Food Glorious Food

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Will someone please explain to me why here in the Midwest restaurants think cole slaw is an appetizer?  Every time DS and I go to one of the family restaurants in this area, if I order cole slaw as a side, it arrives prior to my meal.  Do they think it’s a first course?  I don’t know about you, but I like my cole slaw WITH my meal.  A “side” accompanies the meal, yes?  just sayin’.

Do you ever give in to indulgence and order that honkin’ huge milkshake…you know, the one with gobs of whipped cream?  Oh puhleeze, you know you do.  My question is why do they fill the plastic cups so full and add that strange circular top with the opening for a straw, so that by the time you put the milkshake in your cup container, it has spilled all over you, and flows like a volcano all throughout the car? I think the server behind that little glass window gets extra points if this happens to the customer.  “Hey! Got another one wet!” Why can’t they make a top that fits correctly?  Grrrrr.

I always thought Bob Evans made the best pancakes.  Plus they’re close to my house.  Less gas money.  I went for breakfast last week while Devoted Spouse was out doing his church gig.  I ordered blueberry pancakes, my personal fav.  I got about halfway through and realized these pancakes were getting soggier and soggier and it wasn’t the syrup.  I was putting batter on my fork.  Ack.  No thanks.  Yes, got a refund.  Politely declined offer of more pancakes.

Speaking of barbecue…well sort of.  Went to a local barbecue restaurant and ordered Texas brisket.  Having not eaten brisket, Texas or otherwise, I was quite excited to see what it was all about.  Imagine my disgust when a plate was put in front of me swimming in grease with overdone meat covered with fat.  It was nasty.  I didn’t eat it.  I was surprised anyone would serve that.  When the waitress asked me about it, I explained that I didn’t favor a meal that is swimming on my plate.  She apologized all over me, offered to replace it (I had lost my appetite by then), and left to get a refill on my unsweetened iced tea.  The tea arrived and it was sweetened.  The waitress disappeared.  Devoted Spouse contentedly munched his pulled pork sandwich.  The owner came over, apologizing repeatedly and backpedaling on why I was given such a nasty piece of meat.  Turns out I received the “end” and nobody thought to actually look at the plate and see what they were serving to a customer.  He offered a better piece of brisket.  I declined.  He offered a pound of pulled pork for me to take home.  I declined.  He offered me a free beverage.  I not only declined, but let him know the one I had was not what I ordered.  He comped the check.  That’s what he should have done to begin with.  Devoted Spouse went home with a happy tummy.  I stopped for ice cream…sigh…


7 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food

  1. Funny post. First time by and I laughed at the way you wrote up the details. You have to be careful with brisket because it needs the fat on it, and it needs to be cooked for a LONG time in order to get it soft enough to be able to flake it with your fork. It’s a tough, shewy piece of meat. I grew up eating it, and the majority of the time it’s hard to swallow.

    Oh, and I love pancakes too – my wife found this amazing quick, homemade recipe which my kids and I adore – but I have zero telerance for undercooked pancakes. The “chef” should know when it’s done or not. Not rocket science!
    I’m glad you enjoyed my post! I’ve never had brisket, but I’m sure a good piece doesn’t look like what I received and couldn’t gag down my throat. I’d like to try again maybe at another barbecue place. As for pancakes, there is no “chef” at Bob Evans; they’re just regular line cooks trying to do the best they can. I felt bad, but I don’t eat batter – he should have cooked it a bit longer. It looked done, but it wasn’t. You’re right, though, it isn’t rocket science. Thanks for dropping in. You’re always welcomed!

  2. I’m sitting right here in Texas, and I can tell you what landed on your plate has nothing to do with self-respecting brisket. Good brisket has little fat left on it once the cooking/smoking is done, and no grease. It slices like butter, and always, but always, has the sauce on the side. People call cuts of meat “brisket” when they’re just cheap meat. Good brisket isn’t sinewy or tough – you can make a sandwich out of it and bite through it like it’s a regular hamburger.

    I did have to laugh – your experience with the faux brisket reminds me of the time I at in a “Mexican” restaurant in Oklahoma and they offered ketchup as a dip for the tortilla chips.
    I guess I’m gonna have to make a trip to TX and try the real stuff! Ewww they really gave you ketchup? How nasty is that! Bet they didn’t stay in business long. Mexican food in Oklahoma is like trying to get real seafood here in Ohio – doesn’t work. lol

  3. Lately I am so sick of WordPress. Everytime I try to leave a comment on someone’s WordPress blog it tells me to log in and then it says my password is invalid and I need a new one. So by that time it has erased my whole comment that I had just written and cannot remember it all but only that it was a good one.

    So anyway I wrote a really long comment and a good one about brisket, smoking and grilling it, steaks too. About cole slaw as an appetizer and how we get our seafood here in CA from the East Coast so why can’t you get any.

    I hate WordPress. WordPress sucks, it sucks.
    Sorry for the tirade. Sucky WordPress.
    God bless.
    I’m sorry sweetie that you have such issues with wordpress – the same thing happens to me with Blogger – apparently the two platforms don’t play well together in the sandbox. I’ve left many a comment only to have Blogger say my ID can’t be verified. Horse poop! What are we gonna do with these people? I’m sure your comment was good – all of them are! xoxo

  4. That pancake thing happened to me too, the only time I visited America 😦 and you chose right in not bothering to get a replacement, I sent mine back 3 times and each time they were still raw! Yuk. Give me a nice thin English pancake any time, preferably with honey, mmmm 🙂
    On behalf of my country, I apologize for that rude line cook who couldn’t even make a decent pancake! I would have left after the second time. Honestly there ARE wonderful breakfast places here – really. 😉

  5. LOL. “Waitress, there’s a blog post in my soup.” Thanks for always making me laugh, Linda. Great post!!!
    Love you Deb, mean it. 😉

  6. Okay woman, it is almost June and you are still MIA. Please come back soon, you and your humor are sorely missed.

    God bless.
    sorry didn’t mean to go AWOL for that long! I’m back!!! xoxo

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