Stop the Year and Let Me Catch Up

Welcome to the New Year.  I  am a few weeks into the old year still.  My short term memory hasn’t caught up to my long term memory and my short term memory, frankly, is falling down on the job.

EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, gets a monthly pill for heartworm and flea control.  She should have taken them the first of January; I remembered them this morning, the 5th, 6th of January.  Wait…what day is this again?  Ack.

I’m working on a project that should have been finished at least one to two weeks ago to give me adequate time to prepare for the next phase.  Oh yeah, I haven’t started it yet.  I have a new solitaire game on my computer and it keeps calling my name.

Never did get those awful dents on my relatively new car pounded out…you know, the ones caused by that freak hail storm, oh, I dunno, how many months ago (?) There’s  a voicemail on my phone from the lady at the auto body shop.  I should probably do something about that.   Need to get rid of that phone…

Lest you think it’s just me, allow me to relay what happened to Devoted Spouse the other day…  We have been attending the same church for almost  7 years now.  We go to the same service regularly, always arriving a few minutes early to grab some coffee and chat w/friends.  Devoted Spouse is going to be volunteering his time at the computer check-in station for a specific upcoming event and needs to be trained.  In emails with one of our pastors, he agreed to arrive at church a little earlier and get some valuable OJT.  He told the pastor he would be there at 9:30 prior to the 10:00 service.  The problem is this church HAS no 10:00 service at our location.  He knew this and yet that’s what he emailed.  Now our pastor thinks Devoted Spouse is certifiable.  I felt better, though.  It’s not just me.

I want to speak with whoever is in charge of time and ask them kindly to hold things for a few weeks until I can catch up.  Then there’s that issue of starting fresh I need to contend with.  Maybe after the New Year…sigh…


136 thoughts on “Stop the Year and Let Me Catch Up

  1. I couldn’t agree more — found myself nodding the ENTIRE time I was reading your post!

    I have 12 freelance writing assignments due by Tuesday of next week. And I haven’t even finished the interviews. Ugh.

    I’ll keep a good thought for you if you keep one for me. Deal?

    holey moley girl, I thought I was behind lol lol Good thoughts coming your way! 🙂

  2. oh, sorry your year is starting off that way. But, firsts things first… EmmaLou needs her pill. 🙂 Great post, enjoy the weekend!
    I just forgot to flip my superwoman speed button to maximum warp. Hopefully, I’ll catch up. lol EmmaLou got both pills! And, I put notes in my calendar for the rest of 2012. {note to self: check calendar regularly} thanks for stopping by!

  3. If you do get to speak to that person in charge of holding up time, can you tell him or her to make it a few YEARS and not just weeks? There are things I’ve been wanting to get done for years and I can’t seem to even get to them, let alone finish them.

    For one, my poor baby’s scrapbook. I think I’m on year two of the scrapbook I wanted to keep up until she was five. She is now 12. 🙂

    Funny, and very relatable, post. Have a good day!
    ack don’t talk to me of scrapbooks. I have an antique wooden cheesebox (it’s huge) filled to the brim with pics taken while Devoted Spouse and I lived in Europe….TWENTY YEARS AGO! oh well. thanks for stopping in!

  4. Ah, the story of my life. It’s when the words won’t come mid-sentence that really puts the cherry on the whole time and tide thing.
    We’re on the same page. It reminds me of the other day when…wait, what was I gonna say?

  5. Love the way you put this. Hear ya. Sometimes I wish I was a putter offer. I’m the opposite and suffer the anxiety of having to get-er-done, all in a day. geesh, which is worse? lol

    Hi Val – Puhleeze send me some of your having-to-get-er-done-all-in-a-day mojo. Which is worse? I dunno…lemme get back to you later… lol

  6. You should have checked out of 2011 a few weeks earlier like I did. I actually dumped last year’s work before it was done so I could get a head start on this year’s.
    why didn’t I think of that …guess I’ll try it prior to 2013 unless the Mayans are correct…

  7. I agree. Despite having a nice time of reprieve, I couldn’t help but feel “un-ready” for 2012, despite my attempts to be by creating my list of resolutions and items to focus on (something I normally never do). I have to fight the urge to yell, “Stop!” kinda like on “Saved by the Bell.” Sadly, time would not freeze, but rather people would think that I was yelling at the voices inside my own head. Sigh…onward and upward, I guess. Thanks for a fun post. Try to catch up over the weekend.
    yeah voices in our head – if only they’d do some of the work. lol thanks for dropping by

  8. Ha! Ha! Maybe after the New Year. I start saying that in June. I am years behind on some of the things I want to do though I am going to try blogging again. The Mayans are wrong. My son told me so. It has to do with the movie “Back to the Future”. Something about the kid in it went to the future in 2015 so the world can’t end in 2012. It’s good enough for me.
    Back to the Future – Joan that’s hysterical – why didn’t I remember that? Oh yeah…that memory thing again. lol Nice to see ya sweetie – now get back to blogging!

