Going Postal on Us

So we hear the USPS is having difficulties.  People are about to lose their jobs.  Not people at the top, mind you; but those at mid-level.  That old ‘working class’ level.  We’ve all seen this coming – the Post Office has in the past been accused of mismanagement of one thing or another.  No news there.  And there is always whining in the background about money.

I have a few comments on this.

First, take a page from that school superintendent who recently retired and stayed on in the job for something like $30,000 a year.  Whoa – big impact.  The Postmaster General could take a hint from that guy.  Slash the salaries at the top….not the lower or middle wages.  I’d like to see the Postmaster General outside slogging around in the nasty weather carrying a 100 lb bag of mail and we’ll see if he thinks the mid-level salaries should be cut, or those folks should be layed off.  The guys (& ladies) in the middle are the ones doing the work…Hello?  Anybody listening?

Here’s another tip for the USPS – Quit coming up with new stamps every five minutes.  Do you know how expensive the process is of designing and producing a new stamp?  What a waste of money.  Plain stamps and an occasional commemorative…then throw in a few Christmas or other appropriate Holiday stamps and be done with it.

Now…stop selling ridiculous items like tee shirts.  I walked into my local post office not long ago and I was surprised to find they have a host of “junk” items for sale.  Ding, ding, ding….NOBODY buys this stuff USPS!  Nobody.  Stop it.  Save that money.

One idea that’s been floating around for a long time is stopping Saturday delivery of mail.  I don’t have any heartburn with that one if it will truly make a difference and save some of those jobs.  I think it would be a better idea to clean up the mess internally and restructure first…but what do I know?  I’m just an ordinary blog writer who once in a while yells at the USPS because her mail is not being delivered and her mailman is surly.  (Hey, he’s in one of those post office trucklets – how bad can that be?  Oh yeah, I find him up at the local coffee hang-out a lot, too….hmmmm).

Now don’t send me hate comments and don’t get on my case about how the mail always gets through because it doesn’t.  My mailman doesn’t make an extra effort to get the mail to us if the snow is bad and the road hasn’t been plowed.  He waits for another day.  And, heaven forbid, someone should park close to my mail box — he will put a nasty note in my box to inform me he doesn’t have to deliver the mail if he can’t drive RIGHT UP to the box.  Plus if I should receive a package that doesn’t fit in my “regulation size” mailbox, it pains him to walk up to my front door and ring the bell.  I always thank him but he seems so put out.  Did he not know what this job entailed when he entered the USPS?  Or was he just interested in a cushy government job w/great benefits?

Oh yeah…let’s talk about those “benefits.”  I was once a government employee and I can tell you government jobs are the best because of the benefits.  I say, make them pay more for their health care like the rest of us and quit with the sick days that you ‘bank’ and then ‘sell back’ when you retire.  Enough could be saved right there to keep everyone on the job.

Are more people emailing or using other ways to deliver information that normally would have gone through the USPS?  Absolutely.  Raise your hand if you bank online (wow look at all those hands).  We still need the Post Office.  It’s an American Institution, if nothing else.  Plus I like the uniforms.  And, it gives EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer something to look forward to barking at.

I have other ideas, but I’m out of stamps and have to run to the Post Office…sigh…


9 thoughts on “Going Postal on Us

  1. I think that maybe they should just have Saturday delivery and then just throw out all the junk mail. I only check my mail every two weeks anyway. And I think they should just have a big recycle bin right next to each mail pick up place. I hate having to drive down the street to pick up my mail and it is too damn hot to walk down there. Plus half the time the neighbors have my mail in their box and I have theirs in mine. If we are lucky we exchange the mail and most of the time we do not because it is the same junk mail that I got. And since the post office does not miss deliver mail then it must be meant for us anyway. But mostly I just put it in the box that is for mailing our mail and let them figure it out. It is too hot to walk to the neighbors so I just let the mailman redeliver it again. I have spent years complaining to those higher ups about not getting my mail and they told me that I have to catch the mailman putting my mail in the wrong box because they do not make mistakes.

