It’s Black Friday and You Want To Do WHAT??

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I’m on turkey overload.  I’m in a stuffing coma here.  I managed to get the good dishes washed but they’re still on the dining room table waiting to be put away in the china cabinet…I’m that whipped.  Whipped as in a spud that’s hit the Sunbeam Mixer blades one too many rotations.  Today I have made it from the couch to my comfy chair and back again.  That’s it.

Whilst in my comfy chair with my fav afghan snuggled up around my chin, Devoted Spouse enters my territory, plops himself down and announces to me and a half-dozing EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, “I just woke up and have this overwhelming desire to make beef jerky.”

“WHAT?”  “Excuse me?”  “You want to MAKE beef jerky?”  “Did you take your meds this morning?”

Devoted Spouse looked rather hurt that I wasn’t going to endorse his exciting idea of creating ‘home-made-from-scratch-or-something’ jerky.   He left the living room and my trusted canine companion and I went back to our respective naps.

“Do we have any Liquid Smoke?”  I blinked at Devoted Spouse and mumbled what I thought was a negative reply.  I opened my eyes to find him standing next to me (yes, I was still swaddled and in my comfy chair) waiting for further instructions.  “What,”  I mumbled.  Again, Devoted Spouse started discussing Liquid Smoke.  I woke up more and started pelting him with pertinent questions… “What the %^$ are you talking about?”  “Do you seriously think you’re going to make home-made beef jerky TODAY?”  “Do you even HAVE a recipe?”

Devoted Spouse replied, “I probably have about a hundred recipes.”  Me:  “HUH?”  “How’d you get a hundred recipes?”

Devoted Spouse:  “From the internet.”

So…off Devoted Spouse went…on Black Friday…out shopping in search of the illusive spice (condiment?) called Liquid Smoke.  As for me, I made a cup of tea, found a book, and I’m in my comfy chair again.  Oh yeah, I also hid our leftover turkey and his laptop…sigh…


7 thoughts on “It’s Black Friday and You Want To Do WHAT??

  1. He must’ve really been in the mood for beef jerky if he was willing to go out on Black Friday! I would’ve been with you- wrapped up in the afghan on the couch!
    he didn’t have any problems with traffic…and, unfortunately, there is something weird and jerky-ish soaking in a plastic baggie in my refrigerator….I’m afraid. ack lol lol snort

  2. Seriously laughing out loud at the stuff soaking in your fridge. Although I am wondering why I have liquid smoke in my cupboards. I swear I cannot remember why I bought it. It was something to do with a marinade I think, but not for jerky. I better read what it says it is used for.

    Anyway I am thinking the “jerky” thing might be your fault because if you look at your previous post and see that big picture of Beef Jerky staring at everyone, hmm, just thinking that DS was spending a lot of time looking at that post and somehow got the idea from there. Okay, just kidding, you got the picture from him because you knew that was what he was going to cook when he agreed to cook dinner all the time.

    Hubby keeps buying his jerky at Costco and I am not sure how someone can eat so much jerky. And the nasty gas that jerky produces, ugh. I hope DS makes some gas free jerky.

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and that DS cooked a great meal. LOL, because I can see you still were cooking. We were all sick here and stayed home but had plans to go to my mom’s and could not. No one was even willing to cook, mostly because we were waiting for our plates to be brought from my mom’s by our oldest daughter. Those grandbabies were so hungry when the food got here that they ate most of it. Teach us to be sick on Turkey day.

    Anyway had to get the energy to get to Costco today for their free Cookbooks. It is the only place I am willing to go shopping on Black Friday. Mostly because they do not have sales and so just seems like a normal shopping day except for the cookbooks. I saw on the news how crazy these people become who shop to get what they think is such a great deal on things they want to buy on sale. Guns, pepper spray, beating each other up, do these people really think all this stuff is worth harming each other over. I think the people who go to these sales are very masochistic if they are willing to take all this abuse. I just buy a little here and a little there and then not much left to buy right now. I tell them they get Christmas all year round and so is much better. Give them some money and let them shop. I am so happy when Christmas is over. People go crazy during this time and I get so sick of everyone trying to out do each other. And who suffers the most, the poor kids who get little or nothing compared to their friends. Dang it I am almost sounding like a socialist in thinking that there should be no presents given to anyone and just celebrate it like we do Thanksgiving. Good food, good family and great friends eating a fantastic meal.

    I need my meds and just want to sleep and get well.

    God bless
    aw sweetie I’m so sorry y’all are sick. That’s no fun at all! Please get well soon! then you can come over for some of Devoted Spouse’s jerky (which is still marinating in the fridge, ugh) lol. DS eats jerky right outta the bag and I just get so nauseous from the smell of it. ick ick and ick again. Gonna try & get in on your Theme Thursday next week. Sheesh. I’ve said that before, haven’t I? Sending you & yours big hugs!!! xo

  3. I’ve been away from the blogging world for a year or two…so glad to be back. I always loved reading you….and it’s great to see you haven’t changed!!! You give the best laughs!! 🙂
    Welcome back!! Thanks for the kudos sweetie! 🙂

  4. Awesome. That must be some hankerin’ he’s got! I love how he involves you in his project – and that he actually went out on black Friday or spices!!
    yep, that’s my guy! You never know what he’ll come up with next. Always entertaining! 🙂

  5. Liquid Smoke??!! Are you kidding? That sounds TOXIC.
    My Hubby has just discovered something called YouTube and is educating himself on how to do this, how to fix that, etc.
    Like you, I need to hide Hubby’s laptop. The Internet is a dangerous thing for some men. *snort*
    yeah baby Liquid Smoke – it’s the nastiest stuff around! Supposed to make something taste or smell like it’s been grilled. Ack-squared. Nasty, nasty. My house smelled like the inside of a charcoal grill for a week. Thought I’d gag. Devoted Spouse spends hours on YouTube and other sites learning wonderful things like how to make jerky. sigh… lol snort

  6. The only time I make turkey jerky is when I really overcook the bird. Try that next year and baste with Liquid Smoke.
    sounds like an interesting idea. Thanks for your comment!

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