Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

Remember Arsenio Hall and his talk show.  He’d often talk about ‘things that make you go hmmmmm’.  Well, that’s what I found the other day in my local paper.  This is what I live to find — the small silly things we all do without thinking.  I would like to think this newspaper has someone who is in charge of the layout of the pages so they make sense.  The day this was printed, they must have been taking a nap.  But the good news is it certainly made me laugh.

I hope the picture comes out — the gist of it is on one side of the page is a story all about how to use your self-control while shopping and it lists lots of great ideas so we can all be more aware of where we’re putting our money these days.  The funny?  On the other side is a column entitled Deals of the Week and while some of them are, in fact, good deals, they’re certainly not the type of deals one would associate with exercising self-control.  Self-control has to do with clipping coupons and looking for good sales on clothes out of season.  These Deals of the Week are advertisements for a ‘deal site’ that leads you to “specials” only good for 24 hours (no buying pressure there!).  What strikes me as funny is the deals include casino getaways and money off a yoga class.  Okay maybe yoga can be justified as being healthy, but a casino deal — next to how to be a frugal shopper?

It just made me go Hmmmmmm….sigh.


4 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm

  1. It’s kind of like buying a magazine for the newest diet, but the front cover is full of lucsious desserts!
    that’s exactly what it reminded me of LOL

  2. Okay, I was scrolling down after reading the story and was going to make this really great comment full of wisdom Then I was going to also click on the picture to see if I could read the article better, and so I came to the bottom part of the picture and stopped. I did not know if my eyes were deceiving me, but then I knew it was just a trick and that really wasn’t a certain congressman’s thingy there. I just can’t stop laughing each time I look at “it”. Now I need to get my brain out of the gutter and stop watching so much news. Still can’t stop laughing.

    Totally forgot what I was going to write about the article.

    God bless.
    It BETTER be your eyes deceiving you coz i SURE AS HECK didn’t put anything like THAT in one of my postings! ACK ACK Even the thought. Go get some rest sweetie. xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness, I so apologize for losing my brain power. Please delete my previous comment if it is too lewd. All I can say is that I haven’t really slept in three days due to my shoulder being re-injured. and the constant throbbing of pain not letting me sleep. Now I need to worry if I have made some other ridiculous remarks.

    That was a great post about the left not knowing what the right is doing. I imagine that the person in charge of stories does not really talk to the person in charge of advertising and things like this happen all the time. Heck things like this happen to us in real life. That was a great catch by you, I bet most people never even caught it.

    I hope you forgive me, and as usual these pa*n p*lls are not working worth a darn. I cannot believe that I have to go through all this pain again. Between my back pain and now this shoulder pain, I am so screwed when it comes to not being able to handle it again. I have so much to do and being forced to take it easy, is not easy.

    Gotta go visit EmmaLou.

    God bless.
    WordPress is acting wonky – I can’t even find the comment and it doesn’t want me to reply – so don’t worry about it. lol
    OH…..apparently I was looking at the wrong posting. Color me stoopid. lololololol I think what you’re looking at is my sorry photographic skills — I was standing over my table trying to snap the pic and got part of my flip-flopped foot in the picture….duh didn’t even think to crop the pic before I printed it. old age…mea culpa

  4. Well you have one hot flip-flopped foot there. That Congressman just wishes his foot was so hot. Although it was about 4 or 5 in the morning here when I was looking at the pic. I still need to read the article and get some sleep. I just am so sick of having shoulder pain. I do hope your back is doing better. I guess all we can do is pray.

    God bless.

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