Survival 101 Part 2 Where Devoted Spouse Gets Down With The Gadgetry


I adore Devoted Spouse, y’all know that.  But the man just cracks me up so bad sometimes.  My last post was about how we weathered a storm (sorry bad pun) using his Survival Skill Set.  There was so much more I could have told you about that night and about Survival Man but the post was long enough.  So I decided to regale you with one more Survival story regarding this dear sweet man who has every survival kit, gadget, book, magazine, ever made.

The evening of the storm our power went out.  Of course, I frantically searched for a flashlight.  I’ll give Devoted Spouse, I mean Survival Man, credit, he had a flashlight where he could locate it quickly and easily.  I, on the other hand, had to grope my way through the house, up the stairs and across our master bedroom to my nightstand, open it, and rummage through hoping that the teensy LED flashlight was in there and still worked.  Yes it was and yes it did.  We were set.

We went downstairs and lit candles but as I noticed the winds starting to get much stronger, I wanted to get away from the windows.  There really are few places in this house one can escape windows:   2 bathrooms and a walk-in (albeit small) closet.  One of the bathrooms is just a half bath and there’s no way you can squeeze in two grown people and an 80 lb dog.  The other bathroom would work but it would be a fight as to who got the tub and who had to lie on the floor w/the dog (she won’t get in a tub for any amount of treats).  So it was the somewhat small master bedroom closet where we lodged for a couple hours.

While in there in the semi-darkness (I had a small Yankee Candle lit and up on a mini-dresser out of the way of the dog’s tail) we chatted about Survival and the fact that Survival Man is not prepared anywhere for an emergency except in his head.  I was also bemoaning the fact that my cell phone had not been charged that day and my battery was very low so I had to turn off my phone to keep it in case of an emergency (for example if I truly needed chocolate I could call one of my friends to bring some…you know…a real emergency).  Plus,  I couldn’t get on FB and that was truly annoying to me.

Survival Man reminded me of one of his gadgets and I thought I was gonna die I laughed so hard.  See pic below:

That’s an American Red Cross emergency radio and it uses a hand crank.  It also has a USB port and you can actually plug in your cell phone and hand-crank its battery.  I am not making this up.  Survival Man actually suggested we do this.  I had this image in my brain of me and Survival Man taking turns with the hand crank to get some juice into my cell phone and how the power would probably come back on in 1 or 2 days and we’d still be cranking.  He was dead serious when he offered me his emergency radio.  We never took it out of its box.  Although, come to think of it, in a bad storm we should have had it on – but I would not have been the one to do the cranking.  I was already cranky.

It’s nice to know that in a storm I can count on Survival Man not necessarily to help me with emergency “stuff” but to give me a good laugh and take my mind off the situation for a few minutes…sigh…


4 thoughts on “Survival 101 Part 2 Where Devoted Spouse Gets Down With The Gadgetry

  1. That’s great! Now you can bring your computer in there and make him crank while you FB!!!

    I love how he’s completely prepared – in his head! He probably thinks what you guys went through was nothing. I mean, if he’s researching all this survival stuff, falling asleep in a closet during a storm is probably NOTHING to the man!
    He’s so totally prepared for anything in his head that it scares me. I’d hate to see us in the wilderness – I don’t know who would survive him or me…. LOL

  2. We have a hand crank flashlight by my bed and I have to crank it every so often or eventually it will not work. I need to get one of those hand crank radio thingy’s especially since it can charge one’s cell phone. It is totally cool and DS is truly a smart man for getting one of those.

    A few years ago our electricity went out for 3 or 4 days, it was during Christmas. We had no heater, no lights, no hot water, and we did learn a lesson about buying a lantern that used batteries. Funny thing is that I have not had to use it as of yet, but it is nice to know it is here. And thank goodness it was winter time and the things in our chest freezer stayed frozen and we only had to throw out our refrigerator items that could not be saved. We did give daughters a lot of it and so it did go to good use. Not good to have ice cream during those times. And at least we had a fireplace to keep us warm. Most of the neighbors had left but we had animals to take care of and so could not, so I would shine my really big flashlight up and down the street checking for thieves. Like I could have stopped one. Heck my cell phone could only be charged by driving the car somewhere. That is why the old style land lines are good. They do not need ones electricity to work and they can still be used. That is one reason I will continue to pay for it, because in an emergency every second counts, which is why my mom is still here on earth. If one more minute had passed she would not have been saved, so if one can afford to keep it then one should, even if just keeping it for the basics of calling 911.

    But yes I need to get an earthquake kit together sometime. Lots and lots of water. And then more water. Oh and MRE’s are not too bad. We ate lots of those out in the field when I was in the Army. When one is really hungry, one becomes surprised at what tastes good.

    God bless..
    We have some dried camping food that comes in vacuum sealed packs – me and EmmaLou will eat those and Devoted Spouse can have his MREs. LOL I have my land line as part of my cable package – it’s fiber optic and it also goes out when the electric goes out -so it’s of no use to me whatsoever. I’m gonna make it a habit to have ONE of our cells fully charged all the time and I’m ripping this stupid fiber optic landline out!!! grrr I hate my cable company but that’s another blog 😉

  3. Hey Cronie: I’m back reading blogs. Maybe I’ll even WRITE on my blog soon
    nice to see you tuttut!! I’ve been somewhat remiss in reading everyone – never enuf time y’know? sigh

  4. LMAO We have a hand-crank flashlight somewhere, too. I keep throwing it into the trash and he keeps rescuing it.
    ROFL no way am I hand-cranking anything – I did that as a child with ice cream and even THAT wasn’t worth the effort.

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