Dig Deeper

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I’ve recently joined a gym and started on that exercise regimen – ya know the one where you have a trainer and their sole reason for living is to make you hurt as much as possible.  Oh, and laugh when the sweat gets in your eyes?  Yeah…that’s my life now.

This morning I went to see my trainer after a rousing 15 minute bike ride.  This trainer is female and my second trainer.  My first was a male and I named him Torquemada.  He used to say things to me like “Dig Deeper.”  “Dig Deeper.”  One day I replied, “You tell me to dig deeper once more and I swear to you you’ll be speaking soprano tomorrow morning.”  Dig Deeper.  Gahhhhh.  Anyway, now I have this lovely lil teensy weensy young thing I could flip over my shoulder she’s so tiny.  She may be tiny but she’s sure strong.  She makes those exercises look like a piece of cake — then I try them and know that I can actually feel all my internal organs shifting as I heft that 10 lb dumbbell from my head crisscross to my opposite leg and back again.  Ack.

Her favorite phrase is “Five More”.  Today we worked on my core.  Now I used to think a core was something that came out of an apple.  Today I discovered a core is that part of me internally that screams and  burns right about the time she starts hollering “Five More.”  That’s my core.  My core is like a volcano — if I have to do five more all my magma is gonna come bursting through my bedrock and ruin that gym.

Me and my bright ideas.  After that grueling workout, I was lying (laying?) on the floor mat, draining the rest of my water.  My trainer looked down at me, sweetly smiled and said, “Same time next Monday?”  I wanted to rip out her throat but I was in the midst of flopping around the floor with a leg cramp. I hate it when that happens and I look stupid in front of all the buff girls working out with their weights.   My trainer just keeps smiling and eats it all up….sigh…


10 thoughts on “Dig Deeper

  1. I admire your grit and determination. All your aches, pains, and groans are necessary steps in you becoming the world’s greatest mixed martial arts fighter.
    yes dahlink I so want that belt…and then i’m gonna go back to my trainer & “SmackDown” lol

  2. Now I think it would have been much better if the little lady leaned over and said to you – “Five more!”

    God doesn’t like payback…. heh heh

  3. I haven’t had a personal trainer, but physical therapy gets pretty bad too.
    I’m so with ya there — have gone thru pt regularly since breaking my back & dislocating my shoulder in an accident back in 2009. Finally getting strong enough to work on the muscles damaged by the accident after all this time. PT can be a B.E.A.R. 😉 thanks for visiting!

  4. Bravo, you! I keep talking about starting an exercise program because I could stand to lose a gross ton or so but talking about it is as far as I get.
    I simply have no choice Red…between the back and other health issues, I had to lose weight (yay) and it started to creep up on me again. I realized I had to get to the gym and I had to get serious about getting this back stronger so I could be quasi-normal again. I don’t know that I’ll ever be fully healed from that horrid ice accident, or if my legs and hips will ever stop hurting when I walk…I just want to do all I can to get in as good shape as possible so I can enjoy what’s left of my life. (I just read that & I feel like I wanna slap myself ROFL I sound like some flippin’ commercial for a gym.) ack.

  5. ROFL!! ah-hem. I mean, “You go, Girl!” Your trainers sound kinda like the P-90X guy. I tried his dvds a couple of times. That’s the advantage of a dvd–just turn the thing off until you can recuperate!!
    that’s why I force myself to go to the gym – I paid for it!!! it IS like the P-90X guy – I saw that and said, whoa are ya kiddin’ me? lol

  6. The last time I had a personal trainer was the last time I really got something our of my workouts. If you can find a trainer you like it’s as good as finding a good doctor. Keep at it. Pain is good for the sole.
    Icepaks are good for the pain. Butter is good for the sole. LOL 😉

  7. If I had a trainer, she would be saying, “Come on, do you think you could do at least one?” Yup, I am that pathetic now. Re-injuring my shoulder has not helped me to do much and the freaking knees, and tennis elbow. Oh crap, I am just going down the no exercise tube. I need to get going pretty soon but it is so damn hot and for some reason humid that no one seems to want to do much. But I need to get over the heat, but with that built in oven inside of me, I swear that every time I walk by a thermostat I bring the temp up by one or two degrees, and when I walk away it goes back down. Everyone tells me that I feel hot. I just want to say, “What do you think having a built in heater means?” But I politely say, “Yes, I am.”

    Freaking idiots, can’t wait till they go through menopause. Pause my a** you numbskull. Seriously no understanding about MP. Sigh.

    I feel for you and those five more.

    God bless.
    I knew I could count on you to understand!!! xo

  8. Sorry, but I could not resist.

    If you put butter on the sole, doesn’t that make for a very slippery workout or is it a fishy workout? LOL
    Can’t figure out which one it applies to.

    See, I can actually spell when I haven’t had my drugs.

    you always make me smile!!! xo

  9. I loved rehab when I fell and dislocated my shoulder and gave myself whiplash – rehab meant I was strong enough to get strong again and the pain was a lot less. Then 11 months later I’m in a car accident and had to do rehab again…I loved it again because it meant the weakness was going away and I was getting stronger again! But since that accident, I don’t push myself when I exercise. I exercise all the time but I am so lazy inside of it I don’t know that it’s doing anything – so you go, girl! Five more! You do know that no matter how many you do, she’ll say ‘five more’. The point is to torture you – I mean, push you that much further.

    Good for you and I’m LOL’ing at the picture you’ve painted of you and the trainer at the gym!
    I must admit I loved my rehab folks – they were wonderful – it truly hurt but it hurts to work muscles and tendons that have been damaged — it’s absolutely essential to do the rehab work, though and I’m glad for all the times I’ve been through phys ther for my back. I’m backsliding lately with the gym – it’s just been too doggoned hot past week…must make more of an effort – thanks for the pep talk!! Guess I’m hittin’ the gym tomorrow – 🙂 xo

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