As Time Goes By

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Today I celebrate 28 years of wedded bliss to Devoted Spouse.  Time sure does fly.  I can’t believe it’s been that many years.  And they said it wouldn’t last…just kidding.

You see each other every day and you never notice the changes — here’s an old pic from our wedding – I can’t believe the two people in the middle of the shot are us!  LOL

I hope we have another happy, healthy 28 years!  Especially since he gives me great blogging material.  😉  That’s it kids – nothing hilarious today – just wanted to share this special day with you.  {Hugs}


9 thoughts on “As Time Goes By

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and DS. You two are very blessed to have found each other.

    Here’s a toast to another 28 years, and lots more blogging material.

    Best wishes to both of you.

    God bless.
    thanks sweetie! xo

  2. PS….You two still pretty much look the same and I love the picture, thank you for sharing it again. And that cake looks awesome, they are so pretty nowadays.

    And your post is so sweet, while I have finally posted again this month, and it’s about being a nudist. Such a contrast in thoughts today.

    I think DS looks the same but with greyer hair – me? let’s not even go there – too many wrinkles ROFL

  3. Congrats! Lovely cake. Love wedding pictures! I see you are talking and looks like laughing.
    thank you sweetie – we were married at my townhouse and just when that pic was taken my bridesmaid made me laugh outloud! So many years ago…wow. take care xoxo

  4. Congratulations!! It’s amazing at how quickly time goes by! I hope you and DS have many, many more years together. Thanks for sharing your wedding picture.
    it is amazing – I can’t believe I was ever that young LOL 😉

  5. Happy Anniversary to both of you! You should do one of those re-marriage ceremonies and have him add to the vows he promises to give you many more years of Blogging material. Though, it sounds like he doesn’t actually need to promise it…luckily for all of us!!!!

    Happy, Happy Anniversary
    thanks hon I’m just happy he takes out the trash…

  6. Happy, happy and best wishes for another 28. There was someone who said Paul and I wouldn’t last. Almost 25 years later….I guess he was wrong.
    Thanks Sandy! Nobody said it wouldn’t last but it is an interesting partnership as he’s very introverted and I’m the extroverted one. Maybe opposites DO attract. lol

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