Chatty Cathy

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Devoted Spouse is such a sweet, lovable, tolerant man.  He took me out for breakfast the other day.  This was after I had consumed about 3 nice-sized mugs of coffee at the house.  At breakfast we were served a piping hot thermos of yummy, strong coffee.  I promptly drank several more mugs-full.  Breakfast was a happy time.

On the drive home, I couldn’t shut up.  One story after another…I kept up a running commentary on my life.  Devoted Spouse sat there taking it all in.  Realizing what was happening I casually threw in…”I can’t seem to shut up.”  Dear Devoted Spouse replied, “I find you delightfully entertaining.”  And he was smiling.

Wow…am I blessed or what?!

After that comment…yeah, I kept on prattling and he sat there with a smile on his face…sigh

6 thoughts on “Chatty Cathy

  1. Coffee, coffee, coffee – Did someone say coffee? Do you think it made me edgy, do you? Huh? Do you?


    Great post Linda!
    Gums flappin’ ninety miles an hour rofl…oh and did I tell you about….. ack lol snort

  2. Good thing I do not drink coffee, can you just imagine how long my comments would be if I drank coffee. I only stop talking when I am alone, although my brain still has a conversation going on between all the “me’s” in there.

    People who are on long drives and don’t want to fall asleep, call me because they know I am the one person who will talk to them to keep them awake. Actually I guess it is a compliment because I make them talk almost as much as I do. I ask them a lot of questions and that keeps them awake. I am thinking that I truly have the gift of gab and you have the gift of gab too. We are so blessed. LOL

    God bless.

    PS….Do you think that maybe they could clone DS’s brain and put it inside of some men I know?


  3. Sometimes they come up with the perfect response. Very sweet. I’m trying to find something to turn me into a talker. So far, coffee does not seem to do the trick. Maybe it’s not strong enough!!
    I should hook you up w/my latest trainer – she never shuts up and I’m sure you could learn from her! LOl

  4. Isn’t it wonderful that our husbands love us even at times like this?
    wonderful and somewhat amazing at times~! LOL

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Oh my gosh that is SO sweet! I love it!!
    I know…it’s true too — I’ve got such a sweet husband and he’s put up with all my craziness for almost 29 years now – amazes me. I know I’m blessed! 😉

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