It’s All About Re-Purposing

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When you enter your kitchen you expect to see the standard kitchen stuff.  There should be appliances, cookware, a dish or three (maybe even in the sink), maybe the dog’s water bowl on the floor, a container that holds flour.  You get the picture, don’t you?  No, you don’t.  Because in my house Devoted Spouse finds other purposes for stuff.  Imagine my surprise when I went to get a glass of water and found he had discovered a new use for my kitchen counter:

That would be chewing gum; as in used, chewed up, full of spit, chewing gum.  On my kitchen counter!  I guess it could have been worse.  He could have spent the last 8 years in this house sticking his gum UNDER the counter so maybe I shouldn’t complain too much.  But ewwww.  C’mon.  Gum on the counter…sigh…


7 thoughts on “It’s All About Re-Purposing

  1. Oh my! Used gum! And this from the same guy who was in your good books for buying you roses over the weekend too! Did he sleep with Emma Lou last night?
    Talk about going from one extreme to the other…yes, as a matter of fact, he did. ROFL

  2. Well it was a nice marriage while it lasted, right? ROFL He must have fallen and hurt his head to do something so silly.
    I was speechless and he just looked at me and said, “What?” WHAT???!!! Are ya kiddin me???!!!! Ack When I got my phone camera he knew he was toast and would be the subject of a blog. I got to the picture before he got to the gum heh heh And yes, this totally wipes out the red roses the other day. LOL

  3. At least it’s a pretty green color! Maybe he was going to get back to it, and forgot where he put it?
    True, it was a nice shade. So I should look around the house in case there are other “surprises” on say… a bathroom countertop? ROFL

  4. All I can say is Men!
    I was so grossed out and then I looked at his face and realized it was just like a little kid’s – he didn’t think he had done anything wrong. Then I laughed and told him “touch it before I get my camera and you’re toast!” LOL

  5. Geez, at least he could have put it on the lip of his cup where it would easily pop off again. I have found that the wrappers from cough drops work pretty good too if he wants to chew it again.

    When I was a kid and we had very little money to buy anything, if we wanted to have the gum last then we had to figure a way to store it. My mom said that I would go to bed and pop that piece of gum into my cheek and then the next morning wake up and pop it back into my mouth to start chewing again. The thought grosses me out now but as a kid I probably thought I was pretty smart because technically the gum had never left my mouth and was still considered as “first chewed” gum. I always seemed to have more gum then my brothers and sisters because mine lasted longer. I do remember holding it in my fingers when I brushed my teeth and ate my breakfast. They said I learned how to sleep with food in my mouth because of putting food I disliked in my cheeks and keeping it there all night until my dad let me spit it out the next morning. I must have had some really puffy cheeks as a little child. My dad says I was about as stubborn as they come. I would tell them that there was no way they could make me eat that food and they would not let me leave the table until the food was off the plate. I think it was the dentist who probably was the winner in those battles. I also sometimes wonder if it is a true story because I have no memories of doing this, but both my parents and older sister swear I did it. I think I would have choked or something. LOL

    God bless.

    PS…on a different computer right now, mine still won’t let me post comments, so they will be erratic at best until I figure this out.
    I have been known to leave gum on a plate. ack. I feel your computer pain – DS’s died completely the other day and went to “tech” heaven and mine is having problems again and needs to go back to Worst Buy for service. grrr

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