How Do You Define World?

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I admit to being something of a news junkie.  Most of my updates come from various online sources but, out of habit, Devoted Spouse and I still watch the evening network news on ABC.  We normally tune in to ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.  Note that’s World news.

What constitutes world news?  How do you define “world”?  When I think of the world, I picture places other than the United States; places such as Germany, the U.K., Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea…

What we heard Sunday night was not world news.  It was 56 minutes of Hurricane Irene (which I grant you was important), a story on the No. 2 leader of Al-Qaeda being killed, and that the US won the Little League championship game against Japan.  Oh, wait, it was also noted that Hurricane Irene was actually continuing to travel north and would land eventually in Quebec which is Canada and that qualifies as a part of the world.  So for our world news hour we rack up the US, Canada, a place in the Middle East that wasn’t even named, and Japan (but only in conjunction with the US Little League team).  That’s a rather narrow world.

I’d like to hear the latest about France.  What’s going on in Siberia these days…is it even still called Siberia?  I don’t know.  Nobody at ABC ever reports on Russia.  How is that rascal Putin? Does Bangladesh still exist?  Whatever happened to the fighting in Sri Lanka?  Have we completely given up on the Sudan?  Has anyone heard about New Zealand lately?  Those places are part of the world and world news should be about the world.  Otherwise, it’s just ABC United States news with Diane Sawyer.

This is all Bill Clinton’s fault.  If he hadn’t made such a big deal over the definition of the word “is” way back in 2007, I never would have had to concern myself with this…sigh…


5 thoughts on “How Do You Define World?

  1. Hey there Linda!

    Great points indeed. I remember the days of Walter Cronkite – “That’s all the news that is the news”. Really? How could he know that for sure?

    Unfortunately, I’m old enough to remember him too. I also remember when we used to hear about real news happening in other places, not just here at home. When did we become so completely wrapped up in ourselves? sigh…

  2. Ok going to get all controversial with you, but since I live in Canada other than Quebec, I am pretty sure I am safe. That’s the US for you. It is crazy how many Americans have no clue about us up here in Canada. I use to live in Niagara Falls, ON and seriously you don’t know how many people from New York (as close as Buffalo…hello people???) would cross the border with skiis on their roofs b/c they wanted to skiing across the border! People use to think our “president’s” name was Tim Horton….ummmm we have a prime minister and Tim Horton was a hockey player…I could go on and on!
    not controversial at all sweetie – I invite comments like yours – I’m appalled at how narrow my country’s vision has become – I had to go onto BBC news to find that Anna Hazare, the Indian activist was resting comfortably after his 12-day fast, and that the Democratic party in Japan has a new front-runner, and what’s really going on in Somalia. It’s pitiful how arrogant we Americans have become. The world knows all about us and can name our presidents and sing our national anthem, but go on the streets of New York or any other major US city and ask someone who is the Prime Minister of the UK and you’ll get a blank stare. It’s pitiful. Okay, climbing down off my soap box now. 😉 Thanks for visiting xoxo

  3. I think Walter Cronkite was considered one of the most trusted news reporters ever. The problem is that we no longer have reporters in as much as we just have people telling us their opinion of what they think we need to hear. I would record the different news stations and then listen to the same story reported in three different ways. All slanted for the Dems POV, and then watch it on Fox where it was reported as a story with neither side stated. But if you watch their opinions shows then you will get their POV which they tell you that is what you are watching. I always think of Joe Friday and I just want to scream to the idiots to just give me the facts not their biased opinion. I have a brain and can decide which way I think it should go.

    Oh and did you hear about the earthquake, in DC, it was caused by Bush’s Fault. That Bush is one powerful person.

    Maybe you should just do like I do and just watch the Fox News Stories, I have also heard that CNN is trying to be more fair and balanced too. MSNBC just sucks and are too busy getting thrills up their legs. Our newscasters just need to report the facts, just the facts ma’m. Gotta go to sleep because I can barely see the screen.

    God bless.
    no one is fair and balanced – it’s all about ratings and whatever political agenda that particular network wishes to push onto us. I think it is sad how little we are exposed to. And we’re the free ones. gag

    Get some sleep sweetie – take care of you!! xoxo

  4. Wonderful insight into what is probably the U.S.’s egocentricity. FWIW, in our local newspaper, we have an earth watch thingy on Mondays and there was a brief discussion on hair loss and the earthquakes that have devastated New Zealand. There is at times some small glimmer of hope for our “fellow Americans” which, btw, doesn’t include all of North and South America when the U.S. presidents use this term.
    glad u liked – I’m just tired of hearing all about us I think…

  5. I was lucky – my Dad told me that when I was a little girl. We have family that live around the world (well, mainly Canada and Germany) and he would tell me, not only stories the U.S. didn’t report but another side of the stories the U.S. DID report. It’s amazing how one-sided the U.S. is and the news is. I guess you just have to know going in. There is no ‘just the facts ma’am’ and it’s sort of okay and expected as long as YOU know going in.

    I don’t watch the news because in my city, it’s all about one murder after another. That’s not news and it’s very one-sided. What about the good news? Why is good news referred to as soft news? Something to make fun of. Why are we so negative and all about sensationalism? It’s such a skewed view.

    If I watch news, it’s the BBC world news because they mention countries I’ve never heard of. They pronounce seventeen syllable names with grace and that awesome British accent. They can go a whole report without even mentioning the U.S. – gasp!
    Hi Jennifer! I also enjoy BBC news and I read the Israeli papers and various other news sources. I am proud to be an American, but we’re just getting so far removed from the standards we had when I was a younger person. This country has gotten so far off track and now it’s all about us and only us. I truly learned about the world by living outside this country. Wow what an education that was! Gave me some wonderful perspective. I still feel happy & lucky to be here – at least here police don’t normally come into your homes unannounced like they can in Belgium and we have considerably more to choose from than 4 types of cereal on the shelf (I’m being a bit facetious here so don’t take offense). I don’t like the negativity either. That’s why I refuse to watch our local news except to find out the weather report. Hearing about murders and child abductions while I’m trying to enjoy dinner is not “my cup of tea.” Thanks for all your comments sweetie!

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