Yes I’m Returning….I’ll Ease On In Slowly With Bits & Pieces of Nonsense

It’s been awhile since I put anything of any substance (oh that’s rich) on this blog.  I got busy with other things in my life.  I got tired of whining about my back problems.  I was sure you were tired of my whining about everything in general.  And I just got tired.  So I decided to end the blog.  But I couldn’t do it.  I left it up because I knew if I deactivated it I would regret it.  You see, I love to write.  Plain and simple.  If I’m not writing, I’m not happy.  Granted, what I write isn’t Pulitzer-Prize-winning material.  But it makes me feel good to write.  If it’s humorous and makes someone giggle, then I’m truly happy.  So, we’ll just take it a posting at a time and see what happens….are you bored to tears yet?  (that’s rhetorical, meaning don’t answer).

I return to C&BI right after the most hilarious political shenanigans ever – Wienergate.  Talk about bad timing on my part.  I had so many wiener jokes you wouldn’t believe it.  I had wieners comin’ out my ears.  No wait, that doesn’t sound right.  Nevermind.  To this day, I giggle whenever Devoted Spouse wants a hot dog for lunch.  And what makes me laugh the hardest is Mr. Wiener himself is now worried that he doesn’t have the skill sets to support himself after resigning his fancy political job.  I have no words to explain to him how pitiful that is on so many levels. Has he considered being a wiener-copying tester for the print market (we already know he can tweet pics).  Let’s face it, nobody makes a copy of their butt on the old Xerox machine anymore, do they?  That field is wide open for him…maybe he should go to Kinko’s?

Okay what else is going on in the world?  Overheard this conversation at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore the other day:

Teenager #1:  So, what’s “fiction” again?

Teenager #2:  I think it means it’s not true.

And our high school has a rating of Excellent?? Good grief. I’d hate to see what they churn out in a mediocre school system.

The only other thing that comes to mind today has to do with downloading free books to Kindle.  I found a freebie ebook the other evening online – it’s a “mobi” file if that makes sense to you.  I downloaded it to my Mac then tried to transfer it to my Kindle.  It wouldn’t work.  I spent over a flippin hour trying one fix after another.  I finally just downloaded the Kindle App for my Mac and resigned myself to reading this book on my laptop.  I dashed off a quick email to the folks who were the publishers of the book, to let them know I had encountered some difficulty downloading their book, certainly not expecting a reply of any kind.  I mean, who gives a crap if I can’t figure out technology?  I got the nicest email from the President of who very patiently explained that I had to transfer my “mobi” file to my Kindle “documents” file in order for it to show up on the device.  Now who would have thought of that?  Obviously that nice man did and took the time to help me.  Y’all know how I feel about customer service – wow will I be doing business with them again in the future or what.  Shoot, if I ever get my book written I just may have to go there to get it put into ebook format.  But first, I have to write the danged thing…sigh


8 thoughts on “Yes I’m Returning….I’ll Ease On In Slowly With Bits & Pieces of Nonsense

  1. Well you know that the Congressman can always get a job at a Ballpark. Can you just imagine him walking through the stands yelling out to the fans, “Get your weiner here, 50 bucks for a weiner, get your weiner here!” And then he has to drive home in his Weinermobile in shame. What is amazing to me is that he is Jewish and his wife is an Muslim of Islamic faith. I would really worry about that baby being treated fairly by the purist’s in the Islamic religion. Would they chop off half of the babies body because it is considered half a criminal infidel. I wonder how his wife’s mother feels because she is one of the founders of the Muslim Sisterhood.

    Anyway glad to see you are going to post more often. I need to try to write more posts also. I wonder if someone asked those kids what non-fiction means, what would be their answer. I mean they probably think Harry Potter stories are real. I know the kids today have problems with their spelling and history. But I think the main problem is that they are so busy texting, tweeting, and writing things on their social sites that they could care less about anything else. Heavens forbid that they actually answer a phone call and talk to a real person.