    Personally I think they need to privatize the Post Office or just let UPS take it over. Heck they need to privatize most government jobs because our government sucks. They are just tax sucking leeches anyway and when was the last time you went to DMV and you actually saw anyone there doing any work. I think the only people who actually “work” at a government job are the tax collectors and I think that is because they get paid a percentage of what they collect or they have to collect so much to keep their cushy job. And before anyone starts, I do know that their are a few government workers who do actually work, but I think there are more who truly do not work as much as they should for what they are paid. And I have relatives who are government workers but I do think they are overpaid and in the last few years we have watched more and more of our money leeched or taxed away from us. Just look on every utility bill and see all those new lists of this tax and that tax that was not on there before. Or the ones that were only supposed to be for a few years are now permanent.

    Well tonight is the big speech about how they are going to try and sneak some more taxes out of those of us who “pay” taxes. I think it sucks that half of the country pays nothing in taxes. What gives with that? Seriously we need to just go to a flat tax system and cut government pay by about 30% since they are overpaid by about that much compared to the private worker. Especially those government workers at the top. Then we need to get rid of those duplicate government things that the GAO says it does. And if Obuyme took the few millions he spent on those buses and gave it to those on welfare so they could get some more free things then we could pay a little less taxes.

    Okay, I know I am being sarcastic for some of this but it sickens me to think about how in debt we the taxpayers of this country have become in the last few years. Yes, this government sucks, this President sucks, these tax thieves suck. To have our governments grow and double in size suck. Yup, I feel like a sarcastic son of a gun lately.

    And it is so nice that you have such a happy mailman. Of course he wanted a cushy job, that is why when they have to actually work they go postal…….just sorta kidding about some of this, well maybe not.

    God bless.
    I think that about covers it. lol xo

  2. We don’t have Saturday mail deliveries in Canada. I don’t ever remember getting mail delivery on a weekend. So yeah, you will all survive fine without it. I agree with what you are saying.

    As for your mail carrier being surly, well I am sure that has more to do with him lol! I have a lady who delivers my mail, and since we just sold our house, she told me she will miss us. She is supposed to drop it off in a mail box down the street, but if there is packages, she can either bring it to our house if it’s too big for their package boxes. But I find generally she will bring even small boxes to our house, just b/c the boys get so excited and talk to her. They always say “OH THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! THAT BOX IS BEAUTIFUL!” and it doesn’t matter how ugly and plain the box is either! Its like she is giving us presents! LOL
    we’ve been at this address for 8 years now; you’d think he’d warm up to me…our prior mailman was an absolute sweetie-pie and I always looked forward to talking with him. I still see him at the grocery and he always brings a smile to my face.

  3. Good lord, if the USPS goes away, I will skyrocket to the #1 position as Most Disgruntled Federal Employee…
    Federal Employees have no right to be disgruntled — I’ve been one…I know exactly how well-cared-for you are. The problem with a government job is all the gov’t people seem so unhappy and oh wait…that’s right…disgruntled. nevermind… 😉

  4. I don’t know why I have been thinking about this post a lot today. Something about your disgruntled mailman keeps bothering me and it is probably because every time I have to deal with government workers on any level, federal, state, county, or city, they all seem to have attitudes. They seem to act like I am bothering them for some unknown reason beyond their comprehension. It never used to be like that. I have now somehow today figured out why I think this is. They have no fear of losing their jobs.

    I do not know if this is because they are now unionized or that they have passed some government probation period or what, that they feel they can treat us like crap and we have to put up with them no matter what. Do they feel superior because they make more money on average than their private sector counterpart or just the private sector in general? Do they think because they work for the “government” that they are better than us? I truly do not know what it is that makes them think they are better than we are. And having once worked for the government for a few years, many years ago, I do not understand this attitude at all.

