News Flash! Devoted Spouse Offers to Fix Dinner for a Week

While enjoying dinner the other night, I casually observed that it must be nice to sit down to the table and simply eat whatever is placed in front of you.  I imagined the joy of not having to decide what to fix, not going to the grocery store, not toting bags into the kitchen and putting items away.  Ahhhh, the luxury of not preparing food, not setting the table, not pouring something to drink.  Simply set your butt down and eat your meal.

Sounded heavenly to me.  I may have commented that Devoted Spouse had it pretty good in the “meals” department.  I no longer sneak in mushrooms or eggs when he’s not looking.  And, I completely gave up trying to win him over to my side on the asparagus issue.  He gets the food he likes, prepared the way he likes, when he likes.  Good deal, huh?

After I spouted off for awhile, Devoted Spouse agreed that the week following Thanksgiving he will be in charge of all our dinners.  I was ecstatic.  I offered to  clean the kitchen if he does the menu planning, buying & storing away, preparing, and serving.  I can’t wait.

As Devoted Spouse was leaving the dinner table, he had a grin on his face and he was mumbling.  I could have sworn I heard the word…”MRE”…sigh…


2 thoughts on “News Flash! Devoted Spouse Offers to Fix Dinner for a Week

  1. lol be careful what you promise and wish for. My daughter cooks for me and the kitchen is always a disaster! lol Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!
    Yikes! LOL Happy Thanksgiving to you too hon!

  2. It is a heavenly thought, not having to think about or prepare meals for a week. But why is it, that as part of the deal, we always volunteer to do the dishes, knowing full well they make twice the mess as we do? I’m speaking from experience. Have a happy Thanksgiving! And, enjoy your cook-free week. (At least, if it is MRE’s there shouldn’t be much clean up. It could be a win-win!)
    yeah, you’re right I forgot how bad the kitchen gets…oh well. And, yes, he’s already bought “camping” meals. Ack…

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