I’m Getting Frustrated by Degree(s)…

Dear Unilever Company:

Your website claims your products touch the lives of over 2 billion people every day and that 160 million times a day someone buys one of your products.  I’m here to tell you that number is about to change to about 159,999,999 due to the fact that you can’t make a container of deodorant which works.

Your Degree deodorant claims to hold a usable 2.6 oz.  By the time I repeatedly twirl the little bottom thingie that makes the deodorant magically appear at the top I may manage to use around 2.0 oz.  Why, you ask?  Because at that point the whole flippin’ white deodorant mess comes off the little long pointy stick thingie inside the deodorant container (notice my impressive use of technical terminology here) and what is left of the deodorant falls to the floor.  I have carpeting in my dressing room and it makes a mess.

Usually, I pick up what’s left and attempt to jam it back onto the little stick thingie and guess what happens?  The remaining deodorant falls apart in pieces.  Do you know how difficult it is to try and hold onto what’s left while simultaneously rubbing it onto your armpits?  I didn’t think so.  I’m not sure about my armpits, but I know my fingernails smell fresh. 

I like this deodorant.  I do not like your packaging. I do not enjoy giving up. And, frankly, I have tried to improve on your packaging but the experience with the Gorilla Glue taught me I should not have to go through this (that and the fact it was uncomfortable walking around all day with your deodorant container accidentally glued to my armpit.)   Repeatedly, I buy this product, and repeatedly I am disappointed when it falls apart before the contents are used up.  Because of your shoddy packaging, adding up all the pieces parts of deodorant I have wasted in the past few months I figure I have lost at least one entire container of deodorant since January.  I paid $3.64 at Target for Degree Ultraclear deodorant.  I think you owe me at least  a refund and some carpet cleaner…sigh…




6 thoughts on “I’m Getting Frustrated by Degree(s)…

  1. Been there, done that! Got carpet in my dressing room too. They need the deodorant to change color just before it crumbles! Might save us both some aggravation.
    One day as that happened, EmmaLou was by my feet – guess what she scarfed up? Oh yeah…deodorant. Scared the crap outta me. I hate that packaging. grrrr

  2. What’s also maddening is when the little twisty twirly thing that makes the stick rise up DOES NOT WORK. It just spins and spins and the stick of anti-sweat-and-stink just sits there below the surface and then you have to dig it out with your fingers and smear it on your pits. Hate.
    I was gonna address just that issue but had to write in a hurry – I hate that too – oh.so.much. That’s when I throw the container at the wall and vent, vent, vent. ack.

  3. You Rock kid! Tell them I’m feed up with bad products…
    sometimes I can’t help myself – as consumers we are coninually being ripped off and most of the time we simply go along with it. I’m really angry at how they are shorting the contents lately and making the packaging look as if there is still the same amount of product. I get angry when i have to buy 2 cans of something to get what i need for a recipe when 1 can used to be sufficient. Plus they jack up the price to boot — grrrr…

  4. Oh.My.Goodness Thank you for finally exposing this. Heaven forbid you DROP the stupid thing before you even get to the last inch of the junk. Then it’s really all over….literally and figuratively
    oh yeah…did that too. sigh

  5. Don’t ya just hate it when that happens? UUUUGH!
    Yes especially since virtually every type of deodorant container is made this way unless you use a roll on or a spray. Drives me absolutely insane!!!

  6. There must be a way to use what is left!, it’s a lot to be wasted. Ideas anyone?

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