Book Him, Devoted Spouse!

Devoted Spouse:  Whaddya wanna watch on tv tonight?

Me:  I dunno, I don’t care, whatever you want.  There’s nothing good on.

Devoted Spouse:  Why don’t we watch some of the shows we have DVR’d?

Me:  Okey dokey… (pulls up DVR List)  Hey!  There’s an episode of Hawaii Five O we haven’t seen.  Wanna watch that?

Devoted Spouse:  Which one is it?  (looks at “information block on DVR”) I don’t recognize this one, do you?

Me:  (looking at information also) Nope, don’t remember it; we must have missed that one.  WAIT!  That’s the pilot – I KNOW we watched the pilot.  But, I don’t remember this.

Devoted Spouse:  I don’t remember it either; let’s just watch it.


Devoted Spouse: I DO remember this….but I don’t remember what happens.  Hmmmm.

Me:  HEY!  I remember it too….but I’m not sure what happens.  How does it end?

Devoted Spouse:  I dunno.

This type of conversation continued throughout the program until about 3 minutes prior to the end of the show when we both finally remembered how it ended.

Devoted Spouse:  I have a great idea.

Me:  (waits to hear this amazing idea)

Devoted Spouse:  Let’s just DVR one show from now on and keep it forever.

Me:  Huh? 

Devoted Spouse:  (looks at me with big grin on his face) Obviously we don’t remember them, so when we go back to watch, we will constantly be surprised.  See?  We only need to DVR one show.

Moral of story….maybe aging isn’t all that bad.  Being a little forgetful leads to fun surprises sometimes….like an episode of Hawaii Five O you can enjoy again…and again…and again…sigh..


12 thoughts on “Book Him, Devoted Spouse!

  1. Hey Linda!

    We love this show too! But, I must admit I was really bummed out when the only time they used a Mustang was in the pilot! The bums! LOL!

    I think I’ll have to re-watch the pilot on my DVR this afternoon.

    Dr. Rus
    We watch each one – I know you have a Mustang thang! LOL But I LOVE the Camaro they’re driving now and I want one! 😉

  2. LOL! Wow! You wanna add some fun to this … call your local electric company and schedule random power outages to your home.

    Book ’em, Linda-Louie!
    (Falls out of comfy chair laughing) I would but I forget their number ROFL

  3. This happens to us, all the time. I know we have the same conversations, or I will remember it and hubby won’t. I will say how we’ve seen it, and he will go on about how we haven’t, right up until the end when he then remembers what happened, but I’ve forgotten that or missed it originally b/c of the boys….and yup he ruins it for me LOL
    It’s just funny that it happens to us all the time on tv shows and yet we keep watching them – obviously somebody isn’t paying much attention! LOL Wait – this happens to me on some books I’ve read, too. Must have low retention going on here or I’m simply too ADD!!! 😉

  4. Do you remember when the dark haired one played a vampire on Moonlight, who cared what the story was about, one would be so busy just watching him walk, talk, move, or anything, that the story did not matter. Okay just kidding, I did watch it for the story, my grandson used to watch it with me on Friday nights and we both got into the vampire thing. We were so disappointed when it got cancelled. But since he is not with me on Monday nights, he cannot watch this with me.

    I enjoy the show and love how they always refer to the dad from the original Five-O series. I think Dan-O just died this past year. This makes the show, well for me anyhow, not a copycat but a continuation of something we watched as kids. I think it is cool how they did that.

    Oops, sorry too much memory there. I need to go back to my CRS mode.

    God bless.
    I DO remember him from that show – I actually liked that show – but I enjoy vampire stories ya know. I saw him in an interview and he’s either Australian or British (you know my memory) and has a heckuva accent going on! I also enjoy the new show – hubs was reluctant at first but was happy they kept an updated version of the theme song. We both like the relationship between Steve and Danno – good character chemistry there and it works. So we watch it or DVR it. Not much else good on these days – I’m wasting $$ having cable I’m beginning to think…

  5. My husband loves to see how many seconds until he can yell “SEEN IT”. If I say I don’t remember, he proceeds to tell me how it ended. Then I say, “what if I wanted to watch it again because I didn’t remember?”

    Would be funnier if we didn’t have this conversation a few times a week!
    We tend to see who can remember what first too but NEVER reveal the ending (if possible) LOL He’ll just sit there and grin coz he remembers and I don’t! 😉

  6. Being forgetful is such happiness. Meeting new friends every day. Now what was it spouse wanted me to do? I’ve been taking ginkgo balboa to improve my memory but I can’t remember why.
    I’m sorry…do I know you? lol snort

  7. Oh jeez Hubby is that way with Law&Order SVU , he is like “Oh I remember this one” and I’m like ” I don’t” and half way through he will say ” I know who the suspect is” sometimes he is right and other times he is wrong and then there are times when it is a new episode and he still claims he has seen it and then I’m like Ha in your face , you so did not know who done it, he does this to me again when CSI is on too..
    Ah he makes life interesting for sure LOL!!
    I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone in this nonsense! LOL

  8. Well, you just described a night of TV at my house. We never miss an episode of NCIS yet the other night it was a rerun, from THIS season and while we knew we’d seen it already, we couldn’t remember a whole heckuva lot about it.
    I wasn’t going to mention that it’s not just Hawaii Five O I tend to forget….I’ve watched NCIS and forgotten it too and a whole host of other shows. So is it our retention levels…the shows we watch…the fact we’re watching the lead characters NOT the show itself (lol)…hmmm….oh yeah did I mention this happens to me with books I read, too? I gotta work on my remembering skills. There was something else I was gonna add…. oh well, nevermind. 😉

  9. The worst is when you finally remember near the end that you didn’t like it and you were mad at yourself for wasting time on it.

    We find ourselves in that trap because we keep saying it”s going to get better any minute.
    Wait just a minute buster…were you in my family room the other night listening in? ROFL

  10. I’m like that with jokes–sometimes I wish I could forget the funniest ones, so I could laugh hysterically over and over! Jokes, tv, movies (sometimes), books, names – it’s getting ridiculous here. I sometimes feel I should wear one of those huge sticky-backed Hello My Name Is tags and underneath my name state Don’t mind me; I forget everything. 😉

  11. Along the same lines, I have bought the same book three times because they changed the picture on the cover and I apparently didn’t recognize either the name of the book or the description of plot on the inside flap. The time frame was longer than a single TV season, but that doesn’t really make it much better.
    I feel really lots better now coz I did the book thing not long ago – the cover was different and I didn’t recognize the title because this author has an entire series out and I thought…”Oh LOOK she has a new one out” turned out to be a reprint. Ack. Really annoying.


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