  9. My golden is the reason we have no coffee tables…that tail ! Nothing is safe at that level !
    Hope you know you are not alone in dragging reluctantly 2011’s leftovers into 2012. I’ m still relatively new at this “stay at home mom” thing but I’m getting better at telling my boss (me) to “get over it”.
    Can’t tell you how many times we’ve lost the glass of soda on the coffee table in the family room to that tail. You think we’d learn but noooooo. Devoted Spouse still sits down on the couch and puts his glass on the table. Then EmmaLou comes bounding over to see what’s new and Whack! there goes another stain on the carpet. lol Ya gotta love ’em. I have the greatest respect for stay at home moms – y’all do such an incredible job – so let’s just keep on dragging our 2011’s until we’re done with ’em! 🙂

  10. Best blog I’ve read in ages! Thank you very much and have a great new year x
    What a lovely compliment. Thank you so much! I hope 2012 is a fabulous year for you as well – thanks for stopping by!

  11. The 7 words on your sign perfectly describes what I feel. Sheesh, and it’s only the first week of 2012!

    Still looking for many things to unravel so that it’ll actually feel like “new year”!
    Don’t look now but it’s almost the second week of 2012 and I’m still behind. The good news is this is a leap year so I have an extra day in February and maybe by that day I’ll be fully caught up. Or not. lol Thanks for your visit to my humble blog.

  12. Hell, I’m still in 2010. Every time something new pops up I cringe. I’m not a Luddite but let’s slow down and catch a few sunrises before we check out. Saw my younger niece’s new kid. He’s four and a batch of kinetic energy.
    Please send me some of his excess energy. I’m not a Luddite either however I’m not convinced all technology saves me time – otherwise why would I still be behind? or something like that. lol thanks for visiting!

  13. I am voting for the guy who’s promising three working day week.
    yeah that sounds like a good one to me too, but I don’t work for pay any more – I’m strictly volunteer now. So I work when I want or when the situation requires. Although, I’d like to have a paycheck again lol Thanks for dropping by to see me!

  14. Your post speaks for a lot of us! Loved it and glad I found your site. Will be following!
    Hi April – I’m glad you liked it and you’re following too! I’ll come visit you soon! Thanks!

  15. Love it!! Was nodding my head in agreement throughout the read 😀 Thank you x
    Thank you for your kind comment – and thanks for stopping by! xo

  16. Thank god! Someone else is having the same problem. I thought I was just getting old. I’ve found it particularly hard to get moving this year. I say that every year of course but am sure it’s worse this year. And of course there is the inevitable “where is the year going” and ” where has the year gone” as we move towards another Christmas.
    yes, it is worse this year (I got your back on that one!) I’ve been walking around saying What Happened to Christmas? Ack. Think I’ll save myself some trouble and just leave the tree up (no haven’t gotten to taking it down yet). Thanks for visiting me!

  17. Thanks for reminding me that the dog and cats are due for their flea medication!
    I’m happy this blog did someone some good! Will you remind me in Feb? lol

  18. I hear you! I keep finding myself sitting on the floor petting our golden boy, instead of doing what I’m supposed to. One of the things the new year holds for him is getting neutered – so I’m sure he’s happy I’m procrastinating booking the appt. Nice post 🙂
    I spend a lot of time goofin’ around w/EmmaLou and I’d rather enjoy her than work on my to-do list any day! Thanks for visiting.

  19. I’m still a bit behind too. I was shocked to notice today that it’s the 6th already.
    I’m just glad I don’t live in England or I’d be even further behind…

  20. Just like a song says It’s a new day day It’s a new life and I’m feeling good.
    great attitude – love it! thanks for your comment

  21. I know exactly what you are saying. I was just getting around to accepting the arrival of 2011 and 2012 pops up like a Saturday afternoon guest to a Sunday brunch.
    you definitely understand! lol

  22. I have a billion things to do before work starts again next week. I have to finish a DVD editing job for a friend, and do a whole term’s worth of prep for my class of 3-year-olds. I have accomplished approximately 0% of all of this. Meanwhile it’s hot and humid and my friend’s swimming pool beckons every day (Southern Hemisphere, FTW).

    Good luck with everything!
    I’m exhausted just reading your comment…and I thought I was behind lol Thanks for stopping by!