    And you can still tell us any Weiner jokes if you want because I have a funny feeling he is not going away quietly or going away at all. He is like a little pimple and will just keep popping up.

    Hope you had a great anniversary.

    God bless.
    Heaven forbid he should “pop up” anywhere….lol xo

  2. Oh yes, please do share your weiner jokes! Seriously, if your last name was Weiner, wouldn’t you: 1) change it and 2) make sure you didn’t get caught exposing it? I, too, am techology-challenged. I’ve certainly never heard of a “mobi”. I’m still trying to figure out gig-a-hurtz, mega- hurtz or whatever they are called.
    If my last name was Weiner I would have had it legally changed. Seriously. My last name is suspect enough – it’s a good thing few people in the bloggy world actually know it and those of you who do would NEVER share that info, right????!!!! It carries a good amount of jokes with it, too, but I’m over them after having this name for 28 years now. lol I’m so glad I’m not the only one who didn’t understand what the heck a mobi file was – turns out it’s just a type of file designation – duh – I hate technology, truly I do. I want my IBM Selectric back and a few notebooks and ballpoint pens and I’m happy. Although I do enjoy my laptop but I detest my smart phone with a passion. 😉

  3. Glad to see you’re back. I sorely (no pun intended) missed you humor and wit. BTW, Congressman Wiener was Bar Mitzvahed as Oscar Meyer ben Short Bun. They tried to keep it in the family.
    Steve you always make me laugh! “Oscar Meyer ben Short Bun” ROFL Poor EmmaLou is wondering when she’s gonna get the laptop back to work on her blog now!

  4. Glad you are back too…for several reasons…..
    1. I enjoy reading your writings…and
    2.Talk about technologically challenged….I have “Crone and Bear It” on my “Favorites” on my computer and don’t know how to get it off…. Now that you are back, that is one less thing to worry about!
    I thought I was challenged – ROFL – glad u didn’t figure out how to take it off since I’ve returned to my remaining faithful readers…all 4 of them I believe.

  5. I haven’t blogged much either and like you I seemed compelled to leave my blog up. Today is the first day in ages that I checked anyone’s blog. Lo and behold here you are. I see you all the time on FB and have enjoyed reading a longer post from you.
    hello dahlink – I love chattin w/ya on FB – but I just felt the pull of the blogging days again. I have no clue how it will go – do I still have my sense of humor? We’ll see. I think all writers go through dry spells. The trick is to get back to it and just write. Although EmmaLou is quite miffed as her blog isn’t getting equal time right now. Maybe if she quit pooping in my house, I’d let her write more. I know…what IS wrong with me? LOL xo

  6. Heh heh. Heh heh. You said, “Weiner!”

    How, I ask did the newscasters refrain from snickering and sniggering whenever they reported on “Wanna See My” Weiner? Because I know *I* would have been completely unable to keep a straight face. Which is probably one reason why I’m not reporting the news on network TeeVee.
    I dunno how anyone kept a straight face – I never could have done it. It’s just too danged funny. Then again we didn’t get to see the out-takes either – I’m sure some of the taped programs had tons.

  7. That teenage thing got me good – like a knife through my gut – ugh! I mean, I guess at least they’re IN a bookstore but not to know what fiction is? And not only that but the OTHER one isn’t sure in their answer????? Ughh!!!!!

    Politics is not what it used to be – all I can think of is what George Washington would think. Somehow, I picture him laughing his wig off at this one!

    It is SO nice to hear good customer service stories. As an author myself, I’m going to check out eBookit and see what they’re about. (There are so many new businesses cropping up and weeding them out is not fun so an endorsement from you is cool!)

    Glad you’re back to Blogging here!
    Hi sweetie – I’m glad I’m back, too, if only occasionally. I’m working on a “best of” type book for this blog and I’m thinking of epublishing it w/ eBookit — just need T.I.M.E. ack. 😉

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