Feeling Like a Pinterest Pincushion

Saints preserve us…I’ve spent my day pinning on Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard of it, well it’s another bright idea someone came up with to steal time.  And it works.  It’s brilliant.  Simply log on, set up some “boards”, grab a “pin it” button for your bookmarks toolbar, and then go web surfing, pinning what you pine for.

Hours upon hours of my life today I can’t recover.  I am still in my pajamas.  It’s supper time.  I haven’t peed in I don’t know how long.  I haven’t eaten.  But, I think I have 8 boards now and a paltry 15 followers. I even added a Follow Me on Pinterest button to this blog (Gasp!)  And, while I’d like to continue this posting, I.Have.To.Return.To.Pinterest.

I’ve Pinterested and I can’t get up…sigh…


5 thoughts on “Feeling Like a Pinterest Pincushion

  1. OK. I went to Pinterest. For the first time.

    Nothing against your new interest or the geniuses who came up with Pinterest, but… the point is – what?
    no offense taken – it’s not my new interest – I say all this with tongue in cheek. It’s another technological waste of time. There is no point. And the masses are flocking. It’s bizarre. Like Twitter…

  2. I spent a few hours one night making up some boards and then finding stuff to pin to them. It is like a blog hoarding heaven without you having to find a place in your house to put the stuff, unless of course you actually do buy any of the stuff on your boards. In some ways I found it to be just like a big giant advertising gimmic that does not cost the companies any money or a great way for small businesses to sell their products to the masses. I actually do not mind spending about an hour a month on it to quickly repin what others have found. I have discovered it is great for “sayings” and collecting recipes. It might be a good place to learn how to do some crafts, well if I ever get back into crafting.

    Anyway I think I would rather be in bed trying to get some sleep. I have been trying for hours and I think I may have gotten about two hours worth, but then if you stop over at my “place” then you might find out why I am so distracted. The darn thing just keeps calling me and says “Come get me and I will let you play with me”. I need to lock it up somewhere with a lock that is on a timer and I can only get to it for a few hours a day. Big,big, sigh!!!!

    Your post would have gone great with this weeks Theme Thursday.

    Come back to bloggyworld….come back to bloggyworld….come back to bloggyworld….

    Give EmmaLou a big hug and kiss from me and let her know I miss her.

    God bless.
    hi swee’pea – I keep meaning to blog but so much has gotten in the way lately. Hoping life will turn upwards soon! xoxo

  3. I absolutely love Pinterest, I am addicted as well.
    okay now I don’t feel so bad, because I am slowly getting addicted. I knew it couldn’t happen, and I was so wrong. ack. Oh, hey, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  4. My name is Kelly and I, too, am a Pinhead. It’s sad but admitting it is the first step toward recovery.
    Hi Sistah in my head. Follow me so I can follow you back. Jeez, that sounded lame. 😉

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