  23. You put into succinct words what I’ve been feeling.
    I’m trying to get our house ready for sale and between the kids coming home for Xmas and a weeks holiday over New Year, I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. Then I forgot to lock the cat door and a strange cat got in and peed from one end to the other. My plans went right out the window as I hunted down and dealt with smelly deposits. Such a time consuming task to eradicate the stench.
    I am sooo with you about stopping the year while I catch up 🙂
    oh my…I completely relate. I had a car I LOVED and my cat peed in her car carrier. It leaked out and into the front seat. My husband tore that car apart. He pulled out the foam interior of the seat and replaced it. He did EVERYTHING and one day someone says to me, “What’s that odd smell?” I about died. Traded in the car. Loved that car. ack So glad you visited! Come back again

  24. cool blog!!! though i live one day at a time but this post reminds me of my mom… c:

    thanks! I have tried to live one day at a time and it never works for me. sigh. 🙂

  25. I feel the exact same way about 2012. It’s inhumane how time just flies and people my age are expected to keep up.
    Hey people of my age are expected to keep up too – it’s brutal I agree. All I want to do is slow it down a few days lol Thanks for your kind comment.

  26. This is so me…and my husband.
    Apparently I struck a chord with a few people. lol I can’t believe I found someone actually named Mrs. Cleaver. Oh that’s marvelous — pls tell me you have a son nicknamed The Beav… lol Thanks so much for dropping by to visit my humble blog. Come back any time!

  27. Are you sure this is a new year? It’s been in the 80’s out here, so I am pretty sure it is still early summertime and everyone else is just dreaming that Christmas has passed. I am thinking that you still have a long way to go before you are late with those papers. But then I suffer from CRS and you know what that means. I can’t….uh….

    Anyway, I am sure EmmaLou is thankful you gave her that pill, I mean her memory is better than mine. Maybe her memory is better than DS’s too. I mean she does write a pretty good blog when Mom lets her get to the computer, at least that’s what she told us. And I agree with wanting to get rid of you know who. If we do then this may be the best year in a long time.

    Okay, get back to work. Can’t remember if I wrote that sentence for you or me, I hope it is for you because I can’t remember what I was supposed to be doing.

    God bless.
    MrsU I’ve got so much piled up to do I don’t know what day it is let alone what year. It’s chaos at Chez Crone and Bear It. Trust me. EmmaLou’s been hogging the laptop to play with her friends on FaceBook lately. Can’t get my work done. Plus she leaves dog fur all over the keys. Messy thang. Nice to see ya sweetie. Take good care of you!


  28. That bloody Solitaire gets me every time. You’ll be alright.
    I’m tellin’ ya it’s worse than a choc chip cookie. I can sit here lookin’ like a deer in the headlights for hours playing that stupid game. I’m seriously thinking of deleting it off my laptop. Really, it’s just hours I’ll never get back. Onward… 🙂

  29. yea, i hear you on this one. just the other day i was like…oh shit i’m getting married in 4 months. i have not done a single thing to plan for this (nothing)……. actually, yea….i started a blog here yesterday kinda about that….mostly cause im gonna need the help. and today i started a master cleanse detox that will hopefully jump start my new diet…but whatever im ranting now…gotta go…iv got way too much to do now.
    i read some of your replies to the comments and it looks like you might have things under control at this point. wish me luck
    Whoa…breathe sweetie, breathe. Now go get a drink and quit worrying about it. Best of luck to ya! Thanks for your visit.

  30. Love this blog. Helps me keep my head about me, and laughing all the way down the rabbit hole 🙂 thanks
    Thanks for your kind comment – I pretty much conduct all business from the rabbit hole these days…sigh… 🙂

  31. I may have been giggling throughout this post, but it’s still so true. Now if only I can get one of those remotes like in the movie, “Click”. That way I can just press pause for a little while and maybe catch up to speed, haha!
    If you find a remote that works, lemme in on it girl! Feels like I’m runnin in sand lol thanks for stopping in!

  32. :)) Devooted Spouse.. I like that term… Loved the fact that he has a 10 o clock service to go to. Suddenly I feel better about my year. Great post
    Yeah especially since it’s really not at 10. so silly. loved it. Thanks for stopping by!

  33. There’s a superwoman speed button? Where do you get one of those things? As for me, my projects seem to multiply exponentially, and I figure if I can remember my name it’s a good day. BTW IMHO Solitaire ain’t got nuthin’ on Tetris. Ooooo, I had to take it off my computer, it’s so evil.
    Shhh stop yakkin’ about my superwoman speed button. btw my name is sewn into all my clothes just in case. I also deleted Tetris and I’m thisssss close to deep sixing Solitaire. lol thx for your visit!

  34. P.S. That golden is a real beauty! 🙂
    🙂 EmmaLou says “thanks and slurpppp your face!”

  35. I am soooo far behind this year as well. I still feel like it should be August or something. But, I’ve made it my goal to be a little more oragnised this year… Which is probably why I’m currently browsing Freshly Pressed and commenting on all the posts I like, instead of getting out of bed and starting my day! Procrastination at its best!
    I remember August…I was just starting my Spring Cleaning. ack. Thanks for your kind comment!

