Need Another Day in the Week Please

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So why is it we can never manage time the way we would like?  My days are never orderly; they’re helter-skelter filled with too many things to do all at the same time.  I’ve been known to double-book myself for some stupid reason (it’s known as not looking at your calendar and telling someone, “Oh yeah, 1:00 will be fine.”)  Dumb-squared.  I’m calendar-challenged.

So now we’re getting ready to run away for a few days.  The housesitter is in place and EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer is ecstatic that her buddy is here playing with her all the time (shhhhh…she hasn’t seen the suitcases yet).  It’s so nice to know someone is at your house and you don’t have to rely on neighbors or your kids to keep an eye on things.  Nor do you have to ask the Post Office to hold your mail (mine just loses half of it anyway.)

The problem with this picture is I’m STILL waiting on construction dude to arrive to patch up outside so no more water gets in (a temporary fix until we return).  We’re running out of time and I don’t want my housesitter saddled with this nonsense.  It’s making me crazy.  This was supposed to have been done 3 days ago.

So I run around in circles trying to get last minute things done in time for us to skedaddle.  Ack.  I need at least another day to pull this off.  And they tell me vacations are relaxing.  Preparing for the vacation is so stressful, I’ll need another vacation from my vacation…sigh…


5 thoughts on “Need Another Day in the Week Please

  1. I make appts and keep them, but it’s the rest of my time that is out of control! The day is half over and I’m wondering what’s going on? lol I hope you have a great time on your trip!
    I’m a mess w/appointments – yesterday was Buffy the Mane Slayer – I had it for 2pm – her book said 2:30. Honestly, where’s my brain these days? LOL Talk to ya later!

  2. I am not sure why anyone thinks a vacation is supposed to be relaxing. They are just so filled with stress, and then one needs a few weeks to recover from them. I read once that stay-cations are the best way to relax. Just stay home and do nothing, wait, that’s what I do all the time anyway. Maybe I need a vacation from my vacation.

    Hope you two have lots of fun and have a safe trip. Oh and take lots of pics, we want to see them when you get back and also lots of stories. Love the stories.

    God bless.
    You’re right…I needed more time…lots more time. I barely had time to turn around and I’m back home. ack

  3. Calendar-challenged – I love it!

    I always need a vacation from the vacation!! I’m exhausted when I get home – I finally learned to take at least one buffer day from when I get back home to going back to work. I think true vacations are the ‘staycations’ and vacations should now be called ‘trips’. When someone says ‘vacation’, you think ‘relaxing’. When someone says ‘trip’, you think ‘oh boy, planes and trains and misplaced luggage, oh my!’

    Hope you’re having a fantastic time and as the poster above said, hope you take lots of pictures and share them with those stories of yours!

    Speaking of stories and trips – I’ve got a contest going on my blog I’d LOVE for you to weigh in on. I’m looking for honeymoon-gone-wrong tales of woe and humor. (That has got to be up your alley!) Check it out when you get back!
    I’m back and I DO need a vacation from my vacation LOL! As for stories on honeymoons….I have a cute story but don’t know if it will apply – let me hop over to your place and check it out… 😉

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