My Own Special Theme Thursday: Farewell


Welcome to my version of Theme Thursday:  Farewell.

The time has come to do something I’ve pondered for a few months now and that is… say goodbye to this blog.  I’ve had a great time here since 2007 and I have the utmost love and respect for all my 20 faithful readers.  You have seen me through some tremendous times and through some horrific times.  We have laughed and we have cried.  And, lest I forget, we have had the adorable and always into-something EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer along for the ride.  Can’t leave out Devoted Spouse — he’s played a valuable part in this ongoing saga of the ridiculous rantings, ravings, and general lunacy of the red-headed stepchild.

Y’all know life takes twists and turns – and mine has certainly done that recently.  I’ve come out of retirement and am actively engaged in ministry. I am blessed beyond words that God has invited me to join him in his awesome work.

Am I leaving the blogging community entirely?  Nah. It’s simply time to put Crone and Bear It to bed.  You will still find me every once in awhile over on Oh Crap on a Crutch and there you’ll hear about the crap we all have in our lives, and the antics of EmmaLou and Devoted Spouse. Plus, I’m leaving this site up for the short term to give myself an out should I not be able to “retire” this persona completely.  LOL  You know me – ya just never know what to expect!!

EmmaLou will still be on Twitter as @GoldenDestroyer.  I am changing my Twitter name from @Croneandbearit to  @LKay509 and I’d love to continue all my amazing Twitter relationships!!

So now I’m about to break into song…. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina….  LOL  snort.  I’ll be around – you can’t get rid of me totally.  My 20 faithful readers?  I’ll cya on FB gang!

Thanks for letting me entertain you and hopefully put a smile on those faces…ciao kids…sigh…


21 thoughts on “My Own Special Theme Thursday: Farewell

  1. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.’ ”- Dr Seuss

    I love you, Linda! Don’t worry — I know where to FIND you!


    Love you, Girlie!
    Love ya back – not crying – I had so much fun with this blog and I still have Oh Crap on a Crutch if I have an EmmaLou disaster LOL – just time to concentrate more on other things! See ya on Twitterville babycakes! xo

  2. Oh. My.


    Well, it happens. As a determined non-facebook user, I’ve got COAC in my bookmarks, and we’ll go from there. Best wishes in your new endeavors!
    thx hon! I’ll see ya over at OCOAC or you could always come Twitter with us!! 😉 xoxo

  3. Like all wonderful writers there comes a time to evolve. I’m glad to hear you’ll still be writing because that’s what attracted you to me in the first place. (Don’t tell EmmaLou, she thinks it’s her).
    Still working on the road trip this summer.
    Love ya
    shhhh we won’t tell EmmaLou! LOL Cya on FB swee’pea!! xoxo

  4. Best wishes for your future. As a latecomer to your blog I have been enriched by your wacky sense of humor, made even better by meeting you in person. I’ll still look for you on FB.
    thank you Steve!! It will remain up so feel free to peruse the archives and I’ll cya on FB! xoxo

  5. All the best to you and yours my dear.
    thx sweetie- I’ll come visit u soon… xoxo

  6. Sorry you are retiring from this blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading about you and the Golden Destroyer. But I understand moving on to do something even more meaningful to you. Good luck!

  7. Well. That’s a bummer for me but Awesome for you! So glad you are doing what makes YOU happy! See you in Cyber Land.
    you never know what will happen which is why I’m keeping it open… xo


    I know and understand you need to do what you need to do but what about MY needs?

    I will miss you and your adventures my friend and I wish you all the best in your new chapter of your life.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and have a pity party for myself.
    my poor sistah-in-my-head…nothing is ever set in stone…

  9. cronie: just when I had made the decision to return to regular blog reading! I can’t make Twitter stick. I try, but I cannot do it. However, I will friend you, and try again!
    It’s not that I don’t want to continue; mostly I don’t have the time to devote to this. I’ll update y’all on funny stuff over on Oh Crap on a Crutch from time to time or I may start an entirely new blog…will just have to wait and see… xoxo

  10. I’m so broken to hear this…… I enjoy your postings.
    You are only one of 3 that reads my blog postings … and I’ve learned some things from you. I’ve just become more active in reading others posts and posting mine. I so do not want you to go – you have such a wit about you that is so indearing,…….
    And I feel bad because I don’t have the time to read as many of your postings as I’d like – I HATE deleting them… thank you for all your kindness for so long – and I haven’t decided yet that this is final final if you know what I mean LOL 😉

