I Just Didn’t Pick Up on This

Driving home from Target I was behind a monstrous shiny black pickup truck.  He was going about 25 in a 40 mile zone.  I had plenty of time to check out his truck.  It was a Cadillac Escalade pickup.  A luxury pickup truck.  If that don’t beat all.


It’s too pretty for haulin’ lumber.  You sure as shoot can’t load up the back with a 1/2 ton of manure.  I doubt you’d want the dogs riding in the back scratching the bed with their nails.  It has no gun rack.  What’s the purpose?

I’m not knocking anybody having a Cadillac, mind you.  In fact, one of my neighbors tools around in a big old white Escalade (gettin’ gallons to the mile vs miles to the gallon) but that’s his choice.  And it’s an SUV, not a pickup.  I didn’t even know Cadillac made pickups.

Again, I’m back to my original question….why? 

I finally passed him and took a good long look at the whole shebang and it was mighty fancy.  But I wouldn’t want to get caught driving that truck in someplace like Oklahoma or Texas or even here in parts of Ohio where they take their pickups pretty seriously.  Designer pickup – what a waste of material and ridiculous show of wealth.  Unless he’s living in it…that would change everything…but I didn’t see a Dish antenna anywhere and there were no empty pot pie pans flyin’ outta the bed either. 

I don’t get it…sigh…


8 thoughts on “I Just Didn’t Pick Up on This

  1. Totally agree with you! What a flashy show piece. Maybe he is a want-a-be trucker?
    By the way he was driving, he was an old man just showing he had money to burn. lol

  2. Hey Linda!

    LOL! I love it! Designer trucks! Is that like those little designer dogs that you see people carrying around in handbags? That makes me ask why too! I wonder if Golden Destroyer would let you carry her around in a handbag with flowers and bows on it. LOL!

    Great post!
    Dr. Rus
    ROFL – Carrying EmmaLou? She weighs about 80 lbs!! And she would DEFINITELY hate the flowers & bows – I’d be pulling back a bloody stump! 😉

  3. Right there with ya girlfriend! Everything about that truck is an insult to us regular pickup owners. The back of that truck isn’t even large enough to haul trash to the dump let alone a load of lumber. What’s it beasure? 3 feet? WHY? Excellant question.

    BTW: I like the new format:)
    I fell in love with your truck and want one just like it coz it’s my fav color!! Plus my crapola car is dying a slow painful death – but I’m sure not gonna buy an Escalade pickup – it’s just wrong, wrong I tell you, wrong!!! And thx on the format thing — while I adore EmmaLou, it was getting old and tired having a pic of her at the top all the time – I’d rather feature her on Wordless Wednesdays. Change is good — except for this NaBloPoMo thing I got roped into – a post every day for a month??? This is killing me. Probably killing alot of my readers too — quantity goes up and quality goes down… LOL snort

  4. A gun rack says “I’m OK Y’all”. But wait until you see a Hummer H2 (the big one) that is Barby pink with Barby decals all over. A Macho MAMA!
    Whoever drives a Barby pink H2 should be made to live with Paris Hilton for a year — in the same room — attached at the hip. Ugh…

  5. OK. Here’s the deal. I’m gonna find that dude and make him a bet – he comes out and pulls fence for twelve hours anywhere in Texas. If he makes it, he gets to keep the vehicle (I won’t call it a truck). If he’s flat out on the ground begging for mercy, I get the fancy four-wheeled thingie.

    Then, I sell the thingie and buy myself a proper pickup – not to mention paying my rent for the next year and finally replacing my coffee pot with one of them-there fancy one cup at time thingies.

    Apparently the old saying about fools, their money and getting soon parted is true. 😉
    We are so on the same page here – coz that’s EXACTLY how I felt – I actually wanted to follow him home so I could walk up to him and just slap him. Btw – the gravatar you use is the same or very similar to what I used to use as my Twitter avi – cool, huh – I have to go dig out the pic and check but I’m pretty sure it’s the same piece of artwork. Gr8 minds etc. 😉

  6. There is only one reason I know of — Cadillac.
    ‘Oh I have a Cadillac’ .. they can now say.

    Me – I’ve never owned a new car – and my current one is a 1996.
    I tend to agree with you – it’s the “brand” thing rearing its ugly head. I have owned new cars – I’m trying to get up the courage to go and do the negotiating thing for a new car soon coz my old one is on its last legs – but you can bet your sweet patootie it won’t be a Cadillac. I have this issue with ostentatious displays of wealth when there are so many people who are hurting and could use some of the money you spent on your monster Cadillac – a couple of payments could feed a family of four for 6 months, ya know? (getting off soapbox now) 😉

  7. An even stoopider “truck” is the Hummer H2 “truck” with a truck bed that is big enough to haul a box or 2 of cookies and nothing else. Seriously. THERE IS NO POINT TO IT.

    If you can’t haul a dirt bike in the truck bed, IT’S NOT A TRUCK.

    Sorry for yelling.
    You have my permission to come here and yell all you want swee’pea. That’s what red-headed friends are for! I should have looked closer – I know it didn’t have a gun rack but I wonder now if it had a wine rack instead. ROFL

  8. About thirty years ago some kid at work bought a pickup truck with the ‘stingray’ package. Stingray? It was a pickup.
    Now people have a pickup for their ‘good’ vehicle. Four seat luxury, ipod dock, forty-two surround sound speakers. Too pretty to use it to haul something.
    A man gets to a certain age and he needs an old pickup. Torn seat covers, last washed in ’85, tobacco juice stain down the side (well, not me but you get the idea). And it should have a carburetor, not those fancy injector things.
    I’m with ya — what you’re saying is it should be utilitarian not preppyville. Got it. Why do you need an ipod dock in a pickup anyway? And don’t even get me started on the surround sound deal. It’s.A.Truck. done

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