  36. What a relief service you’ve provided. You’ve just given all of us “normal folks” a pat on the back. Unlike all those compulsive calendar watchers and list makers. Thanks for the smiles and assurances that our phones are evil.
    wait…that makes me not so normal? lol lol I have honest-to-goodness been known to turn off all things electronic one day of the week just to ease the anxiety. The problem is I walk around wondering if anyone is trying to call me or if I have email. Serious. 🙂

  37. The only reason I haven’t completely lost it is because I had the two weeks off from work. I am so nervous to start again on Monday because I’m fairly certain I’m going to do downhill fast 😛
    HEY, at least you know you’re not alone.
    I’m not technically working so I don’t get down time. I must make my own and it’s hard since there is always something else I could be doing. I get too many things on my to-do list and I go into ‘overwhelm’ mode and just crash on the couch and read a book. Thanks for stopping by! Glad it’s not just me.

  38. Hey Girl,
    I think that EmmaLou is keeping you way too busy. Send her to my house. Coco wants to bond with her.
    How about if I come to your house and bring EmmaLou with me? xoxoxo

  39. LOL! No really . . . I literally Laughed Out Loud!
    I didn’t think it was funny – it’s just my life. I told my husband I should stop trying to be humorous and just keep sharing the nonsense that goes on around me. I’m so glad I could bring a smile to your face! Come back and chat any time.

  40. Great post Linda! (I loved all the pictures of Golden Destroyer too! I have a little white Maltese who is ever so curious, especially with the contents of bags.)

    2012 started off rocky for me too. You can read the details on my blog ( So the first week of January 2012 is coming to an end, which means it’s the perfect time to start again with all those new year’s resolutions and goals.

    Here’s to making 2012 better one day at a time!
    thanks – sorry you got off to a rocky start too – I’ll stop by for a visit soon! I’m thinking if we can make it through January, we might be okay…. 🙂

  41. Amen! What if we’re all in some crazy kind of time warp? Or traveling between dimensions? Some days it sure feels that way to me. Love your posts!
    I was reading some sci-fi the other day and I got to thinking about alternate universes and other dimensions. Scared me to think there might be another me out there somewhere. ack. Thanks for dropping by!

  42. oh my, i really could relate with your post and how i wish i could pause the time for just a little bit.. its really a crazy world, everything seems to move so fast, we’re always busy, chores piling up one after another and the list is endless.. if only there’s a remote control to stop the time.. nice post, congrats on being FP.
    thanks – I think seriously we make it this way by having to be plugged into everything constantly. I kind of miss the old days where if someone wanted to talk to me they had to find me, or leave a voicemail on the house line. lol Happy 2012!

  43. I was unproductive the previous year. And I still do this year. Those words in the picture did describe me unintentionally. XD
    I’ve been trying to be too productive and therein lies the problem. 🙂 Thanks for your visit to my humble blog!

  44. I feel your pain! I do so much related to Christmas (and birthdays) from the middle of November on, I can’t keep up with anything else! We just got back from a family trip to Wisconsin so I am looking forward to Monday when all is quiet and I get back to work. Great post1
    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!
    thanks so much! Christmas is always stressed and this year I had bronchitis so stuff didn’t get done till almost the last moment. Because of that I’m leaving my tree up longer so that puts me even more behind. lol Thanks for stopping in!

  45. Congrats my blogging friend for being FP!

    Love the post. You can live one day at a time, but it should be the current day. 🙂 If devoted spouse is behind as much as you are, he could try to arrive at 9:30, be late, and perhaps prepare for Wed night services!

    Happy new year when you get here.
    hi sweetie thanks! Believe me I’m running as fast as I can and I’m so danged thankful it’s Leap Year lol

  46. Is it time to put the pastor out to pasture? LOL – I find myself laughing at how many “run around” instructions are sent out every single day. Oh for the beach, a fishing pole, straw hut and no neighbors or churches.
    out to pasture? Nah, it was completely Devoted Spouse’s memory fail. lol Hey, I’m with ya on that beach, fishing pole, etc…. 🙂

  47. My church service changed to early morning for the New Year (which I think is great); if only I would have remembered that it changed last week. Oops (as Rick Perry would say).
    we don’t always do well with change, do we? lol Thanks for visiting!

  48. Love your post… it makes me laugh because I still haven’t changed my wall clock for Daylight Savings Time. Congrats on being FP!
    lol I finally stopped changing the clock in my car twice a year – figured it saved me a few moments as long as I realize what the real time is…ack thanks for you visit!

