Whaddya Mean She’s Still Kickin’?

Hi gang – Cronie here.  Just wanted to tell you I’m alive and kickin’.  I’m still plodding along making the same ridiculous blunders I always have and creating havoc and chaos wherever I go.  People still laugh at my antics whether I’m trying to be funny or not – I can’t help it – I seem to create a cocoon of laughter around me all the time.  What’s really new is my other blog – it’s actually EmmaLou’s blog – she does all the “thinking up” and she does all the typing with her big clumsy paws.  Are ya buyin’ that?  Yeah I thought you would, coz y’all know how smart EmmaLou is.  Come visit the Golden Destroyer and catch up on our lives w/me and Devoted Spouse too.  Her blog is called The Tao of EmmaLou Golden Destroyer and you can find it here — and yes…I’m thinking of seriously re-activating this blog too so stay tuned you just never know what I’m gonna do next….I so wanted to bring this out of retirement during the recent WienerGate but I held off coz there was so much Wienerdom already out there….but it was hard.  Oh wait…no never mind.  Go see EmmaLou  LOL  xoxo


7 thoughts on “Whaddya Mean She’s Still Kickin’?

  1. awww shucks one of my 20 faithful readers has missed me. I’m tearing up here. I’ve missed u too – I try and catch your blog when I can – but I miss our old bantering. Sistah-in-my-head. {hugs} don’t count me out – I’ll post again soon. I miss it too much to let it go anymore. Plus I got stuff to say again. lol (guards tongue) snicker

  2. Of course you have stuff to say and you can’t possibly keep away forever! The fact that you said you were keeping the blog up in case you want to change your mind told me you would – or that might have been wild hope!!! But you’re back!
    I’m back….but tentatively mind you…don’t get your hopes up for any Pulitzer-award-winning stuff yet. lol

  3. Wow, you sure do look different for some reason, and it has only been a few months since you said farewell. It must be that the hat is really not blocking out the sun and is truly an ad as to why one should avoid the sun at all costs. But I really had thought your dentist was doing a better job at saving your teeth, which you know has been my on going nightmare, to have my teeth fall out. I just know I will have one of those dreams tonight. Dang it and it has been quite a few months since I had one.

    Okay, just kidding, because I know that lady is probably over 100 and we would be lucky to make it to that age and I do see a few teeth in there. But seriously, it would be nice for you to come back and post some Weiner stories or any stories. And did you know that EmmaLou can tell a story that makes me laugh as much as your stories. All that time you thought she was sleeping, but she was really watching everything you wrote, taking notes and she then learned things a dog is never supposed to learn. How to write stories about her human mom. Plus, her English is pretty darn good too. She tries to sound like you, but then every so often she uses one of those doggie words her fur mom taught her and slips up. Please let her know that I am so enjoying all of her stories and that I would enjoy your stories too.

    Been off the internet for a few weeks, thought it was another virus but I finally figured out it was the cable modem, the little MF was acting like it was working, but it really was screwed up, so now it is replaced with a brand new modem, although the old one did last quite a few years. And then my iPhone was refusing to let me write any comments most of the time. It did let me do a few but then none. It was in cahoots with the modem and was screwing up too. But all is well as of now and hopefully no problems for a while.

    I guess I should write a post about it.

    Give EmmaLou a big hug from me and I do hope you will tell us some of those stories about how you are making people laugh. One can never have too many laughs.

    God bless.
    I have so missed your long and wonderful comments! It’s a good thing you occasionally come to visit EmmaLou’s blog – you have more problems w/modems and cables and whatevers – you’re as jinxed technologically as I am LOL xoxo

  4. This may sound kinda crazy, but I was just thinking about you (last night, in fact), and wondering what you had been up to. Glad to hear you are back, or, at least Emma Lou is! I will stop by and see what she has been up to.
    It’s so nice to know I was thought of by someone – thank you that just makes my day. I’ve been up to my usual rambunctiousness but I’ve been busy with EmmaLou’s blog – I’m beginning to miss this one so will randomly post again. I know this makes at least 3 people deliriously happy. lol xo

  5. Glad to hear you are back. I truly missed your misadventures and your comments on them
    Hi Bruce! I’m glad I’m back too – I’ve missed this “outlet” lol

  6. After you started EmmaLou’s blog I knew you’d be back sooner or later, you just can’t stay out of the limelight. Missed you sweetie!
    we all get burned out sometimes D…it’s not the limelight at all – it’s that I just love the forum for my style of writing and I had gotten some bad feedback on satirical humor which made me decide to take a break. I could care less about limelight baby. I just miss my bloggy friends! xo

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