The Sprirituality of Chicken Pot Pies

It was Halloween.  Devoted Spouse and I had a busy day plus the trick-or-treaters would be at our house at 6pm (those little kids are always on time!)

Must fix something quick for dinner!  I know — a microwaved chicken pot pie (actually the ones by Marie Callendar are good, if a bit salty).

Hmmm, let’s do our reading for class while chowing down on the pot pie.  Brilliant!

I got my dinner…a glass of milk…sat at the kitchen table and opened my book by Foster on Celebration of Discipline (about the Spiritual Disciplines). Into my mouth goes the first fork full of chicken and veggies; nom nommy.  I turn to the next chapter in my reading and which Spiritual Discipline do you think is the next to study?  Oh yeah…Fasting.

I closed the book and finished off my pot pie…sigh…


8 thoughts on “The Sprirituality of Chicken Pot Pies

  1. lol to funny. How are you my friend? Have not seen you on twitter?
    hi sweetie – I rarely get to Twitter these days – I popped in this morning for a couple of minutes then had to run. No time. Nice to see you!! I think of you often & keep you in prayers. 🙂

  2. If you remember my Orthodox sojourn, I failed miserably at fasting. It just made me more obsessed with food.
    I’m supposed to be fasting from salt, but that is hit or miss.
    Marie’s pies are pretty good, but at a small chain called Fatz Cafe here in South Carolina there is a chicken pot pie to die for.
    I do remember your sojourn well – we had some interesting comments flying back and forth! 🙂 Obviously I need to get myself to SC. lol

  3. Marie’s pies are not too bad for a frozen pot pie. Costco sells a fresh made pot pie which you have to bake and it is really good. Mimi’s Cafe sells a great one too. I have even made a few good ones, but prefer to buy them at restaurants.

    Yeah, I would have shut the book too and found some more food to eat. But then again a few months of fasting might not hurt me too much.

    We only had two, I mean two, uno, dos, trick or treaters knock on our door this year. Very few last year and still cannot believe there were only two this year. But the grandkids are very happy campers because they know they are getting lots of treats this weekend. But then I will save most of it and put it in grab bags for Christmas. They will be some full grab bags and the dentists will be some happy campers. The bad thing is that I just keep getting an urge for some chocolate candy which I rarely do. Usually it just sits and sits until the grandkids eat it. Can you send me some info on fasting from chocolate? Very big sigh!!!

    Been missing you lately. Oh and I am now the host of Theme Thursday, hopefully you will come check it out and see how I am doing.

    God bless.
    hi hon! I’ve just been busy lately taking training on pastoral caregiving & studying. Plus I have had a bout of something on and off for a few months ick 😦 We had almost 60 trick-or-treaters – it just wears me out and EmmaLou simply doesn’t understand why she can’t go out and play with all of them! lol Now that you’re heading up Theme Thursday, I will come check it out & try to play in a week or so, okay? xoxo Oh btw the only time I fast from chocolate is during Lent and it’s so very difficult then!!! I would never give it up otherwise!

  4. Love it! I’m trying fasting from the computer on Sundays. :0)
    It’s very hard to give up our addictions to technology. I try to take Sundays off and rest. I also take an occasional technology-free day and skip all the FB, Twitter, email & tv nonsense and only answer a phone call from Devoted Spouse or a select very close friends and even then I’ll ask my friends if I may speak w/them the next day. I find it’s absolutely vital to my health to seek quiet time now. Plus, I like it! 🙂

  5. What is it about pies, for years I was a vegetarian but only last year all that went out of the window thanks to a steak pie. There is a little Cafe in a town called Goatland in the north of England, you can still get there believe it or not by steam train. I think some enthusiasts keep the old railway going. The railway cafe there sells home made chicken pies there and I used to buy one for myself and one for my dog when we were on holiday. They were delicious.

    I don’t know about fasting, all this talk of pies is making me hungry now.
    hmmm those homemade chicken pies sound yummy…now I’m hungry lol

  6. That’s too funny. Is the universe trying to tell you something?? LOL!!
    We got a handful of trick-or-treaters. They are the politest (is that a word?), cutest little things and one of them wished me a Merry Christmas – how adorable was that!

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