  49. Great post! I just got back from home for the holidays and I can say that nothing, NOTHING beats family time! Thanks for putting into words what I have been too preoccupied to hehehe.

    Looking forward to more such morsels from you!
    Oh no…pressure….do I have time for more morsels? Aaaaarghhhhh I’ll try. 🙂

  50. I stumbled upon your blog and boy, I am so like you right now! Have a million things in backlog as I just came back from holiday. Nice to know there are apparently loads of us out there still catching up to 2012! Hope we all catch up on our to-do’s soon:)
    And here I thought I was the only one who was running a bit behind. I sure feel better now! Thanks for dropping in.

  51. The turning of a new year certainly has a way of speeding things up, doesn’t it? Best of luck with everything!

    By the way, your Golden is precious!
    thanks and on behalf of EmmaLou… *smoochie*

  52. I totally relate to. I have a number of things that have been ongoing for the past couple of new years such as getting the fence fixed and decluttering the loft. The fence, I can add has a quote now so I am one step nearer – the loft is a work in progress. I’ll let you know how I get on this time next year 🙂
    oh yeah, thx for reminding me about the fence… ack

  53. Glad I’m not the only one in a January tailspin! 🙂
    I’m just hoping it doesn’t become a February tailspin… sigh… thx for your visit!

  54. Some days I feel like I wrote the book on being behind. We moved into this place five & a half years ago, and the only things of mine that managed to get unpacked were necessities and anything pertaining to tending the family. Although, having boxes stacked everywhere cuts down on the dusting & vacuuming. 😉 I’m following . . . 🙂
    oooh talk to me…we moved in here over 8 years and I’m still finding boxes unpacked in the garage. ack. 🙂

  55. So happy to know I am not alone! Great post. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!
    Looks like there are lots of us out there suffering the same fate lol Thanks for your comment!

  56. So I started the year by doing something I’ve never done before — transposing two deadlines for clients. Not a good feeling when one checks in on the morning of the 3rd with a gentle reminder (a first, I would never have remembered without it) that my story was due THAT DAY…and I’d sent in the one due on the 9th in early instead. Thank God for forgiveness and flexibility. Had the dates right but the projects wrong. Ooops.
    welcome to my world lol 🙂

  57. I think what made me really aware of how far off I am this past year was the forty-something anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s fourth album and my 30th high school reunion. Plus, coming up in early February my wife and I are going to see Peter Frampton in Lynn, MA. It’s his Frampton Comes Alive 35th anniversary tour where he’ll be playing the entire album and a few other tunes. Led Zep releasing Stairway to Heaven, graduating from high school and Peter Frampton’s tour de force all seemed to happen yesterday for me, but these numbers keep getting bigger and bigger. I am getting behind or am I just getting old?
    You don’t really want me to answer that do you? lol Yeah it happens very quickly. I saw a pic of Frampton couple years ago and my reaction was, Who the heck is that? Then I looked in my own mirror and was welcomed back into reality. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the concert!

  58. I’ve always thought that the best super hero power would be the ability tomstopmtime for everyone but yourself. Then you could do all kinds of cool things and no one could stop you. One of the main characters of the TV show Heroes had this power, but then they ruined the show.

    I’m sure I was going somewhere with this.
    I think I would be a better super hero for this particular power, since I need it so desperately. I just can’t locate my Stop button…it was here the other day… 🙂

  59. I’m kinda dead too. I’m trying to watch a film a day but I’m only up to 6 so far and now it’s the 10th. Or is it the 9th? 8th? To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty sure it’s only just turned 2010 so I’m not completely up to speed on what all this twenty-twelve nonsense is.
    Don’t feel bad, it took me a day to locate your comment so I could reply. Ack. I’m good w/2010 really. I still have my calendar open to then. Thanks for visiting my humble blog!

  60. welcome to my world . . .a day late and a dollar short. and i too am rockin’ midlife (provided i live to be 110?!) hey, in this new world anything’s possible 😉
    Yes anything is possible, I hold out that hope! 🙂 Thanks for your comment Holly and please continue to rock midlife coz that’s the only way to go!!

  61. So comforting to know I’m not the only one wishing time would slow down! And I love how I discovered your post whilst procrastinating instead of doing my essay due in this week! Hope your year gets better here on in 🙂
    Thanks – sometimes I make the most amazing discovering while I’m supposed to be doing something else. That’s the fun of life! Thanks for your comment!

  62. So glad to hear that I am not the only one who feels this way – and that there is more than one certifiable Devoted Spouse out there! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!
    Hi Katie – Oh No another Devoted Spouse!!! LOL Thanks for the congrats – it’s always fun to get FP.

  63. I don’t attend church, but i find that meditation meetings have fulfilled a similar purpose!
    Some of my best times happen while I’m meditating – I definitely recommend it. thanks for stopping by!

