It’s a Good Thing She Couldn’t Find the Shaving Cream…

This is the story of what can happen when you don’t pay attention; when you are busy with buying a car; when you dash out of the house leaving the dog with access to the bathroom; the same bathroom where you have left a used 3-bladed razor without the top on it laying on top of the bathtup within her reach….and it’s bright yellow and sure to capture her attention.  This is the story of how the stupid redheaded-stepchild came home with a new car and saw something relatively shiny at the top of the stairs, turned on the light and discovered a chewed-up razor only to turn around and fly down the stairs missing several at a time in search of a dog who was certainly slashed from here to kingdom come.  This is what I found on the stairs:

Thankfully, she tore it apart, and chewed the plastic casing on the bottom of the blades and she did it with the blades facing in such a way that they didn’t slice her precious mouth to bits.  It was a horrible few moments as I ran to find her fully expecting her to have a mouth full of blood — we had been out of the house for 4 hours.  What I found was a perfectly fine happy dog with two rubber toys stuffed in her mouth and her tail wagging in anticipation of my return.  I grabbed that dog and inspected her from head to tail – and not a scratch on her.  Thank you Lord.  Let this be a lesson to all pet owners — they are just as sneaky as toddlers; will grab anything and put it in their mouths.  It never dawned on me she would snag my razor off the bathtub.  Holey moley – EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, strikes again and she is gonna be the death of me yet…sigh…


7 thoughts on “It’s a Good Thing She Couldn’t Find the Shaving Cream…

  1. Oh my! And how long did it take your heart to slow down? Glad Emma Lou is well!
    You would have been proud – my old “track” skills kicked in as I flew down those stairs in search of her! That dog took 10 years off my life last night. And here I was so happy w/the new car. I was ready to trade that car for the dog in a NY minute!! 😉 btw she was NOT happy having her mouth examined – I have the toothmarks to prove it! lol It is unbelievable to me that she did not do serious damage w/those blades. ack

  2. Oh dear. Thank God nothing happened. I never thought a dog would do something like that. Your heart must have been pounding! I’m so glad she was ok!
    When I found her and saw she was okay I just grabbed her and cried. She scared the dickens outta me – what a stupid thing for me to leave within her reach!!! Now I realize how quickly kids can get hurt – you simply don’t realize. Yes, I thought I was having a heart attack – and I ran down 15 steps taking 2-3 at a time to find her. Yikes. Wonder why my back hurts so much this morning. LOL xo

  3. EEEK, so glad that things turned out well and know that panic feeling of not knowing when you find that chewed razor. What a scary feeling and so glad she didn’t swallow that razor end either..

    I wonder what it is about razors that attracts dogs to chew them as ours does the same thing. We can’t leave them in the garbage can or our dog fishes them out.
    Me too! Thanks for comin to see me and commenting! I think it might have been the bright color? Or maybe it was just the fact it was something small enough for her to grab – it was just sitting there and she was bored. Really scared me. Found a few more gray hairs this morning LOL 😉

  4. Glad everything turned out OK — my Sheltie can’t reach the straight razor, but he barks up a storm at the electric version! Thanks for the warning!
    I’m glad it was okay too! She could have done some very serious damage to herself and I never would have forgiven myself for that. Man, talk about “Lessons Learned” 😉

  5. So glad that she is safe and nothing happened. Wait I was talking about you. Oh okay, it was really EmmaLou, but you are also included in there. I wasn’t sure if I was going to read about Em’s mouth being cut and hurt or you not being able to walk again and going back to PT with the hunk of burning love. You both just need to stay safe.

    Oh and about that new car……….we need info.

    God bless.
    I about killed myself getting down those stairs to find her – and towards the bottom I leapt over the final three steps and lemme just say the landing was excruciating on my back and then I took off running looking for her. Yes, the back hurts, but it was worth it. My “fur-baby” is okay. Breathes sigh of relief. BTW car is 2011 Subaru Forester in Marine Blue – Picture is Wednesday’s “Wordless Wednesday” – Devoted Spouse took the pic w/my phone and he chopped off part of the car. Honestly, men…. lol

  6. That’s scary to find.

    One time I was loading the dishwasher and my Lucy had been licking the silverware in the basket and it wasn’t until I noticed the trail of blood that I realized she had licked a steak knife and cut her tongue. That had to have hurt.

  7. Glad to hear that she didn’t get hurt after all that. Goodness! Way too scary.

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