawdawful arm sling thingie. But I’m still severely restricted in the range of movement of my arm.  I have to keep wearing the sling when I go out of the house to keep my shoulder protected and I still have to wear it to bed.  I go back  in 4 weeks and see what’s next.  Wow- 6 more weeks of Winter and 4 more weeks of sleeping on the couch.   Baby steps.  I’ll get there.  Had an hour of physical torture with Agador Spartacus and he gave me good marks, too.  Yippy skippy.