  11. Sorry to hear that you are packing it in. I have only been a fan for a short while, but have come to look forward to a regular helping of humor.
    Bookmark my other site – I haven’t put up anything for awhile, but you’ll find me there eventually it’s:

    It was so much fun reconnecting with you at our reunion Bruce! xo

  12. I will miss your “rantings” about life. i have enjoyed receiving and reading your blog posts! I will you well with your ministry! I’ll check you out on the other blog
    thx hon – we still have Twitterville! xoxo

  13. I sincerely just hope you are taking another break and will come back here to post. Look at how many breaks I take, well okay right now they are due to computer problems, but I do take a lot of breaks. I know so many bloggers who keep the sight open and take long breaks and then come back and the other bloggers are so happy to see them back. But you would be sorely missed if you did stop. I mean who else can make me laugh so many times that I almost pee my pants. That is a true talent. But if the ministry is calling then you must answer, but remember when you need to relieve some stress we will be here waiting.

    See you on facebook and you are gonna make me do that twitter thing again that I always forget about.

    God bless.
    You have been my biggest supporter over the years and I love you dearly – I’ll be sending u an email shortly (if I can figure out how on this new laptop LOL) xoxo After all these comments, I may have to reconsider…

  14. I am NOT happy. For me, not you. I’m very happy for you, dearie, if it’s what you want. I will miss you here and, of course, EmmaLou and DS. And I will hold out some hope that you will miss this venue enough to wonder back in. No Twittering here so I won’t see you there either.

    Take care, stay well……love
    let’s wait and see – you know I’m a writer at heart…and the silly stuff can go over to my other blog…or I may even start a new one. At any rate, I’ll be in touch Sandy. xo

  15. well…!! feel sad i’ll not be able to read your blogs anymore u have such a wonderful way of using your words wish i’m able to pick some of your style,i take u as my mentor.thanx !
    plz do try n visit my blog under the name i’ll feel really great n hope you enjoy some too.
    best wishes always.
    I’m honored by being your mentor – wow what a lovely compliment thank you so much!! I will still post some silly stuff at my other blog: and I will visit you soon! xoxo

  16. Linda,

    So sad to hear this. But I am not surprised at all. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar. Things change… trends and technologies… Life changes too… so it is natural for one to move into a different direction. I am proud of you for making this decision.

    Having said all this, I am very sorry to see you retire your blog. You are such a tremendous writer! You tend to grip the reader. Whether it is a sad story on your other blog or humorous one on this one. I may not have commented often but I did read everything.

    I hope you keep this blog up instead of deleting it. So much good content!

    I don’t tweet much but will contact you via facebook.

    Much love, peace and good luck with your future endeavors. Keep us posted!
    /This makes me feel so loved and I’m so grateful to ALL my readers for the wonderful comments along this journey – and I realize at times I drove you all insane with my meanderings or ramblings. But along the way we DID have some fun. And, no it’s not being deleted – I may return but right now my focus is elsewhere and that’s okay too. See ya on FB sweetie! xoxo

  17. Sorry to see you go. I totally understand. I hate that life has gotten in the way of my blog and I get to post oh too rarely these days. I think I need to move back to the frozen tundra so that I don’t have so many sunshiney days. 🙂
    Sometimes we simply take a different turn on our life-map. I’m on a new path; one that takes much of my time and effort and is a passion for me and it’s also a new adventure. You notice I didn’t delete the blog — I always want to leave room for the day I may decide I need to come back here. The problem is keeping up this blog became a chore not a joy; that was the A-Ha moment for me that it was time to put it on the back burner. That combined with the fact I rarely get time to visit other blogs these days told me I needed to put my attention and focus elsewhere for awhile. I have so enjoyed reading your blog sweetie and I appreciate the fact you visited me too. xoxo

  18. hmmmm…..agree with your thoughts that if it is a chore and not a joy, you need the break…love the photo…after every sunset, a sunrise. Enjoy.
    thanks for being a loyal reader and friend 😉

  19. So, hopefully, this post didn’t really happen?!
    It did, sort of….I just couldn’t bear to completely shut down my baby. So I left it up until I decided if I still wanted to write here….and apparently I do since I’m baaaaaack after a several month break. yay

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