Very Bad TV Commercials Part 1

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Scene:  Devoted Spouse and a very tired me relaxing in family room watching tv.

Commercial comes on for new Jeep “Compass” – Three Red Jeeps with the New Jeep Compass the one in the middle zooming in between the other two.

Announcer:  The NEWWWWWW Jeep Compass…Genetically Engineered!!!

Me:  Excuse me?  GENETICALLY engineered???  Wha… GENETICALLY??!!   

Devoted Spouse:  Maybe they use real skin.

Me:  Ewwwww…Soylent Green is Jeeps…

…fade to black…sigh


3 thoughts on “Very Bad TV Commercials Part 1

  1. LOL! I wonder if some copywriter thinks he’s been cutesy but has no clue what he’s talking about. That’s just dumb!
    Actually it’s not dumb at all – it’s quite clever because it got my attention didn’t it and that’s what good marketing is all about – now they have Jeep Compass on my mind. Devious but well played. I would never want to be part of an advertising agency and have to come up with all these campaigns – each one must be more outlandish that the last – too much pressure!! lol I’ll just sit here and plug away at my little blog…

  2. But…but…it’s “ENGINEERED!!” That makes it Better than the non-genetically engineered vehicles.

    And yeah, I don’t even want to know whose genetics they used to make a car.

    I just don’t.
    it still gets a big ewwww in my book. bad advertisers, bad. slap slap

  3. Apparently you are not an engineer. Go here to read more about what genetically engineered implies:

    What it means is the design variables are optimized by some artificial intelligence algorithms to maximize fitness criteria.
    Actually Ben I do understand this – it was meant as a joke – a play on words? ya know like genetically engineered food? I’m married to an engineer – you guys just don’t get satire at all. LOL But thanks for trying to be helpful and for your kind comment.

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