Hey! Where’d That Pigeon Come From and Why’s He Limping?


pic courtesy of graciousbowl.com

It was one of those evenings when I didn’t care who had what to eat for dinner.  I was tired, stressed, and had no clue what I was in the mood for food-wise.  Devoted Spouse wasn’t much interested in a three-course dinner and so we did what is known in our house  as “grazing.”  In other words, every man for himself in the kitchen; you go hungry, tough noogies. 

I put my head in the ‘fridge and had a good look around.  Blechh.  Nothing appealed to me.  I recalled that Devoted Spouse made a quick grocery run the day before and I vaguely recalled soup on the list.  Soup.  Now that sounded good.  Not only was it good, it was low in calories and fat because it was Campbell’s Select Harvest Light Italian Style Vegetable and according to Weight Watcher’s one serving equals 0 points.  That’s right…Zero points.

I gleefully made my way to the pantry.  There on the shelf were several cans of Campbell’s Select Harvest soups…but no Light Italian Style Vegetable.   I found something called Select Harvest Healthy Italian Style Wedding soup.  Looked like it had some spinach in it and spinach is a vegetable so I was happy enough.

I opened the can and dumped it in a pan on the stove.  I stirred it around and as it heated up I got a wooden spoon out and took a closer look at the soup I was about to eat.  This is what I saw in my spoon:

Holey Moley what in the blue blazes IS that in my spoon?  I looked closer at the can which listed, in small print, meatballs.  New flash:  those weren’t any conventional meatballs I’ve ever seen.  Nope, someone had slipped a bunch of pigeon testicles in my soup.  I thought maybe they were made of turkey or chicken because they were so light in color.  I kept stirring the soup and each time I poked one of those little round lumps, I swear I heard pigeons in the background. 

But I was getting hungry.  So I slopped some of the soup into my bowl, grabbed a piece of bread and a spoon and off to the family room I went.  The soup broth itself was not bad — I really liked the spinach.  The pasta globules were gooey but filling.  I simply couldn’t handle the pigeon testicles.  This is how my finished meal looked:

Do those look like meatballs to you?  I don’t think so.  Devoted Spouse has been briefed never to buy that particular flavor of Campbell’s soup again…pigeon testicles.  I’m just sayin….sigh…


12 thoughts on “Hey! Where’d That Pigeon Come From and Why’s He Limping?

  1. Oh my, ROFLMAO…….

    We had soup for dinner last night also. I made sorta homemade (the spices were in a packet) spiced up beef barley and lentil soup. It almost looked like the soup in your first picture. Hubby ate two bowls of it. And it was spicy. So we now have this large pot of soup and I now have to figure out how many ways I can change it into other types of soup. I am hoping that if I freeze them for a month or so, hubby will think I made homemade soup again.

    I also have a big giant butternut squash that I need to make soup with. Maybe I will cook it and mix it with tonight soup…..bleech, sounds gross.

    Maybe I need to learn how to cook some pigeon testicles, we have enough of them living around here. Got enough pigeon poop to know that if times get really tough that there is going to be lots of pigeon stews being cooked around here. I hear it tastes real good, hmmmm yummy…..bleech. But I have been wondering why there are not quite as many of them running around. Dang birds breed faster than chickens.

    God bless.
    We don’t see pigeons here in the ‘burbs – but they’re downtown. They can stay there – not fond of pigeons. I love my mourning doves though – can’t wait to hear them – that’s always my first sign spring is around the corner, when my mama dove returns. I also love soup – I make some great soups – but I was tired so grabbed the canned stuff. Ugh. Freeze the lentil soup and the butternut squash soup – pack in dry ice and ship it to me – I’ll eat it!!! Sounds absolutely yummy! xoxo

  2. LOL! Guess it beats finding a cockatoo in your soup!
    and ya just HAD to say that on a day I haven’t made the trip to Target for the Depends yet…. ROFL – you are insane woman! xo

  3. PS….I just posted an animal video that is hilarious. Make sure you are sitting when you watch it. I did not know there were so many of them out there.

    ahem…was that a polite way of saying I should get my butt to your blog and visit? I know I am remiss in my bloggy friend duties – Promise a visit later today – gotta get some work done first. 😉 xoxo

  4. Hey Linda!

    Okay, another great post and I’ve just added to my list of what “not to buy” in the soup aisle of the local grocery store too.

    Dr. Rus
    The other soups are great – this one not so much. Especially now that I’ve described it. LOL

  5. I love the Italian Wedding Soup! But I will never eat it again without thinking I’m eating pigeon testicles. Thanks a lot for that. Thanks A LOT.

    I’m hungry.
    For you Dahlink…anything…anytime. I live to serve. bwahahahahahaha

  6. Yuck! Don’t know about the pigeon whatyamacallits, but those ‘meatballs’ look a lot like stuff you’d buy over here for EmmaLou – either meat chunks in gravy or dried dog food that soaked a bit too long. Great job eating the soup out from under it! 😉
    Even EmmaLou’s kibble looked better and at least I know it’s ingredients – this stuff no way was I eating it! I was as good at picking out the meatballs as Devoted Spouse is at hunting out and removing any tiny piece of mushroom! lol

  7. Oh, yeah – that soup! It used to be way better but the last time I had it the balls were given to my dogs. They’re still alive, thank goodness. But never again. The other thing is, I believe I counted 4 of them in the can. So not only did they get smaller, there were fewer. I’m Italian and I swear no Italian would get out of the kitchen alive if he or she came up with that mess. My grandma just rolled over in her coffin to throw up over the side.
    I so agree – I’ve made the soup myself before and that was nowhere close!! ick 😉

  8. If those are pigeon testicles, the pigeon who donated them had to be the size of an eagle! LOL! omg, I am roflmao!
    Hey I can’t help that we have big pigeons here LOL

  9. I don’t know what those were supposed to be but I think that I would have bypassed them as well.
    I should have used my good camera for the shots – didn’t do them justice – they were sooooo nasty looking! I would have sucked a Diet Pepsi through my nose before eating those ‘things’ lol

  10. Sweetie-pie, even with my X-ray vision, the bottom pic really tested my idea of pigeon testicles…LOL! Maybe they’ve been included as a natural viagra for the wedding night?! :< )
    eww what a horrid thought! LOL

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