It’s That Little Stick on the Side of Your Steering Wheel

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I’ve been a bit under the weather the past few weeks and I’ve had plenty of down time to think.  My thinking often gets me into trouble.

We have some local elections on the horizon and I’ve noticed the roadways are simply peppered with signs proclaiming who should be elected and which levy to vote for or against.  I think having signs on every corner a month before elections is too much.  Looks like litter.  Two things particularly peeve me:  1) the same signs are placed far too close together.  How many times must I see “vote for so-and-so” in a block-long area?  2) There is an ordinance stating the signs must be taken down within a certain amount of time after the election.  There’s always a few stragglers who still have signs dotting the landscape a month or so following their loss.  Makes me crazy.

It finally happened.  I ordered an e-book from for my Kindle that I had previously ordered, read, and archived.  Fortunately, keeps track of e-book purchases for my Kindle and they kindly informed me I had that particular book.  Silly me.  Obviously the book didn’t make a big impression the first time around, but still caught my interest once again.  I’m not sure what that says about me or the books I read.

I’ve had my new Subaru now for 7 months and I still haven’t figured out how to get the satellite radio to work.  The big problem is I can’t find my satellite radio account number.  Without the account number, I can’t get the code I need.    I’ve had an XM account since they first started and it shows up on a credit card every month…but there is no account number attached.  Heaven only knows where that paperwork is stored.  Ack.

Is it just me or does the new and revised Two and a Half Men completely suck?

Finally, in my musings this cropped up:  turn signals.  Why don’t people use them?  Why do they use them incorrectly?  Devoted Spouse and I were out for breakfast and saw this repeatedly:  driver gets into turn lane, drives up to line then engages turn signal.  By that time, we all know he’s turning; he’s in the flipping turn lane.  Seems to me one should put their turn signal on before getting into the turn lane.  It is, after all, a signal of one’s intention to turn.   Then there is the driver who has a turn signal on and never turns.  I almost got plowed by one of those drivers the other day because I stupidly believed he was going to turn.  Or, how about the drivers who put a right turn signal on and then turn left?  Or vice versa?  Sheesh.

That’s it…putting on my turn signal and I’m outta here…sigh.


5 thoughts on “It’s That Little Stick on the Side of Your Steering Wheel

  1. Hope you are feeling better.

    I ignore those signs and I think, at least out here, that they get fined for each sign left up. So for the most part they are gone within a days after an election.

    And drivers not using their turn signals is not as bad as the ones who run red lights or stop signs. Very common practice out here. I almost faint when they stop. But it does make one pay attention while driving.

    God bless.
    thx sweetie – drs having hard time figuring out what I have. just keep throwing more antibiotics at the problem. Ack. Yeah we have problems with drivers running red lights too. So many lives lost because people are texting or talking on cell phone and not paying attention to their driving. Makes me crazy. xo

  2. Yes, I hope you’re feeling better, too.

    I don’t know why people keep their signs up long after the election. My pet peeve with drivers are those who pass on the solid yellow line. It is frightening at how often I see this happen.
    Thanks for the well wishes sweetie! Yikes – I’m with ya on the crossing the solid yellow. That always scares me too – such impatience. Had a little old man the other day on the highway driving mostly in the right shoulder area. Made me so nervous – kept praying he wouldn’t hurt himself or anyone else. It’s dangerous out there these days. xo

  3. My Sister From Another Mister!!

    1. SiriusXM should have a record of your account and the ID of the radio in the Subaru. Give customer service a call.
    B) After one of our local elections, the THOUSANDS of campaign signs for one particular candidate (who lost, by the way) continued to litter our fair city for months afterwards. Drove me nuts.
    III) The “new” Two and a Half Men is horrible, awful and it’s really, really bad, too. Yet I continue to watch because I’m hoping against hope it will become funny again (Doubtful, very doubtful. Walden Schmidt makes Michael Kelso look intelligent) and/or because it’s SO BAD that I cannot look away.
    hello dahlink! Yes, I know I should just call cust. svc – dreading it and putting it off. I want to wave my magic wand and have it done. As to 2 1/2 men…I watched the last epi and it was the not being able to look away that got me. It is so bad and yet I find I keep tuning in w/the ever present hope that it will be better. Another half hour of my life I’ll never get back… ack

  4. I always enjoy reading your blog. Sorry to hear you have been ill. So have I so I haven’t been on twitter to much lately. You make me laugh. The things you talk about I can relate too. lol
    Nice to see you Sue! Sorry you’ve been ill also 😦 Hope you’re feeling better soon! I rarely get on Twitter these days – glad you stopped by…take care!

  5. Sorry you’re ill – hope you get better quickly. I watched the first ep of ‘Two and a Half Men’ just to see how they dealt with the cast change and then the second because it was a two-parter but that was pretty much it. Nothing against the guy but I just don’t enjoy his acting (Ashton Kutcher).

    I am so with you about paying for stuff you can’t use. I recommend cancelling the account or getting it to work – so much easier said than done, though. Believe me, I know!

    That’s funny what you said about books, I’m the same way. I think I read so much that I’m bound to reread and not realize it, not because the book didn’t make an impression so much as my own faulty retention ability. (Is that even a thing?)

    Feel better!
    thx Jennifer! Oh yeah…it’s the faulty retention ability thing rearing its ugly head with me. lol

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