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Devoted Spouse had his sleep test the other night…it was multiple choice.  They got to choose which masks he wore.

The pre-visit instructions were mildly amusing.  No caffeine, no naps….those were a given.  Pretty hard considering Devoted Spouse enjoys his coffee and has been known to be found snoozing w/his laptop as a blankie.  Funniest instruction for him was NO NAIL POLISH allowed.  He was wondering about that one.  I thought it would be fun to leave his index finger alone (that’s where the monitor went) but paint the rest of his nails.  He was not in favor of that idea.  No fun at all.  They also instructed him to shave normally.  What does normally mean in this situation?  One would think it means his facial hair, right?  Would have been nice had they warned him there would be electrodes on his legs.  He told me it was a tad painful when those were ripped off.  Now he knows what waxing feels like.  Should be a little more respectful of what we ladies go through, right?

He called me the following morning to let me know he was done.  We laughed about how he was asleep and the technician would come in and put a mask on him.  I wondered if they tried a gorilla mask.  Devoted Spouse thought the masks closely resembled a fighter pilot.  I had visions of Han Solo….ahhhhh.

I’m glad he went.  Now I won’t have to poke him anymore to make sure he’s breathing.  Truly, to have a spouse who stops breathing and then gasps for air all the while sleeping is pretty frightening.  Then again, rolling over and seeing a masked wonder may give me nightmares too.

It’s moot since half the time I’m up wandering the house during the night.  But at least one of us will soon be getting a good night’s rest…sigh…


6 thoughts on “ZZZZZzzzzzsnorezzzzzzZZZZ

  1. LOL. Linda, I don’t mean to laugh, but the vision of DS in the gas mask, while EmmaLou barks: pull my finger, dad! xoxo
    Laughing is fully acceptable…I know I’m gonna go into hysterics but I’m thinking it will totally freak out EmmaLou lol

  2. So I gotta ask – Did devoted spouse get a gold star and pass his sleep test?
    depends on what u mean by passing…lol… think he’ll be wearing a CPAP soon – he said it was like being in a hospital coz they keep waking you up for something 🙂 in his case it was to try different air masks on him. He was a good sport about it – sleep apnea is serious stuff so I’m glad he finally went.

  3. Three of my brothers-in-law wear sleeping masks for sleep apnea. I love the instructions for no nail polish. Seriously, do these people not even look at the person to whom they are talking? I hope everyone adjusts quickly, especially EmmaLou.
    I’m thinking EmmaLou could use her own mask…she snores too. LOL

  4. Well at least someone is sleeping, must be nice. Although I am wondering how anyone could sleep with them coming in every hour to change his mask. It is like trying to sleep while in a hospital. Never get any sleep while in the hospital unless they give you the good meds. I know that with all this wheezing I have been doing this last year, I have woken myself up with not being able to breath very well. I think it would be frightening to have that happening all the time. Just think now DS is a super hero, he is a masked wonder.

    Does EmmaLou wander the house with you or is she sleeping like a log?

    God bless.
    I’m thinking he needs a cape to go with his new mask ROFL
    EmmaLou wanders with me and gets quite upset because it destroys her routine and then she ends up sleeping all day – oh wait, she does that anyway. nevermind xo

  5. Before my husband had septum surgery he wore a CPAP. Before THAT, I remember kicking him every time he stopped breathing. Back then he was the reason I couldn’t sleep.. Now I guess it’s just old age. :0)
    Oh Jane don’t bring up old age please 🙂 And I’m tired of not sleeping regularly either – wish I could blame it on Devoted Spouse but I really can’t. I know whatever they fix him up with will help though.

  6. Funny yes, but not so much really. Sleep apnea can be serious. There have been times when Paul would be snoring and wake me and then I would lay there listening to see if he stopped breathing. I’m sure it is scary to realize DS has stopped. I have no doubt that apnea contributed to my father’s death. So take care!! Please.
    It IS serious and I’ve been after him for years. I’m so happy he finally went and now he has a diagnosis and goes in this coming week for his CPAP machine. With the help of this machine, I can calm down and hopefully will have Devoted Spouse in my life for many, many more years!

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