    I think the main thing that bugs me is that these people work for us. They seem to forget that we are the ones who actually pay for their salaries with our hard earned tax money. What the hell would they do if we all decided to move up to Canada which would not be hard for most Americans to do. All my in-laws live up there and would gladly welcome us as they would probably welcome any hard working people into their country. Look at all the tax money they could collect from us. It is a larger country than the U.S. and so could hold all of us. Then we could send all of the drug users down to Mexico and our borders would be so secure because there would be no more need to run drugs into the US anymore. So what would be left? A bunch of disgruntled, fairly useless government workers, along with some really good ones. I think the good ones would soon quit and go north, or head south because they were now drug users trying to forget that they were once associated with the disgruntled government workers (okay, just kidding on this part), but maybe some would head farther south.

    Either way, once all the private sector workers have left the country, who the hell would pay the salaries for all these disgruntled, tax sucking, non working government workers (Hey is “government worker” an oxymoron or what?) any more? I guess they could increase their taxes to where they could get some of their salary paid, or they could just print more money, or who knows or cares how they would get paid anymore. We would be outta here anyway and then because we are still Americans when we all reached 65 they would have to pay us our SS and give us free Medicare. So then we would have to increase their taxes even more to cover our checks. And they would still be working for us. LOL

    So the way I see it is that our government is f**ked up. They need to realize that they work for us and we need to realize that they work for us. We need to quit tolerating their crap. And the next time your mailman comes to the door with an attitude, I hope you say something to him about how it is so nice to have such “happy” mailmen working for all of us and that if we took our taxes and went to another country then how would he get a freaking pay check anymore.

    You can print this out and mail a copy to your post office for your surly postman.

    We need to take our country back and most of our tax money and then give it to the UPS people who always smile and seem thankful that you are having anything delivered to your work or house. I think they know that if we stopped having deliveries then they would not have a job. I think this is the best reason we need to decrease the size of our government and give any jobs to the private sector that we can.

    And I guess I would say that “No” I would not miss our current Post Office at all, maybe the past Post Office from many years ago, but not the current ones. I think this is a sad commentary about our country nowadays.

    I hope I can stop thinking about this but I think this subject is sadly one that has no easy answers.

    God bless again.

    PS….sorry for ranting again.
    for you, sweetie, the floor is always open here! 🙂 I don’t want to move to Canada – if you think our health care is screwy, try theirs. And it’s entirely too cold. lol We simply need to fix our problems and stop allowing our politicians to play to the television. This nonsense ALL started when they allowed cameras into Congress — now all they care about is being on tv. Ack. Don’t get me started…

  5. Lots of good advice in there. The five-minute stamps is especially good. And as much as I like to receive mail, although I’m getting over that since nothing of any substance ever arrives, I would happily give up Saturday.

    I do have to say that our mail carrier, Marie the Biker Chick, is very consicientious and gets our mail to us pretty much no matter what’s going on.
    whoa – what’s with your name suddenly? took me by surprise. 🙂
    The USPS is like any other government agency…full of too many overpaid managers and not enough workers in the trenches. I feel somewhat bad for my mailman — oh I understand he has THE BEST benefits ever, but when you look at it, it’s a sucky job. You sort mail, you drive around and stick stuff in mailboxes and sometimes get out of the truck and go to the door. You never know when a dog will attack you or a surly housewife (me). You are out in rain, snow, storms. The only thing to live for is the retirement and health care. I cannot believe there is personal satisfaction in being a mailman. Well, not much. Then again, my last mailman loved the interaction with other people and he was kind and considerate. It may be the personality of my current mailman. The Post Office is going the way of landlines I believe. One day they will no longer be useful.

  6. I’ve been “offline” for a while now and just wanted to stop by and say hi! I agree! Though my lifelong mail guy Mike was a gem. He was super nice, we went to his softball games and we let him use our restroom when he needed it! Ha! The good ol’ days!