  64. LOL – I just found your most delightful and most apropos blog. Thank you for making my day! Signed – Another Redheaded Stepchild
    Yikes there’s at least two of us rhschildred running around? Watch out world. Thanks for dropping by!!

  65. It’s all so true! I can’t help but believe this is part of the IAMWOMANHEARMEROARD Syndrome. We liberated ourselves so that we can work AND do all the other stuff our mothers did, too!
    What.Were.We.Thinking???? lol lol

  66. Actually, it’s IAMWOMANHEARMEROAR Syndrome. I’m sorry… I was multi-tasking.
    Aha another multi-tasker — I can’t do it well, either. lol Thanks for commenting!

  67. Absolute class! Feeling exactly the same, so many deadlines, so little time! Love reading this, it’s great. Now, I should probably get back to work…
    why go back to work, I’m not… heh heh thx for your visit!

  68. I also keep wishing for time to stop for a while whilst I can get on top of things. At the same time though, isn’t this just part of the thrill of life? As a kid, you have all the time in the world. As a teenager, nothing is right and you spend your time procrastinating and asking questions, finding you. Once you’ve found you and hit adulthood, you hit the accelerator. I guess it’s just a case of holding on tight for the ride…
    and it’s a fabulous ride, but once in awhile I’d like it to slow down just a touch so I can enjoy it more. Thanks for dropping by!

  69. Life keeps getting more and more complicated, huh?
    It does, even though we have more and more nifty gadgets to help us. ack. thanks for your comment!

  70. I’m not sure whether it’s comforting or worrying that there are others people as well as myself still stuck in last year! I’ve got so much to do before the end of January as well, and I just feel like time is slipping away into nothing. Great post!
    I relate – it’s a bit worrying to know there are so many of us fighting this. Just look forward to Feb 29 – we get a whole extra day this year, yay, tho I wish it weren’t in the middle of winter as I’ll probably be snowed in. oh well. Thanks for coming to see me!

  71. Freelance assignments, blogging and I’m a full time teacher so I guess I’m another nodder. You did voice some collective thoughts there. Seeing as you’ve only gone and told the truth, does this mean that we have to do something about it?
    Thanks for posting x
    I am doing something about it…I’m procrastinating. That’s what I truly do well. lol Thanks for your kind comment!

  72. I can relate fully! I’m still attempting to get organized for college that started in a measely 2 days for me! There just doesn’t seem to ever be enough time in the day to accomplish all tasks at hand! Someone needs to find a way to slow the earths rotation so we can get a couple more hours a day!
    Please study that at school – slowing the earth’s rotation – you will do us all a great favor! LOL Good luck!

  73. Thanks. Great piece. Will bring down my Christmas Decorations in March.
    Hah! I don’t want to admit it but mine will probably still be up in Feb. Thanks for stopping by!

  74. After reading your post, I have the urge to do all of my unfinished work set in last year. 😀
    Good! Go for it and when you’re done please come here and help me with mine LOL 🙂

  75. He he…we are definitely slipping out of the stream of time! I think it’s fun actually — some days feel like a week and some weeks fly by posed as days. 🙂
    it is a bit bizarre at times. I think it’s because I don’t work a regular job and I probably have too much time on my hands, so I goof off having fun and stuff doesn’t get done. I’m still a kid who doesn’t know what time to come home for dinner. 🙂

  76. Time keeps on slipping into the future! A great poet wrote that…. But seriously, with too many events per unit of time, and the Great Digital Distraction™ it is quite difficult to get anything done these days. Good luck in the new year. Feels like we’re almost done already (just kidding).
    I don’t know about a great poet…it was a good song though. Yeah the GDD it does make life challenging. I just keep plugging away. Thanks for visiting my humble blog!

  77. Oh boy, do I resemble that!

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!
    I think I struck home with a few. lol Thanks, it’s always fun to get FP! 🙂

  78. Nice work, good read, 224 comments and you reply, your year has certainly gotten off to a good (busy) start I would say.


    Glad you enjoyed. I always respond to comments unless they’re nasty, then I hit delete. 🙂 Thanks for coming by to visit me!

  79. I totally relate. Stop the madness! My problem is that I am, by nature, very futuristic on top of being behind. This means that I forget what is due today, plan for what should be tomorrow and wonder where yesterday went. Mostly – I feel like a walking episode from the Twilight Zone. No worries, judging from your feedback we are definitely not alone.
    Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, yeah, I think a lot of folks feel my pain in this. I’ve been thinking that maybe some of the stuff I need to do doesn’t need to be done after all, ya know? Hmmm. Needs more pondering. Thanks for your kind comment!

