Out of the Mouths of…Husbands

Reacting to my aching back and the fact I announced I was about to carry some loads of laundry to the basement, the conversation went like this:
Me:  I’m gonna take down some laundry in a little while.

Devoted Spouse:  No, you’re not.

Me:  Oh, yeah, I am.

Devoted Spouse:  No! You can’t carry down; you can’t carry up…but…you can karaoke.

Seriously, this is my life…sigh…


One From Column A and Two From Column B

ImageI recently read a book; a psychological thriller I later learned.  While it was well written, I didn’t like it.  I didn’t like it at all.  Why?  Because it was about the horrible mind games people can play with each other.  I like psychological thrillers, mind you.  I really enjoyed all the Girl With Dragon Tattoo, etc.; and they were pretty rough books.

But this particular book made me so sad because it dealt with a married couple who simply could do nothing but hurt each other in new and vicious ways.

You see…I love the stuffin’ outta Devoted Spouse.  Here’s just one reason:  He labels our Chinese take-out boxes with our initials so when I want to finish what I ordered, I don’t have to waste time opening all the boxes.

So, in a way, reading the terrible book was good for me because it reminded me how loved I am!  sigh…

Chatty Cathy

image courtesy of blogs.edweek.org

Devoted Spouse is such a sweet, lovable, tolerant man.  He took me out for breakfast the other day.  This was after I had consumed about 3 nice-sized mugs of coffee at the house.  At breakfast we were served a piping hot thermos of yummy, strong coffee.  I promptly drank several more mugs-full.  Breakfast was a happy time.

On the drive home, I couldn’t shut up.  One story after another…I kept up a running commentary on my life.  Devoted Spouse sat there taking it all in.  Realizing what was happening I casually threw in…”I can’t seem to shut up.”  Dear Devoted Spouse replied, “I find you delightfully entertaining.”  And he was smiling.

Wow…am I blessed or what?!

After that comment…yeah, I kept on prattling and he sat there with a smile on his face…sigh

As Time Goes By

pic courtesy of weddingcakedesigns.info

Today I celebrate 28 years of wedded bliss to Devoted Spouse.  Time sure does fly.  I can’t believe it’s been that many years.  And they said it wouldn’t last…just kidding.

You see each other every day and you never notice the changes — here’s an old pic from our wedding – I can’t believe the two people in the middle of the shot are us!  LOL

I hope we have another happy, healthy 28 years!  Especially since he gives me great blogging material.  😉  That’s it kids – nothing hilarious today – just wanted to share this special day with you.  {Hugs}

Making Scents of it All

A recent research funded by the makers of that men’s spray “Axe” suggests that scent plays a very important part in relationships.  In fact the study showed some interesting results.  See what you think.

For example, the makers of Axe claim that 56% of women would not date a guy who smells like their dad.  I have no problem with that; in fact, to this day I abhor the aroma of Old Spice for just that reason.  I smelled it constantly for the first 18 years of my life.  Hated it then; hate it now. 

Next statistic:  1 in 4 females will not change the sheets on their bed for up to a MONTH because they want to keep their man’s scent with them.  Okay this is just wrong girls.  Wrong.  Sheets have to be changed more than once a month, preferably once a week.  Have ya heard the news lately of that little pesky thing called BEDBUGS???  Ew, ew, and ew again.  Change the sheets.  Better yet…spray a washcloth with Axe  (or whatever your significant other wears) and take it to bed with you…..but CHANGE those crusty sheets.

Here’s another goodie they discovered:  66% of women polled claimed they would be more likely to make out (make out?? I haven’t heard that term since the 1970s!) with a guy on their first date if he smelled good.  Well, duh squared.  Wanna kiss someone who smells like an ashtray?  And all the cologne in the world isn’t going to mask last night’s garlic bread.    Stupid statistic.  Should be painfully obvious.  (I love these polls.)