    I hope you are doing well and sorry about the house issues! I just bought a home, so I’m sure I will get to experience all that sooner than I would like!
    Hi swee’pea – it’s so good to hear from you!! Glad to know you’re well and congrats on the new home! We’re fabulous here and having fun as usual! xo

  7. I would have thought the fax machines and e-mail, instead of putting the USPS out of business, would ease the business. The problem is, they should have made these major changes over the last 10-15 years. Who do they think they are to keep everyone and at the same salaries while the rest of the U.S. workers had to fend for themselves? I have no sympathy for the USPS (not saying I don’t care for the actual hard workers) because they never adjusted their business. Anyone remember Borders? When a business keeps conducting business as if nothing happened when their whole industry or the economy has flipped upside down, what do you think will happen?????? The Saturday thing seems to be a no-brainer. Lots of ideas would have worked. They. Did. Nothing. If I lived my life like that, no one would be handing me a bail out or feel sorry for me.

    I’m just sayin’!
    I believe the main problem is the USPS is a government entity and poorly run with inflated salaries and benefits and not enough strong product. I’d like to see it privatized. Thanks for stopping by! xo

  8. Much of what is written here is true. Some is a little confusing. I was a mailman before retiring. We would work three to four hours in the office each day–really couldn’t go away from our cases. On the street our routes would be timed so that we, again, really couldn’t not be working any length of time. I see and know of people in the private sector that seem to have a lot of time during the day to do things that don’t have anything to do with their work.
    Is there too much dead weight at the top? Yes there is and it is very overpaid.
    As for taking away postal worker’s benefits to bring them more in line with the private sector–that would be a big mistake. These are benefits that most American workers had 20 or 30 years ago. The fact that private workers have lost them is a crime. There was a time when health benefits, sick leave, retirement pensions were all part of the worker’s package. People should be looking for ways to restore those benefits instead of finding more way to eliminate them.
    I keep getting cut off here–maybe there’s a word limit. Like the blog.
    In general, letter carriers get an approval rating of around 85% so I think some of the comments have come from a few unlucky people who have had bad experiences.
    I think the biggest problem facing the country now is that a lot of money is being taken out of the economy by a very small minority and the rest of the people are being asked to keep everything going for lower wages and less benefits. The decline of the middle class is shameful because these are the people that keep everything going. Letter carriers wages put them squarely in the middle class.

    Some of the comments seem to come from people who have had very bad experiences with mailmen. This is strange since mailmen get very high approval ratings in general (around 85%). In the last year, the Postal Service has eliminated about 100,000 carrier jobs. That work has been absorbed by workers who already had eight-hour jobs.
    I think this would apply to all government jobs that are being eliminated to save taxes. If the answer to every money problem is to fire someone–well, I don’t know–you tell me–what’s the future going to look like.
    Every problem we have right now can be traced back to a lot of money being taken out of the economy by a very small minority and everybody else being asked to do the same amount of work with lower wages and less benefits.
    Hi! Thanks for commenting even if you are a bit long-winded lol. Remember this blog is written with humor, satire, tongue-in-cheek. I don’t see what’s confusing…these are my opinions and I stand behind them…my mail doesn’t always arrive, my mailman is snarky, and I do think postal people, just like other government-sector employees, are paid entirely too much and the benefits (like using their sick leave as a savings account & cashing it in at retirement) are heavy considering those of other workers in this country (I can say this as I WAS a gov’t worker at one time). I’m not in favor of anyone losing their jobs – please don’t get that idea. I’m glad you visited me and hope you come back and I don’t edit comments as a rule, but I don’t normally allow my blog to be used to sell someone’s book (at least not until I know them better) and so this is why your other two comments weren’t approved. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! 🙂

  9. I did and hope yours was good too.
    That’s okay with the editing. I only put them there to show that I shared some of your concerns.
    I am fine with satire, humor and tongue-in-cheek and I meant some of what you said was confusing to me. I didn’t mean to imply you were confused.
    One thing about the accumulated sick leave. We don’t cash it out. It is added to our time in service. I had about a year, which adds about $1,000 to my yearly retirement. If I had merely taken the time off as paid leave I would have collected $50,000 spread out over my career. My personal break-even point is age 123, so I feel as if I did the USPS a service by not calling in sick.
    I do enjoy your blog and like that it is not limited to a single theme.
    I apologize for being long-winded. I get a lot of that.

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