3 Top Ways to Save Money Shopping!

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Yes!  You, too, can save tons of dollars while shopping.  I discovered these top 3 ways to save money shopping, now YOU can too!!

1. Wear shoes that hurt.

I was out running errands the other day and spotted a new Home Goods store in the neighborhood.  I walked in, decided I wanted to peruse before I got a big basket.  By the time I was done perusing, my feet were killing me.  I had one small item.  It was too far to go back to the very front of the store, get a basket, then hobble back to the bedding department.  So I checked out with my one small item.  Saved aproximately $200.00.  You can too!

2.  Skip the basket.

Building on story above, go into any large store without a basket.  Roam around until you are at the back of the store, you’re tired, cranky, and your blood sugar is approaching the single digits.  You will easily choose to come back another day when you feel better…and have a basket.  $$ saved?  Easily a mortgage payment.

3.  Reorganize your purse before you go out.

If you take 10 minutes to reorganize your purse and wallet before leaving home, I guarantee you will save money!  How?  By taking out your checkbook and your credit cards & realizing you couldn’t possibly need that much cash in your wallet.  Grab your American Express Card and off you go to the big stores.  Oh yeah…nobody uses American Express anymore.  $$ saved?  Maybe enough for a smart car!

See?  Just a few simple tips and you, too, will be saving tons of money!  Now take that savings and go buy lottery tickets…sigh…


12 thoughts on “3 Top Ways to Save Money Shopping!

  1. I never take a cart/basket and it’s amazing what I can hold. I knew all that square footage on my upper arms was ugly, but now I see it’s putting me in debt too. P.S. Great blog!
    good point – I can carry more than I think! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. In a determined effort to pay off every cent of credit card debt, I added a fourth step to your three very useful tips – I stopped going shopping!

    Well, ok. So I still go to the grocery store. But I go with a list, doggone it! And I know I’m not alone. Last month, a woman I’d never seen in my life stopped me in the aisle and said, “PLEASE tell me to STICK TO MY LIST!” So I did. 😉
    There is so much truth in that – shop from a list! When I don’t stick to a list at the grocery I bring home all kinds of stuff we don’t need. Sheesh. I’d almost have to add a fifth step: don’t open laptop – I used to be a heckuva online shopper – terrible habit and very easy to rack up the credit card bills! Now I stay away. Well, mostly. lol

  3. Hahahahahahahaha!!! I love Tip #1.

    I have found that if I go shopping with something specific in mind and I have the money to pay for it, I will not find what I want. EVER. And I leave empty-handed. Which saves money. On the flip side, when I’m “just looking” because I don’t have the money to spend, I find a jillion things I MUST HAVE. And they fit! And make me look Young and Beautiful and Glamorous and Thin! I hate it when that happens.
    WAIT…I thought that only happened to me. ack. Also, there’s always this fabulous sale going on right when I don’t actually need anything. I think it’s a conspiracy.

  4. What a hoot! I’m going to remember those. Now if only I could find a way to stop spending money on line.
    I have a problem with that, too. I try very hard to keep the credit cards at least one floor away from my laptop at all times. I have to want something pretty darn bad to have to use the stairs!

  5. Ohhh so true. Yep just pop online prior to a spree hankerin’ and see where your bank balance is. How much you owe on your cards, your line of credit, all the fun bits. Then when you’ve recuperated from the initial shock; take off your uncomfortable shoppin’ shoes and STAY HOME. Tuck in with that Costco-sized bag of Hawkins cheezies (a Canadian delicacy) and a Cadbury chocolate bar so huge you had to strap to the roof rack to get home. Somehow, strangely, the missed shopping trip will become a distant memory. Not that I have experience with this. People talk. You hear things.
    LOL you made me spit out my diet coke. I knew they were talking about us, I knew it!

  6. Enjoyed a good laugh – thanks! Sadly, I have applied at least 2 of these (I’ve come home with shoes full of blood – figuratively)…and could add “Forget your purse at home”. I don’t leave it on purpose – it just seems to be a “new thing” for me. Old age, I guess!
    With my luck the day I left the purse at home would be the day the cops pulled me over demanding to see my license. oh well.

  7. Good tips. Another thing I do at least twice a year is go through my closet and take inventory of what I have and how I can put outfits together. Then, what I haven’t worn nor have no desire to wear, I pull those items out and take to the consignment store. Doing this at the change of the seasons helps to realize what I DON’T need and focus on the “few” items I actually need or need to replace. Thus, saving me money and the items taken to consignment are money back in my pocket.
    Great tip! I’m doing the same at a consignment shop that takes furniture, too. Thanks for stopping in!

  8. my money saving tip…stare at the check I have to send to the I.R.S. This system has worked for the last two weeks.
    yeah, that works, too. This time of year is so not fun.

  9. I too have learned that staying out of the stores saves a lot of money. I tried the list thing and it doesn’t work. I can’t seem to stick to it. And I treat the online stores the same as I do a regular store, just stay away. Costco is still my only downfall and those $500 trips have had to end. So I have been sending hubby there without me, whereas he goes with a list and follows it with only a few exceptions. I mean he can even go there and spend under $100 which saves us a lot of money. So hubby is my secret shopping weapon. Now if I could just get those taxes done.

    God bless.
    I’m the same way with Target lately. Ack, they love me and see me coming a mile away. lol Guess I need to send DS instead. xo

  10. NO i totally agree with so many of those things. and with costco- i go to save… BUT I SPEND SO MUCH MONEY THERE!! AHH!!
    all these tips are wonderful however I MUST let you know what a girlfriend of mine told me two months ago.. because it was the best advice i have ever gotten. One…. I was spending 115 dollars a month for my cellphone. I mean that is ridiculous. I switched to a prepaid phone ( tracfone) and I got a smart phone with all the gizmos and gadgets.. you know like internet, pictures, bluetooth , messaging.. and I Swear to you.. i pay 29.99 a month and have leftover texts and minutes every month. I mean.. that is 80 bucks a month i am saving. It’s only been two months.. but i Mean cmon.. thats just RIDICULOUS. I cant speak to other companies but that 80 dollars is literally paying my gas now. I was hesitant for a few months and I never made the switch and I regret it completely because I could have more money.. so yeah. thats my tip! haha
    interesting that you bring this up – I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing – good grief we spend something like $150.00 a month on cell phones and DS has lost his! I haven’t gotten up there to take him off the plan yet. I think prepaid is a great idea! Thanks for reminding me and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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