Wandering on a Tuesday Morn

pic courtesy of peltiertech.com

I’m not usually at a loss for words.  In fact, it happens rarely.  Today, I am at a loss for a cohesive posting – I don’t have one topic I feel the urge to discuss, or one story I feel compelled to share.  Instead, I’m simply gonna let myself wander.

A company spends mega dollars for marketing campaigns to produce  tv commercials which will air when I’m watching my favorite program.  They get my attention by using their own children as the actors in the commercial. I find it disturbing when small children who can hardly form syllables on their own, let alone have any concept of advertising,  tell me why their dad’s heating company is the best, or why their dad’s law firm should be the one I choose, and especially I don’t like little kids trying to sell me cars.  I imagine some folks find it charming and cute.  I don’t.

Stomping on the gas to run a yellow light so you can get to the next light faster even though it has already turned red is plain stupid.  I witnessed this behavior on Monday as I stopped at the first yellow light.  When it turned green, I casually caught up to the person at the next red light which was just about to turn green, looked over and gave him a big smile.  We both knew I was the one using my gasoline wisely and he hadn’t gotten any farther than I by pressing the accelerator to the floor to miss that yellow light.  At least I think he knew that.  There’s a chance he didn’t get it at all.

My dog is smarter than I give her credit for.  The other evening I had taco chips she wanted.  I wouldn’t part with any and so ignored her.   EmmaLou walked into another room, picked up two toys, brought them both back in her mouth and dropped them in my lap.  Then she looked from the toys to the chips.  I call that bartering.

There is a direct correlation between when I want quiet time and when my neighbor decides to add a room to his house.

The difference between the calorie-laden, fat-full dish of vanilla ice cream and the low-calorie, low-carb dish of vanilla ice cream is that the first will contribute to weight gain while the latter will result in gastrointestinal distress.  Some days it’s a toss-up whether I care that no one of the human species will be inclined to stand next to me in a matter of hours, or whether I want my jeans to button.

I’ll leave you to your own ramblings now while I meander on out of here…sigh


7 thoughts on “Wandering on a Tuesday Morn

  1. I’m afraid I’ll have to bet that the guy at the light didn’t get it, (cynical me, ) and the intelligence of that dog of yours never fails to astound me. I don’t thing I’ll ever have any dog except a Golden again. They are simply the best. And smarter than the people who run red lights.
    I don’t think he got it either, Jane. And, yes, Goldens are in the top 3 or 4 of smart breed dogs with a vocab of something on the order of at least 175 words. Some of the words EmmaLou knows are bad lol. And the facial expressions are priceless – I love to take pics of her face — don’t tell ME a dog doesn’t experience emotions – I have the pics to prove EmmaLou goes through the same happy, sad, puzzled, angry and frustrated emotions plus many more. She’s a hoot.

  2. Emmalou was offering what we call “trading material”. I love catching up to someone who just passed me at a light!
    If she had offered me money I might have considered trading! lol

  3. It is funny, when I was young my attitude was, Na Na Na Na Nah, I got here first. Now I think like you, Na Na Na Na Nah, I saved on gas money, unlike you.

    I have also re-instituted the 55 mph on the Freeways and just laugh as everyone goes speeding on by me and flips me off. My grandkids just look at me like I am crazy but do not say a word, especially since they keep hearing me muttering about how the idiots are just wasting their gas to get somewhere 5 minutes sooner than I do. They are wise beyond their years, they know that if Grandma saves money on gas then Grandma has more money to spend on them. They are doing the “Keep my mouth shut bartering thing.”, I swear they are almost as smart as EmmaLou.

    And being the smart ass that I am I tell anyone who complains about the cost of gas to just slow down like I have. Actually there are a lot of cars driving slower like I am. And it is strange that because I am doing it voluntarily that it is not bothering me to drive slower. And this is coming from a person who used to think going 80 was too slow. That was just a few months ago. I am such a cheap ass and refuse to give them any extra money unless I have to.

    And the beauty of using a DVR is that I record what I want to watch and then just skip over the commercials I do not want to watch. You are right about how sad it is that they “use” their kids to make money. What ever happened to child labor laws and that kids should not be allowed to work until the age of 16.

    This world is so screwed up, but then look at our screwed up government officials. They get to work for their own raises, their own retirement benefits, their own hours, their own vacations, and to vote to “force” us to pay for it all. I think that we the people should vote to make all those positions volunteer positions without pay and lets see how many are willing to do the job. This was how these positions started out. Only our military should get paid, along with a few other necessary positions. It is hard to swallow that so many government workers are making six figure incomes, while the rest of us are barely surviving with what we make. Why do millions of us let less than 600 people make all the decisions for us. And it is funny how their net worth increases exponentially by how many years they are in their positions. And then when they die, their spouse gets the same amount of money, as if the spouse had also served in that position. We are a screwed up country to go along with this crap. We need to get a new set of balls to throw the scumbags to the curb. And they are truly like a bunch of drug addicts spending “our” money to get their spending fixes.

    And I am sick of hearing some movie stars, questionable about the “star” part, saying that they have no problem with paying more taxes if the schools and the entitlement programs need it. I say put your money where your mouth is and just sign your whole check over to our thieving government. Or better still sign your check over to me, I need an entitlement.

    Yup rambling randomly is a lot of fun. Heck I do it all the time.

    God bless.
    always happy to provide an outlet for your ramblings m’dear. 🙂 xo

  4. LOL! Thank you for this amusing read. I’m guilty of speeding through yellow lights (shame on me) but you made a valid point. I think you should do these impromptu posts more often; they’re kind of like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get 🙂
    thanks glad you enjoyed my meanderings. Glad you stopped by! 😉

  5. Go EmmaLou. The saying ‘dumb animal’ is right up there with ‘women are the weaker sex.’
    Absolutely!! I could learn much from this dog if only I’d pay closer attention. She is SO in the now and I like that dogitude!!! 🙂 xo

  6. Hmmmmm, I could say it takes one to know one…Or say human arrogance is only exceeded by human stupidity…But then you know my views. I guarantee Emma Lou and I are a lot happier than most humans and doesn’t it take intelligence to figure out that being happy is the number one thing in life? I bet that Emma and I could do a better job of running our government than the folks in DC. Well…I guess that’s not saying much. Anybody could>
    Hi my sweet little girl!! EmmaLou agrees with you that the two of you could do a dog-gonned grrrrrrreat job of running the government and there’d be plenty of MilkBones to go around!! High-paw the geezer for me! 😉

  7. I love reading your ramblings! I agree with the direct correlation between quiet time and the rest of the neighborhood not getting the memo. (We live across from a factory, so…) And EmmaLou is probably thinking, ‘This human doesn’t get it. I’m trying to barter but she’s just staring at me, giving me no food. Hmm…I may have given this human a little too much credit…’
    I’m glad you enjoy them…they may start popping up more frequently 😉

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