Half the women who took the survey admitted that they sleep in their mens’ clothes to keep that lingering “guy” aroma with them.  Okay that sounds nasty, but I recall when I was first head over heels in love with Devoted Spouse and we were newlyweds.  He had to leave town on a business trip and I spent every night sleeping in one of his old college sweatshirts. (I also had a loaded pistol under my pillow, but that’s another story.)    I think I can relate to this survey question.  Of course, I did wash the sweatshirt, (and yes I still have it) so that sort of negates the “aroma” thing.  Nevermind.

Here’s the best statistic of all:  60% of women still remember the smell of their ex’s cologne.  I don’t remember my ex’s cologne…but I do remember the breath of fresh air I took as the door hit him in the a$$ on his way out of my house. 

Scents sometimes make no sense.  One aroma can take you back to childhood or remind you of a former boyfriend, or bring back a strong memory of a special place you visited.  It’s funny what our noses do to our brains.  My nose is rather interested in sniffing out some chocolate at the moment but that’s a bit off topic with this female/male scent thing we got going.   Anyway, if we’re staying with the manly theme here, Devoted Spouse’s scent would be Glock or Smith and Wesson, certainly not Axe.  As it is, most mornings  he just dabs on  a little Eau d’Retired… sigh…

Theme Thursday – Bottle

The obvious start to this post for me is that lovely little ditty by Tom Paxton, “Bottle of Wine”:

Ramblin’ around this dirty old town
Singin’ for nickels and dimes
Times getting rough I ain’t got enough
To buy me a bottle of wine

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine
When you gonna let me get sober
Leave me alone, let me go home
I wanna go back and start over

I always loved that song and there are a few more verses which I will let you Google all for yourself.  Bottle of Wine reminds me of yet another bottle from many years ago —

I was on a beach off the Gulf Coast with my roommate Bobbi Jane and we were just wandering around in the late evening looking up at the full moon and listening to the crashing of the waves on the beach.  As I walked along the sand I found an old Coke bottle half buried and dug it up.

At the time of this beach trip I had received a proposal of marriage from now-Devoted Spouse, had accepted, and was, as  is quite normal, a bit skittish about the whole thing, having had a terrible history with prior commitments and such.  Being the young romantic girl I was at the time, I grabbed the bottle and said to my roommate, “I”m gonna write down a wish and put it in this bottle and throw it out into the ocean.”  She, also being young and romantic, thought that was a fabulous idea and trotted back to the house to get paper and pen for me to write my wish.

I flopped down on the sand (having imbibed from my own bottle of wine prior to getting this idea), thought for a few minutes, and wrote my wish on that paper.  I curled the paper up tightly and put it down inside the bottle.  Both Bobbi Jane and I walked into the ocean and I threw that puppy like it was opening day at the baseball field.  Far out into the waves the bottle went.

We both sat there for a time listening to some kids further down the beach who were partying around a bonfire.  I watched and watched, and the bottle didn’t wash back onto shore.

The next day I went out and walked the beach and there was no bottle to be found.

I often wonder where it went, who found it, if the “wish” was still inside, and what whoever found it must have thought when they read my wish……..sigh…

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Simple Things

I’m getting in on this a little late, not too late I hope!  My bud Mrsupole let me in on the fact that Chris over at Enchanted Oak is donating $2.00 to a fund for Haiti for each of our postings about the simple things we cherish.  So quick, kids, do a post on your own simple things and link back to Chris and let’s help with the donations!!  Thanks Mrsupole for letting me know about this!

Here is my list of simple things I cherish:

Quiet time praising my Lord and Savior

Hugs from my Devoted Spouse

Slurpy doggie smoochies from EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer

Paying for someone’s meal without letting them know

Time spent curled up in my comfy chair reading a good book

Peet’s coffee

A big, fat, Velveeta cheese and sweet pickle sandwich

The first snowfall of the season – enough to have snow hanging from the branches of the trees

Social networking  – thru Twitter, FaceBook & my blogs I have been blessed to meet wonderful people I might not otherwise have had the pleasure of knowing

Waking up each day on the right side of the grass being given the opportunity to show God’s love in a practical way

That’s my list – it’s short and sweet – make one of your own and link back to Chris.

Hugs and blessings!