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So…didja think I’d never return?  Shoot, I’m still behind and it’s been over a month.  Ack.

Lemme catch y’all up.  It’s been a long winter, BUT, here in Ohio it’s been a mild and rather warm winter.  In fact, my flowers are up and the birds are chirping.  Oh yeah, weeds are up, too.  File that under ‘who cares’…  I don’t do yard work.  lol snort

I deactivated my Twitter account not long ago.  GASP you say…yeah I’m done on da Twittah channel.  Too much chatter…or is that chatteh?  Whatev…

Those in the know can find me on FB blabbering away.

I’m still behind in everything…never did get those Christmas cards out.  Thought about New Year cards and then decided to ignore that thought.  Gah.  Had some great New Year’s resolutions that pretty much bit the dust.  Gah.  Was gonna clean out the basement…then the furnace blower broke (on a relatively new furnace!) and I went back to my procrastinating ways.  Yeah, I’m a procrastinator.  One of these days I’ll find a support group.  Maybe later…

Devoted Spouse is doing his thing (warming his belly with his laptop)…EmmaLou,Golden Destroyer, just celebrated her 8th birthday.  The trash can was upended in her honor.

Buffy the Mane Slayer chopped off about 4-5 inches of my gorgeous red locks recently.  What a time difference in my morning routine  – long hair is for the very young and those whose shoulders don’t ache.

I’m still here…a little older and no wiser at all.  With some luck, I’ll be back in humorous shape soon…sigh…


13 thoughts on “Wassup?

  1. LOL. Wussup, Homeskillet? Da peep is back in da crib–Yay! Sending ya a Joisey holla!
    ho, er i mean YO Joisey…heh heh the red-headed stepchild returneth full of… well, just full of it I guess! lol snort

  2. Glad you posted again – I had been missing your regular doses of humor.
    I was just thinking about you – really lol may have to add you in a blog… heh heh

  3. Good to hear from you again. Thanks for giving me a giggle! (I never got around to getting Christmas cards out, either.)
    I live for giggles from y’all. xo

  4. I’ve been in shock since I read that you cancelled your twitter account. I just never could really get into it, well mostly because I live such a boring life and would just spend my time commenting on other people’s lives.

    I think it has been over ten years since I sent out cards. I keep saying that this will be the year but it never seems to be the year. Truly must be something to do with my procrastination problem too. This goes on everyday. I say I need to do this and that and never do it. If I ever did all the things I need to do then maybe I would have something to tweet about, but dang it if I don’t procrastinate about tweeting too. Besides I think those of us in bloggyland would much rather have you here.

    So glad to see you are back and that EmmaLou is having another birthday. Yippee to both of you. I would get up to jump up and down but I guess I will get to that later on.

    God bless.
    the problem with Twittah is it literally eats up time…time I could be putting toward this blog or a hundred other more worthwhile efforts. Most of my close Twittah friends all showed up on FB – so why Twitter and be limited to a lousy 140 words when I can go on at length on FB? Seemed like a good idea at the time. I need to close down @GoldenDestroyer too – no time. Shoot, EmmaLou hasn’t blogged in forever… she got bored lol lol xo

  5. I found you on someone’s sidebar and thought, “What? Emma Lou? The world’s best slinky quote? The red-headed one?”

    My gosh, I’m glad to see you’re back. I have a hard time getting my daily quotient of snark – I believe you might help me out in that regard. I’ll not be seeing you on FB, since I departed that world some months ago and have no intention of going back. But I’ll see you here, with delight!
    hello dahlink – I dunno if I do regular snark much any more – seems age is mellowing me. Ok that sounded pitiful even to me. At least I will try to make you smile!

  6. Oh – guess I’ll add this p.s. so I can get on the mailing list. 😉
    you just want to make me add another comment don’t you? That’s what made me drop off the radar the last time – replying to 132 comments lol!!! glad you’re here!

  7. Welcome back to the Land of the Living, er, BLOGGING!
    Hey Red – wazcookin’? I am seriously behind on my blog reading let alone blog writing. Need to make a visit soon! See ya l8r sister in my head.

  8. Well it is nice to know that you always are here and always the same!! I like consistency. How are you? I am trying to get my blog organized and start a little writing. My such changes at word press. But, found a nice new theme, must close down my old blogs but hate to close “Within Crepusculum”. It is such a part of me. I too am growing old. Caught my foot in a big tree branch I was clearing, fell face down with my chest on a brick, broke two ribs and twisted my hip causing the most gruesome pain. That all was about three and half weeks ago and now only can move better–well at least I can get out of bed by myself!! Take care–will stop again. Love Frank
    YAY!!! You’ve surfaced! My dear Frank, you have no idea how often I’ve thought of you and wondered how you were. I loved Within Crepusculum it was (is) a wonderful blog. We takes these journeys in life and I was so blessed to watch you as you took your journey with your mother. My goodness – please don’t lose touch again. Guess I better post something, huh? xo

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