Whaddya Mean She’s Still Kickin’?

Hi gang – Cronie here.  Just wanted to tell you I’m alive and kickin’.  I’m still plodding along making the same ridiculous blunders I always have and creating havoc and chaos wherever I go.  People still laugh at my antics whether I’m trying to be funny or not – I can’t help it – I seem to create a cocoon of laughter around me all the time.  What’s really new is my other blog – it’s actually EmmaLou’s blog – she does all the “thinking up” and she does all the typing with her big clumsy paws.  Are ya buyin’ that?  Yeah I thought you would, coz y’all know how smart EmmaLou is.  Come visit the Golden Destroyer and catch up on our lives w/me and Devoted Spouse too.  Her blog is called The Tao of EmmaLou Golden Destroyer and you can find it here — and yes…I’m thinking of seriously re-activating this blog too so stay tuned you just never know what I’m gonna do next….I so wanted to bring this out of retirement during the recent WienerGate but I held off coz there was so much Wienerdom already out there….but it was hard.  Oh wait…no never mind.  Go see EmmaLou  LOL  xoxo