Why Are We Dancing With the Stars Anyway?

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Life at Chez Crone and Bear It has been interesting lately — mostly it’s been taken up with the re-construction taking place on the front of my house and the corresponding inside rooms.  Construction or re-construction takes time…precious time.  In fact, this ‘job’ started back in the beginning of August as a small spot on the ceiling.  Here it is creeping up on October and major exterior and interior damage has been found and dealt with at a snail’s pace.  Which brings me to today’s topic.

Somehow I have fallen into the trap of watching (laboriously) Dancing With the Stars.  What bothers me is the realization that once again I am trapped by my television and by a show that is oh-so-slow-I-could-scream.   Fortunately, I can DVR these shows in order to fast forward through commercials.  However, nothing can flip fast enough through mind-numbing hosts and judges.  I’m not only fast-forwarding through the hosts, most of the judges’ remarks, and the ridiculously long pauses prior to announcing ANYTHING… I am fast-forwarding through the majority of the show itself.  What does that tell me?

1) I’m only watching for the dancing?

2) I’m interested in the costumes?

3) I like Carson Kressley?  I do! I do!  I was riveted to the old show Queer Eye For the Straight Guy and couldn’t get enough of Carson and his catty remarks and flippant sense of humor.

But…the correct answer is:

4) I have been sucked into watching something because there is someone on the show who has received so much attention and press lately.  That’s right…the one and only Chaz Bono.

I admit it. I grew up watching the Sonny and Cher show.  When they would trot out their little daughter, Chastity, I along with thousands of others, smiled and said “awwww”.  Now this adorable little blonde pixie has grown up into a completely different person.  I want to see for myself what this “transgender” stuff is all about.  We’ve all seen drag queens (RuPaul anyone?) but I have no knowledge of someone who has gone through this type of life experience and, frankly, I’m morbidly curious.  It bothers me a bit that I am so ridiculously eager with anticipation at the thought of seeing how little Chastity Bono grew up to be a Mr. Chaz Bono.  Is that the beginnings of a beard?  Will he take off his shirt?  Oh yeah…and can he dance?  Shame on me.  Now everyone who has been thinking along the same lines….raise your hands.  My, my, look at all those hands up out there!

I like Chaz so much that because I had other plans for the evening, I DVR’d the Tuesday night “reveal” show so I wouldn’t miss it if  Chaz should be voted off after his first dance.  I actually got up early Wednesday morning in order to watch the DVR before I caught any online news or read the newspaper so I would not see any unexpected results before I had time to watch the show.  Good grief!

I don’t know if it’s going to be a long season on DWTS or not.  I’ll stick around as long as Chaz does. I’m shamefully dying to see more costumes for him.  And, let’s face it, a little bit of Tom Bergeron goes a long way…sigh.


6 thoughts on “Why Are We Dancing With the Stars Anyway?

  1. I haven’t started watching it yet, but I usually do. I catch up with old episodes by watching online. I’m upset by the people who think Chaz shouldn’t be on the show because it’s a family show. Really? The outfits and the dance moves are appropriate for children? (Only children who are familiar with ballroom dancing I think.) Has the show mentioned the word “transgender” or is it the news doing that? If you don’t want to address that word with your children, then don’t watch the news. Btw, I didn’t realize Nancy Grace was overweight until I saw her on the commercials. It seems that a lot of celebrities are on the show to lose weight. (Can’t they afford a personal trainer?) And then after they’re on the show, Weight Watchers will grab them up as spokespeople. 😉
    hi sweetie – I agree with you about ppl being upset that Chaz is on the show. Aren’t parents supposed to decide what their children watch? Whoever said this was a family show? Nancy Grace surprised me too and I’m not sure she’ll be on long enough to lose all that weight — then again, this show is so manipulated who knows WHO they want to stay or go? It’s just another reality show…sigh… Thanks for stopping by *hug*

  2. Personally I think they use the word “stars” loosely. I don’t mind that Chaz is on the show b/c of the transgender thing, but other than being transgender and Sonny and Cher’s child, what has he done that makes him a star? He’s an “activist” b/c he of his famous parents and transgendered. He is an author about his being transgendered and having famous people. Ok let’s look at some of the other “stars” …um Rob Kardashian, did you know there was a Rob before the show? David Arquette is semi-famous, but lately it’s been more for his separation than his career. I like the dancing, but I would rather watch “so you think you can dance”. Which Lacey was on before she went to Dancing with the Stars.
    Hi Shari – good comments. I simply got sucked into this ‘star’ nonsense w/Chaz – and I’m rather ashamed of myself about it all. Anyway, it’s not about stars, it’s about what type of quasi-celebrity can garner the show the most ratings. I need to get a life. lol

  3. Pretty much what Shari said.

    It’s not so much “Dancing With the Stars” as it is “Dancing With the D-Listers, Hangers-On, Has-Beens and Various Relatives of Them.”

    I keep hoping they’ll invite Levi Johnston.
    yeah…what you both said… 😉

  4. I don’t watch DWTS so I haven’t seen Chaz there. I did watch an interview with him and I found it fascinating as well. Honestly I didn’t know whether to feel happy or said for him. I remember seeing Chastity on her parents’ show, too.
    I watched interview also and thought he is so well-adjusted for all he has gone through — I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to go through something like this.

  5. Eh, it’s entertainment. Don’t feel bad. And star or not (most of the stars on these shows are NOT) but who cares if YOU like them? That’s what matters. I’ve watched shows for one person before. And when they’re kicked off, I lose interest and stop watching. I’ve also DVR’d stuff just to fast forward through the boring junk, too!!

    I get caught up in the weirdest (for me and my likes) reality shows but I think they’re designed to get you hooked. It’s really, really weird when you think about it – before you’re hooked, the boring stuff is fascinating but once you’re hooked, you fast forward through it!
    you’re right about fast forwarding – we’ve taken to taping the episodes we want to watch and then zipping through them the next day – much easier that way – and I’m hooked on some weird reality shows too. I guess I’m fascinated with how people act. 😉

  6. Okay, I could not comment about this post until I had actually watched the show and I am so busy playing Mah Jong on my iPhone. Never should have downloaded that app. Just too damn addicting.

    So I have now watched the show and I can say that Chaz CANNOT dance. I can think of other things to do with my time this season. I have watched this show since the first season and at least half of the “stars” are decent dancers and there are a few stand outs. But this season seems to have turned into an activist season and the better dancers are getting voted off. I half paid attention to it on the first night, and skipped it until this week but I think Chaz should have left in the second week. And I think Carson has got Chaz beat anyday as far as entertainment value. If he goes before Chaz then I think that show is totally fixed or maybe only the activists are watching. But I would rather watch Terra Nova any day over DWTS. SciFi rocks compared to reality shows.

    I think So You Think You Can Dance is a lot better show and would always choose that over DWTS. Last years American Idol was so much better because they actually had 20 singers who could actually sing. That might be why they had their best season ever. I guess I am just not really into reality shows. Mostly it just seems like a lot of people making fools of themselves just so they can be on TV and have fifteen minutes of fame.

    Have to totally agree with most everyone here. There are not many “stars” this year, well other than the professionals who are probably bigger stars in their own right than the “D” or maybe “F” list stars here. Not even sure who half of them are.

    I am thinking that playing games on my cell phone is a better use of my time than watching this season’s DWTS. I sure hope next season is better. I do hope Chaz and the rest of them get better. Let me know if they do.

    God bless.
    We also like Terra Nova but don’t think it’s doing well in ratings. I’d much rather watch sci-fi anyday. sigh xo

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