Time for a Pet Peeve Rant

EmmaLou could technically be a "pet" peeve

I’m in the mood to discuss pet peeves.  Why are they called “pet” anyway?  Animals have nothing to do with complaining about something that irks you.  Unless that animal is EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer and she’s chewed something again.  That could actually qualify as a pet peeve.

I’ve been thinking about things that irk me.  Most of these could so easily be fixed if people would just stop and think about what they’re doing once in awhile.  Here’s my latest list.

Top Ten Pet Peeves  (in no particular order)

1. House repairs that start small and end up costing you an arm and a leg.  See below for my latest home catastrophe.  And, no, that’s not Devoted Spouse, that’s Construction Repair Dude.  I only wish Devoted Spouse could repair this.

The Money Pit

2.  Drivers who simply refuse to use their turn signals.  Worse yet are those who use them but turn the other direction.  Yikes!  I think there auto (sorry)  be a way that car manufacturers can program into the vehicle a special kill switch. I’ll call it the Boppo switch.  Here’s how it works:  You make a right or left turn without using a turn signal and a gloved hand comes out of the dashboard and smacks the crap outta you.  No, wait, that could cause an accident.  I’ll work on this one later.  Just please start using your turn signals.

3.  People who yell at or make rude gestures toward road construction crews.  Am I the only person in the world who actually waves and says thank you to these guys?  The other day I was on an outreach with church and we gave away dozens and dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts to construction guys.  These guys were simply flabbergasted that we would do that for them.  One looked at me and said, “Nobody likes us.”  I think that’s sad.  I challenge each and every one of you to be kinder to road construction crews.  I know, I know, it often seems as if they are standing around doing nothing.  But there is a great amount of the time they are working very hard for us – so go do something nice for them.  Or, at least stop with the rude gestures.

4.  Sweaty gym equipment.  ‘Nuff said.

5.  Older men who wear baggy shorts, then sit in front of you and their shorts are gaping at the leg  — ick  —   Stop.It.Now.

6.  Salesmen who sell you something you truly don’t need and definitely can’t afford and they take such great pleasure in it.  I’m not even going into detail here coz I got sweet-talked recently.  (hangs head) (This is where Sheldon would say, “Bazinga!”)

7.  Drivers who consistently drive 5 miles below the speed limit.  They are always in front of me.  I think this is a special delivery from God straight to me as a test of my vocabulary.

8.  People who leave their dogs in a car/truck/SUV on a summer day when it’s 85 degrees outside and the sun is shining.  Oh, they crack the window, but the poor animal suffers in well over 100 degree heat inside that vehicle!  I’ve seen this happen at church and out at shopping centers or grocery stores.  Why, I ask you, must a pet accompany you to church??!!  I’m assuming you have a temperature controlled environment where you live.  LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME!  That’s why God made large crates and kennels.  You can find them at any pet store.  They’re not that expensive — we have one for EmmaLou.  I have been known to be quite insane over this issue, going so far as to call police.

9.  Nail polish that chips the third day of your vacation.

10.  Discovering mold way deep inside the box of blueberries after you’ve already brought them all the way home from the grocery.  Grrrr.

Okay, that’s enough pet peeves for one posting.  I need to go to the store to return blueberries and pick up a lottery ticket which hopefully will win and I can pay for the house re-construction…sigh…


6 thoughts on “Time for a Pet Peeve Rant

  1. Hey Linda!

    I absolutely love this list! Not sure if you’re looking for people to add their pet peeves to your list but here’s mine. Since Sandra and I review movies my pet peeve is – People who insist on texting and talking through a movie! For crying out loud, if you didn’t come to WATCH the movie, just leave!

    Dr. Rus
    Funny you should mention that one – I had it on my list but thought the posting was long enough!! Devoted Spouse and I both get so annoyed at people and their stoopid cell phones in a movie – I am very much in agreement with you on this one! 😉

  2. Mine is for people who do not stop at stop signs or red lights, or just pull out in front of you because they did not stop when they are leaving a parking lot or shopping center. Do they not know that they are supposed to stop?

