I’m Back…Didja Miss Me?


I made it to South Carolina in one piece….basically.  Although the trip was hard on my back, it was well worth the effort.  I went to visit my bloggy friend Linda from Fat Cat Crochet at her home on a lake.  I couldn’t believe she invited me down – we’ve known each other through blogs, Twitter and FaceBook for about a year – but that doesn’t mean I’m not a deranged psychotic nutcase just waiting to chop them all up and eat them with a side of fava beans….fortunately she took a chance on me and I was so happy to go visit!  Wow -livin on the lake; that’s the life!  We had a blast!  I even got over my life-long major fear of water (as in don’t even fill the bathtub too full-fear) and got in the lake and had the time of my life.

I had so much fun I snagged one of her guest towels as a souvenir — just kidding; I accidentally grabbed it with some stuff I had in the bathroom and it got packed in my suitcase.  Yes, it’s going thru the laundry and will be mailed to her with my deepest apologies for being such a doofus.

Here’s a pic of me and the “other” Linda my first evening there – they took me for a boat ride to a superb restaurant where I pigged out on jambalaya with the type of shrimp one can only obtain in SC – not the OH icky nasty frozen stuff.  Yum Yum!

And no I did not cut my hair – because of boat ride, heat and humidity, hair stayed in ponytail.   I discovered that South Carolina in June and long hair are not a good match.

Okay now for the water thing — I’ll show you a picture of me floating in the lake – it’s not pretty but I’m still proud of me for doing it. So no snarky comments about the old broad in the bathing suit or I’ll sic EmmaLou on ya.

That’s Linda’s hubby out there with me supervising the crazy broad who’s afraid of water.  snort.  Later we switched places and I got the chair with the neckrest on it – they about never got me outta there. 

Okay enough of this.  Stick around – next post I’ll let you know some of the shenanigans that happened while I was on the road.  I always get the interesting hotels….sigh…