How to Have Fun While Your Dog is Wearing the Cone of Shame or Teasing EmmaLou 101

Yes, sweet little EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, is wearing The Cone of Shame once again due to a slight ‘ouchie’ on her muzzle that needs to heal.  I’ve made up some things to do to pass the time while she is in this contraption.  These are games she and I can play (well, sort of) that will keep her occupied and me in hysterics (I know…this is going to come back to haunt me some day).

For example, EmmaLou loves to play with her toys.  Fetch is especially fun while she’s wearing the Cone. It works like this… I pick up one of her toys.  EmmaLou races over to me.  I throw the toy behind her.  She spins around and smacks whatever piece of furniture is there with her Cone.  I fall on floor in hysterics.  She manages to get to the toy, bends down, puts the Cone over it like a giant Hoover and scarfs it up.  I laugh harder.  Then we repeat.

Another fun game takes place at the kitchen table.  EmmaLou loves to join Devoted Spouse and me for a meal.  We eat and she sits there and looks particularly pathetic in hopes we will toss a morsel her way.  Wearing the Cone makes meal time so much more fun.  EmmaLou will place herself between my chair and Devoted Spouse’s (note this is a round table).  While she’s looking toward Devoted Spouse, I’ll quietly reach around her and tap on her Cone.  She flips her head around and looks for what touched her Cone.  I shoot milk out of my nose and fall into fits of manic laughter.  Again, repeat as necessary.

Here’s a great one that anyone can play.  While EmmaLou is on the couch, reach inside the cone and tickle her ear.  Then sit back and prepare to be highly amused as she tries in vain to scratch the ear and ends up only scratching the Cone.   A fun time for all!

I have more, but you get the idea.  EmmaLou chewed one of my books the other day.  Can’t imagine why…sigh…


5 thoughts on “How to Have Fun While Your Dog is Wearing the Cone of Shame or Teasing EmmaLou 101

  1. I shall have to remember these suggestions the next time my dog is forced to wear the cone-of-shame. Of course, since said dog happens to be a seeing eye-dog, the obstruction of vision caused by the cone in and of itself might have me dying of laughter…or falling down unseen flights of stairs.
    LOL please don’t fall down the stairs!! It is fun to have a little giggle w/them though. I just came up on EmmaLou lying on the family room couch — I sneaked up behind the couch and flicked the Cone. She about fell off the couch. I screamed laughing. Oh I’m such a bad mom… lol lol lol

  2. Oh this was just too funny. I have had to read it at least three times with the pictures playing in my brain. I just keep laughing at poor EmmaLou being teased by you and just wish I could be there to see it. This would be a good thing to put on a video to save for eternity. And if you played it on the TV, I would wonder what she was thinking while watching it, or would she just go get a few more books to chew up. Oh and the couch one would have been so funny to see, I just keep picturing it and it is so funny.

    Oh my, I think I am just as bad as you in thinking it is so funny, and can’t wait for you to tell us some more stories about her. She really is just too cute and the sweetest dog out there. (Still laughing) Just can’t stop.

    Give her a big hug from me and I would send some dog biscuits too.

    God bless.
    EmmaLou is the world’s most patient dog. She takes teasing well and only sometimes gives me a look that says enough now. I giggle at her all the time then kiss her nose to show her I love her. Thought up a new game last night…toss a couple of doggie treats into the cone and watch her try to get them. I am so bad. It’s a good thing my pet isn’t a pit bull… lol

  3. Do not let PETA see this blog. Im still laughing…..
    PETA would not be pleased. But she wasn’t harmed…just playing Judi! lol lol I truly believe she understands that the Cone is fair play. She knows she’s not being punished. She’s getting extra lovins and plenty of treats. She can’t help that she’s got these hysterical facial expressions and I’m easy to amuse. lol Tolerance, thy name is EmmaLou!

  4. Those visuals have me cracking up laughing! Are you sure you don’t intentionally give EmmaLou the cone-of-shame just for the entertainment value?
    shhhhh! don’t tell!!! 😉

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