    I also cannot stand people who have been in the country, legally or illegally, that refuse to learn the English language. It is called becoming an American. Is that not what you came over to this country for. Otherwise go back home and speak your native tongue there. Assimilate people, assimilate, it is what your country would make us do if we moved to it.

    I hope they do not take too long to get your roof and ceiling fixed.

    God bless.
    those were on my list too 🙂 I had a very long list I had to chop down! Work is progressing on the house – 2 guys outside my home office window now working on replacing rotted boards. What a mess. But I’m blessed to have a good crew working – nice company and respectable – very good reputation in this area. xo

  3. Hurray for you, Linda, on calling the police for animals left in hot cars. You are a hero!!!!

    I also like the idea of kindness to construction workers…. What a great way to do something nice AND alter my own attitude.

    What happened to the house? Do you live in hurricane land? We do….flooded basement. But hey…it’s all good…… Somehow.

    Hi Jane!! I always feel bad for the little animals coz no one seems to care if they sit there and bake in the hot sun. As for the house – we thought it was storm damage but when they got in there and started tearing things apart they found extensive damage that had been happening over a long period of time – sigh – so best to just tear out all the old rotting wood and re-do everything so no more problems. I’m getting tired of home ownership. lol

  4. In Niagara Falls ON, they have quite a problem at the casinos of people leaving their dogs in the car while they go gamble for hours. So the police are called a lot. One time, this lady called the police as she saw a dog in the back of a car, and it’s eyes were open, but it wouldn’t move when she tried to get it’s attention. The windows were rolled all the way up! The police got the owner paged to come to their car, but the person was taking a while, so the police broke out the car window, and pulled that stuffed dog right out of there! Turns out the stuffed animal didn’t really need a drink after all 😛 The poor owner came out to see the police pulling the stuffed down out of the car and the window broken. Laughed pretty hard.
    hi sweetie – that’s a funny story, but more often than not it’s usually a half-dead dog they find. That, or children left! People are so horrid sometimes. Thanks for stopping by! xo

  5. 85 degrees? Ha, that’s cold here in ATX. Be mad when it’s 100+ degrees out and you can bake cookies on the dashboard (it does take a while though. But even worse are those who leave infants strapped in car seats and forget they are there and go away for several hours. We’ve had two infant deaths in the past two years due to this and a couple of close calls. How could you forget you have an infant in the back seat?
    yeah Steve, I didn’t want to include that on my list because it is so horrid, and I’m trying to be somewhat amusing here. We’ve had several instances of this happening in this area too and I’m so horrified that ANY parent could POSSIBLY forget their child in a car. Unbelievable what people do.

  6. My favorite part is that this is your latest list!
    I thought it was just me that has like a million pet peeves! Aren’t you supposed to have three or four? I have so many things that bug the heck out of me instantly. I agree with the previous poster about the English language. Don’t come here and not assimilate – stay in your own country and work on the government like the Americans did in the 1700’s (and since) OR come here and JOIN us. And I can rant about this one because my grandparents came over here and LEARNED THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE and conversed with their children in BOTH languages at home! They ALL learned English because they lived and worked here – I never thought that would be optional! When we went to Portugal and my Mom and sister tried to order chicken nuggets at the McDonald’s, we were flapping our arms, doing the chicken dance. (I then asked Mom how the heck we’re gonna order the sweet and sour sauce but that’s another story.) In this country, the non-English speaking person would stare the poor McDonald’s worker down like they were stupid. I’ve seen it and it’s so ugly.

    Wow – you really got me going here!! Sorry!

    Anyway, great post as always and I wish you luck on the house repairs!
    Thanks Jennifer – you’re always so kind!! I understand the speaking English in this country issue from the other side of the coin. We lived in Belgium and I had to learn a smattering of so many languages as my husband worked w/NATO countries at the time. I had to learn a bit of French, German, Italian, and I tried Dutch but failed miserably – the problem is wherever you live there is a local dialect – so my “classical” French was not understood at all. LOL I’ve lost most of the languages I learned…that’s what happens when you don’t practice. sigh

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