  80. i can definitely relate to this post. december went by in a flash this year! i have painting sold (from over a month ago) that i haven’t even started and both my high school classes and college night class will be starting tomorrow, and i am so unprepared at the moment to teach! i don’t know what it was about this break, but i was so LAZY!
    Some times I think it’s not laziness so much as it is we have forgotten how to not be busy. We all need to take a break and do nothing occasionally. Relaxing and unplugging is healthy. Good luck to you!

  81. Sigh. It’s so nice to know there are kindred spirits out there. What is it about getting 1 step ahead, then 237,000 step behind? Oy Oy Oy.
    guess that’s the human condition. We’re just too busy. Or we all have ADD…oooh look, shiny thing….

  82. Great blog. I’m reading it when I should be writing my next novel. Since I agreed in October to a May 1st deadline, I don’t think I’ve written a single word. Right now, Angry Birds is calling my name, but I think I’ll try my hand at writing. I have an hour before I have to get ready for work.
    I think you must be my long lost sister lol Thanks for dropping in & commenting! Now get back to writing!!!! 🙂

  83. Hah, I know the feeling. I was a week late on my deadline because I got an Xbox 360 for Christmas – well, not entirely because, but I think it was definitely a contributing factor. I think we could all use an extra week or two to let us catch up with the new year. If only time would move slower…
    Next on evil villain to-do list: Invent machine to make time move slower…or stop entirely…many useful applications.
    please, please alert me when you have that machine invented! Thanks for visiting!

  84. If you succeed in gaining more time, let me know; I sure could use some myself!
    Great post, by the way!
    I’m actually becoming more time-lagged…uh-oh. lol thanks for dropping in!

  85. Oh how I can relate to this! I’m the chairperson of a Scout event that happens in less than 3 weeks now, and I just met with my co-chair for the 2nd time yesterday to go over the details. I think we had the first meeting in October. Good thing he was in charge of the food and I just have to design, buy and put together the centerpieces and other decorations! My son went back to school last week and I’ve yet to go buy lunchmeat to pack his lunches and I think we’ve dug all the change out of the couch now for lunch money. Oh and this week’s Scout meeting plans aren’t done, and it’s my busiest week of the year at work. But other than that, I think I’m okay…
    oh my and I thought I had it bad! lol Good Luck to ya!!

  86. How to sort out what is important, and what just is and can wait!

    Will what I am doing right now, get me to my goals? If they answer is yes, then continue… If the answer is NO well then find something to do that will get you there!

    My game of preference is Mindcraft that I play with my 12 year old boy. It is one you have to pay for, but I have so much fun mining and building stuff, and I am now getting up the courage to turn on the monsters… Hehehe! I only allow myself to play games after a certain time of night though because they really do not qualify as benefiting me in the reach for my goals.

    Peace be To YOU!
    P.S. Do you like to write? We are having a Murder Mystery Writing contest on my blog at It will be a blast and you can participate through writing or just voting! Come and join us!
    Hi Sallyjane – thanks for a great comment. I’m very much interested in time management these days and I think it stems from the fact I am getting older and there are only so many years left (statistically anyway). How I spend my time has become quite important to me. I wish I could discipline myself on the game playing aspect – if I only had a time-lock on my Solitaire I’d be a happy girl. LOL Thanks for visiting! I’ll drop by soon and check out the MM Writing contest! Sounds like fun.

  87. What did I do? New year was pretty boring to me..
    Wow sorry to hear New Year was boring for you. It’s really just another year starting, isn’t it. We tend to make a big deal out of something that’s not so big, unless you are in Times Square New York City that particular evening. Then it’s a big deal LOL. Thanks for visiting my humble blog.

  88. Time waits for no-one and in future terms, it is not guaranteed to anyone. These truths are hard and fast. Unless Dr. Who decides to make a visit, we’re stuck right here, right now. Don’t know if it helps, but I try not to look back very long. This helps be focus on the next thing. I also try to put forth my best effort and tell myself that is enough–and enough is as good as a feast as the saying goes. Sometimes this all works quite nicely and other times I ignore my logical self and feel really bad for not doing more or doing better or being better. At the end of the tizzy remains the hard and fast truths. Small comfort, but comfort none the less when you consider that everyone is in the same situation when it comes to time!
    Thanks Madeline for a great comment on the issue of time and what it does to us (or what we do with it). I try not to look back too much because it’s gone and you can’t change anything. Waste of time. I’m working very very hard to be mindful of the present. I want to live my life fully in the “here.” And this multi-tasking nonsense just has to go. Really. Out with it. LOL Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Appreciate your visit. Happy New Year to ya.

