The Attack of the 80 Foot Gallbladder

pic from National Archives

I was enjoying a lovely breakfast of pancakes and bacon at my local Bob Evans when I realized I wasn’t really hungry.  Leaving half my food on the plate, I left and went about my day.  Errands, errands, ooh ice cream, errands, come home & read a book.  Pretty normal day for me (minus the ice cream).

We had a guest in the house; a guest who was like family, but a guest nonetheless.  I started feeling rather wonky around suppertime.  Wonky as in “If I inhale many more food fumes I will hurl.”  I made dinner for Devoted Spouse and our guest and retired to the bedroom to rest.

I thought a nice tv show might get my mind off my queasy tummy.  Turning on the tv, I landed on the Food Channel and promptly ran to the bathroom to hurl.  By that time I was pretty sure something was amiss.  The guest and Devoted Spouse were still enjoying their dinner, grrr.

A little voice told me, change your clothes…put on clean underwear…brush your teeth and do something with your hair.  I think it’s a girl thing.  A stupid girl thing because by that time I was all sweaty and there was no chance of doing anything with my hair.  sigh

At 10:00 that night, I walked into the kitchen all hunched over and looking a lovely shade of grey (no…not Fifty Shades…) to the horror of our guest and managed to scare the puddin’ outta Devoted Spouse.  I announced, “Hospital, now!”  The guest was concerned, Devoted Spouse was very concerned (and looking for car keys) and I was searching for a knife large enough to cut out Freddie Kruger (who I was sure was living in my belly).  It was not pretty.

Almost six days later I had been in two different hospitals, been sedated for a gnarly test involving tubes down one’s throat into the gallbladder (ack ack) and had a virtual munchkin stranger suck out one of my major organs leaving me with four rather painful holes and something disgusting hanging out of me called a drain.  (oh ack squared) (you may hurl now).

So that’s what I did on MY summer vacation kids. Even if you desperately wish to lose weight (I’m down 20 lbs now) I suggest you not try this.  It’s right up there with abscessed teeth…or maybe being run over by a truck.  Yes, the bills are arriving daily.  We’re over $22,000 at present.  Didja miss me?  sigh…


11 thoughts on “The Attack of the 80 Foot Gallbladder

  1. You seem to have a good sense of humor about something so awful. Hope you are feeling better. I went through the same thing a couple of years ago…take it every easy for a while. The bills? Yep, I know exactly what you mean. Be well and don’t give up any more body parts 🙂
    Thanks Gina! I’m getting better every day, I never realized it would take so long to recover my strength. I’m holding onto as many body parts as I can. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oohhhh….so THAT’S where you’ve been. So sorry to hear about this. Though not an advisable weight loss plan, sounds to me like you earned the added bonus of losing 20 pounds. Feel better!!!
    Hey Jane! I was just sitting here reading The Naked Gospel on my Kindle. I’m feeling better, thanks!

  3. Oh my goodness. What a terrible ordeal. I’m glad you are feeling better. Take care.
    Thank you so much, and thanks for stopping in!

  4. Get well quickly. Had an emergency ride to hospital about eight years back. Your post about tubes brought back bad memories.
    Yikes – didn’t mean to remind you of bad stuff LOL – thanks for dropping in!

  5. Oh my dear, I am so sorry. I have been wondering where you were. I was thinking you were on a European vacation lol-not
    Take care, how is your dog?
    Oh to be in Europe!!! lol not gonna happen. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I am looking forward to getting back to bloggyland! EmmaLou is fine and dandy and is up to her usual hijinks. I’ll have to post some pics soon – I have them on FaceBook but haven’t put any in the blog in a long time. Nice to see you sweetie – hope you’re feeling well!

  6. Oh my. Sorry to hear about your ordeal. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. It’s never fun to have body parts removed, even if they are causing problems. Hubby had his gall bladder out a few years ago the day after Christmas. Not fun. Not fun at all!
    thanks sweetie – no, it was not fun, but it’s over and the rest of the summer is looking good! 🙂

  7. Oh, my gosh. The only really good news about all this is that everyone I know who’s gone through it has been better off for the experience – once the immediate trauma wears off, of course. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and a scritch behind the ears for EmmaLou!
    thanks so much and EmmaLou sends “smoochies” your way!

  8. YOU POOR THING!!! Hugs for a speedy recovery. (Gentle ones.) WOWWEE ZOWEE girl you can write. I love your stuffs. Many ‘tut-tuts’ and ‘awww NOO’s from the upper left side of the map. Feet up, now!! Let the menfolk and furry kid take care of you. (Heck, milk it … this is YOUR time, baby! Groan a little. ‘OooOoOo’. And use ‘the back of your hand to your forehead trick’ too. Not that I would know. I mean who DOES that. It’s just that people talk… and … I’ve heard things…*coff*)
    thanks for the gentle hugs! I’m getting there. So glad you visited – come back again soon. oh wait I need to post to the blog first, huh? hmmm sigh…

  9. Hey Woman,

    You are like so awesome to have gone through so much and still be able to laugh about it. Haven’t had a few good months here either, not sure if you read any of the previous posts but they will explain why. I am so glad you are okay, I was getting worried about you there for a bit but I just thought you were taking one of your breaks. Please give EmmaLou and big hug and pat from me. I miss her antics. I am sure that she was so happy to see you come home. And DS gets a big thumbs up for getting you to the hospital in time. He’s the man!!

    God bless.
    hey girlfriend – been awhile. between bad bout of depression and this danged gallbladder nightmare, I’ve just been out of the loop, ya know? Hopefully will get back to regular posting. Have to remember how to be witty. snort. Hey w/DS I had to turn around and get HIM to the hospital for surgery on a huge kidney stone – it’s been nightmarish around here, funny but nightmarish. ack. xoxo

  10. So good to catch up with you, HurlGurl.
    We always take our good health for granted, until something like this happens.
    I miss your blogging. I miss my own blogging too. Ha.
    Give that EmmaLou some scritches for me. x
    I miss my blogging too – must get back into the swing of it soon! xoxo

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