Nice Try, But I’ll Pass

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I got this email the other day:

Dear Linda,
Thank you for subscribing to Kellogg’s Our Best To You™ –
your exclusive source for money saving offers, inspiring recipe ideas, tips for healthy eating, new products and fun promotions.

Soon you’ll be receiving our full e-newsletter. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy the special offers available at

Now that was a very nice email…trouble is I never subscribed and I’m not the least bit interested in receiving their e-newsletter, full or otherwise.

This type of email has been happening a lot lately.  Either someone is having a tremendous amount of fun at my expense (since I have to now go back to the email and unsubscribe from it.)  Or manufacturers are taking some tremendous liberties with my email address.  I guess that shouldn’t surprise me – between telemarketers, strange people at my door, and  unsolicited emails, I’m constantly being hounded for one thing or another.

The ones that kill me are the kids at the door.  How can you say no to some kid who’s trying to get a new band uniform?  I hate turning down that $10.00 bar of chocolate candy, or the $15 flat of marigolds.  I went so far as to put up a No Soliciting sign on our window next to the front door – d’ya think that stopped anybody?  Of course not.  I think it actually brought out the crazies.  I got magazine subscription people, Jehovah’s Witnesses (when they show up I can’t help myself, I start humming Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watchtower),  handymen who just happen to be in the  neighborhood, and the ever-present offer of “We’re choosing only TWO homes in this area to showcase our new windows and YOURS could be one of them if you act now!!!”  I did act…I shut the door and walked away.

At least I haven’t had any visits lately from politicians.  Coz we know they’re all a bunch of wieners…sigh…


6 thoughts on “Nice Try, But I’ll Pass

  1. Weiner, Weiner, we got a Weiner joke!!!!

    LOL and it is just after 5 am here and I need to sleep but could not help but laugh at the sigh and then the news here starts talking about Weiner “cashing in” and we are paying for it. He just cannot stop poping up everywhere. I think it will be a long time before we stop having laughs at his expense. Now he is worth every penny we spend on him. Happiness has no price value.

    God bless.
    I know…I can’t let it go…OH NO I DID IT AGAIN LOL xo

  2. Doubtful if any body is having fun at your expense. Manufacturer’s and, more likely, others are taking liberties w/ your e-mail address. If your e-mail provider has any way of letting you mark the e-mail as SPAM, you should do that. “Unsubscribing” to unsolicited e-mails from disreputable operations frequently just confirms that have found a valid target.
    Thanks Bruce you’re right – I usually DO mark these things as spam – this time I unsubscribed so will no doubt be put on even more lists (smacks self on forehead duh) 😉

  3. So true, lol and irritating!!! Just wait political season is around the corner.
    Hi sweetie – the prob w/political season is the constant phone calls. We still have a landline – I know – nobody does that anymore…but my cell battery frequently runs down or dies when I leave my phone on all night and it’s just nice to have it as a back-up. I’ll dump it one of these days – and I know there will be tons of politicos calling soon. Ack. Just the thought makes me want to rip it out of the wall. LOL

  4. I have a sign on my front door that reads, in big print, “Leave NO Handbills, or Advertisements. NO Soliciting. Unless you are a Visitor, Please quietly go away. Thank you, the Management.” It has been really effective for those who are not illiterate, discourteous, or just plane stupid.
    Aren’t you only “plane” stupid if you’re up in the air, or are doing woodworking? ROFL All kidding aside, I have tried various signs and people ignore them – so I peek out my liv rm window to see who’s standing at my door and if I don’t know them, and I’m not expecting someone like a repairman, I don’t answer the door. Simple solution.

  5. We get a LOT of the JW here so I keep several of my son’s autographed publicity posters handy and when they try to hand me a Watchtower, I counter back with a poster. Totally flummoxes them EVERY TIME.

    I’ll have to add some Hendrix to the mix.
    I usually start talking to them and counter with I’m Christian Science (which I’m not) but that one tends to confuse them. I like the poster idea! Maybe I could do one of EmmaLou and tell them of the Cult of the Golden Destroyer LOL

  6. $10.00 bar of chocolate?

    Holy cow, when I was a kid it was a buck!

    Inflation? Holy, holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Oh, I love how you snuck in the Weiner-joke – I was laughing before my brain registered WHY I was laughing. Are you going to add them in secret and wait for us to find like ‘Where’s Waldo’? Or am I just not paying the best attention?)
    YES a $10 choc bar – GASP! and icksnay on the einerway jokes stuff…. don’t let out all my secrets girl!

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