  89. It was an interesting and a very humorous way to say how much we want to catch up so many things going on in our life. We hate Monday mornings and welcome weekends but where do these weekends vanish in a flick. (Oh God its Monday)
    It’s true we spend a great amount of our lives wishing days away. We’re just never happy. When we’re young we can’t wait to be older and when we become older we want to turn back time. What’s important? Right this moment – whatever you do in the “now” enjoy it to the fullest because it won’t come around again. Thanks for dropping by!

  90. I’m SO there with you. 2012 is starting off with a bang.
    mine started with the ringing of the alarm and my clock crashing to the floor as I tried desperately to locate the Snooze button. LOL Thanks for your visit!

  91. Liked your blog. I’m brand new to the whole blogging world, and it was the first one to catch my eye! Thanks.
    Hi Jenn – I’m so excited for you – Bloggy Land is a cool place to be. You meet the greatest people. I’m gonna put you right on my blog roll so I don’t forget to come see you and encourage you in your blogging! Yay – another blog sistah! I’m glad my blog caught your eye! Happy New Year to ya.

  92. As someone who just started a blog about writing a novel, after having written ten chapters a few years ago and leaving it alone, I know a thing or two about procrastination. So far, so good in 2012 with the novel writing, however I was married in September 2011 and have yet to officially change my name on anything other than facebook. Good luck with stopping time tho, we could all use some time to catch up!
    Some things we put off, some things we get around to, some things we simply forget. I just want to keep my head above water. I’d like to get more organized but I’ve quit putting that down in any type of resolution coz I never make that goal. I shall remain unorganized the remainder of my life I do believe. Good luck with the novel – can’t wait to visit your blog and read all about it. I’m a frustrated writer myself. I will probably never get that novel done but it’s fun to dream about it. Thanks for your comment!

  93. Stumbled across your blog thanks to Freshly Pressed! Particularly love your pic up top … “Lost, confused, perplexed, disoriented, bewildered” about sums me up so far this year, lol.

    thanks happy new year!

  94. I’ve been in zombie mode, for sure…filled out my timecard at work last week and realized everything was a day off – I’d totally forgotten that Monday was a holiday. You know things are bad when a holiday totally falls off your radar! Good luck with the space-time continuum alterations. They didn’t seem to work too well for Capt. Picard et. al, so I think things don’t look too good for us.
    I continue to take it day by day and I’m muddling through. Poor Capt Picard was doomed; every time he stood, he had to pull his shirt down. One can only do so much. Thanks for your visit!

  95. Digital solitare is the bane of those trying to make progress, huh? I suffer the same thing.
    Don’t you just hate it when time slips through your fingers?
    I would have answered this sooner but I was in the middle of a solitaire game…. 🙂

  96. I’m feeling the same way. I actually started the first three days of the year completely gung ho, and then a few events happened in rapid-fire succession and left me a bit out of sync. It’s time to psych ourselves back up again. 🙂
    I hear ya. Hope you & your year get psyched (up)! 🙂

  97. In Buddhism, there is a saying, that worldly activities are like a man’s beard — even if you shave it off in the morning, it’ll be grown back by the evening. The only way to slow down time is by de-cluttering the mind… 🙂
    good advice! thanks for visiting my humble blog!

  98. Yes! I certainly can relate, and know plenty of people that can on a daily basis. I’d add that you can just ask yourself about controlling time. We all control and perceive time individually. Otherwise, you’d never have a problem with its passing in the first place, would you? But, look how many people can relate. Thank you, bloggers. The internet can be used for good, after all.
    Yes, there are a few of us who agree on this. Thanks for your comment. Have a happy new year!

  99. Controlling time, or a pause button… I think about this often. So many projects I’d like to work on while the world is on pause.
    See, my problem is if the world really went on pause…I’d just take a nap. lol

  100. Pingback: that‘s my starting issue 010 « Mirror Universe

  101. Can you imagine just how young history might still be if we had discovered a pause button for time? We might all be blogging in the second century. I wonder what the Latin word for blog might be. . .
    now that’s an interesting question… I dunno…ipso blogo vomitorium… ack 🙂

  102. I agree ! It seems like time is flying by faster than usual.

    and it’s not slowing down at all… ack

  103. seriously…if u find this button…please share 🙂

    if only… I’m still so far behind… gah…

  104. At least we can snuggle up in these comments and rest assured that we aren’t alone. I was starting to feel like everyone hit their turbo burst button on Jan 1 and I was still eating a candy cane. I wrote about it here:
    been at least a month and I’m still behind — shoot, I’m behind on answering kind comments like yours! 🙂

  105. I know all those comments wore you out and who wouldn’t. Just wanted you to know that we miss you and hope you come back soon. Give EmmaLou a big hug from me.

    God bless.
    hi sweetie. You’re right – I just completely collapsed lol. Took a break. Very busy but I’m gonna get back here soon, I promise. EmmaLou sends *slurpy smoochies* your way. Love you girl!

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