Breaking News – This is Big! You Must Read This!


Yes, the pic below is of Devoted Spouse holding the sling contraption from Hades and yes, that is a lit Bic in his hand.  What is the significance of this picture you might ask?


Ta-dah!!!   I no longer have to wear the sling contraption from Hades.  The physical therapists want me to get more movement in the arm and I am now allowed to go anywhere I want without this stupid piece of crap covering me.  (with some restraints of course – I won’t be playing basketball anytime soon).  YIPPEE SKIPPY!!  I am one happy girl!


Now, before you panic and fear he will burn down the house, we aren’t going to burn it just yet – I still need final release from the Orthopedic dude.  Then I’m calling my friend Mike who has a nice piece of property with a big bonfire area and we are going to watch this sucker burn to nothing but ashes.  I can’t wait!