Umm…I’ll Take a Six-Pack…of Brains


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It truly was a good day, but I admit to being a trifle distracted.  You don’t need all the silly details.  Suffice to say I’ve just been going in 27,000 different directions, spinning my wheels and getting precious little accomplished. 

Had a meeting.  Wasn’t feeling 100%…a little off my mark.  A bit addled, scattered, even a tad nervous — so much on my mind.  Left said meeting and I wasn’t paying attention.  I had another place to be and other things to do.  One bag on one arm, another tote on the other arm; uncomfortable and decided to quickly take off my coat before dashing into my car.  Too many “things”, not enough arms.  You can see where I’m headed with this.

I left the parking lot, made a slow right turn onto the main road, and accelerated.  Ahead?  Light turning red, so I hit the brake.  Okay, I hit it a little hard.  Imagine my total surprise (translation: whoa Nelly somebody better stock up on Depends soon) when something came thumping down onto the hood of my car.  What the heck???  Oh yeah….

It was my purse.  Seems I had hurled it on top of the car as I was taking off my coat, threw the other bag into the car with the coat, hopped in and away I went.  Fortunately, right before arriving at the red light there is a small beer/wine/whatever drive-thru establishment and I very slowly nudged my car into the parking lot and stopped.  Thankfully, my purse remained on the hood.

I got out, retrieved my purse, and realized happily that I had taken the time to zip the purse and nothing had actually fallen out.  The purse was a special one; hand-quilted by a friend.  The bag had just a bit of road salt on it which I managed to brush off. Yay, all was right in my world.  

Once again, I am living proof that multi-tasking can be dangerous, even while engaged in something as easy and mundane as driving.  All I was doing was thinking of how I was going to re-write a portion of  a document I had been working on.  Apparently, that was too much multi-tasking for the part of my brain which is responsible for the big tasks (such as remembering that purses go inside the car and not on top).  Can you imagine the total havoc I could wreak if I started texting while driving?  I can’t even think while driving — total insanity.  Let’s see.. where was I going with this?  Oh…

Maybe I should have gone through the drive-thru after all — I deserved a little whine…sigh.


11 thoughts on “Umm…I’ll Take a Six-Pack…of Brains

  1. LOL. I hope you spent under $50.00! You should always “LISTEN TO ME”

    BTW, guess you hit your TARGET!
    no Target baby – it was Office Depot and that’s even worse – I need a 12-step Office Depot program. Lovin ofc supplies. LOL

  2. It’s more fun when it’s (1) a cup of Starbucks’ coffee, (2) a cup of coffee from your own kitchen, which means you just lost your favorite go-mug, or (3) the gas cap.

    Been there, done that – and a whole lot more.
    yeah, me too, I just don’t want the world to know more details… ROFL

  3. My first time being a mom, , had diaper bag and bottle in one hand and baby in my arms I put the diaper bag and bottle on top of the car to put baby in the car seat, well needless to say I drove off with the stuff still on top of the car, I had people waving and honking at me , thinking oh how nice of them to say hi, I arrived at my destination pulled into the parking lot and went over a speed bump and everything came flying.. LOL!!
    Isn’t it amazing how we think they’re just waving to be friendly?? ROFL

  4. So been there-done-that, too! I drove off and didn’t realize my purse was on the car, got home, found that it was no longer there, drove back to the store, not there, raced home in tears, madly cancelled all cards and put a notice on my checking account. Finally took a breath, the phone rang. A good samaritan rescued my purse and had it–all of it–at her house for me to come pick up…..Look! there’s a BUNNY!!! ; )
    ROFL “Look there’s a BUNNY!!!” Oh I so hear ya sistah!!

  5. We’ve done that with the family cat and a pound of slice bologna (but not at the same time). Luckily, we heard the cat’s meows before any hood-thumping occurred. The bologna? Not so lucky.
    I’ve never put the family pet on the top of the car nor a pound of bologna…thanks for making me feel not so bad after all! LOL 😉

  6. I think we need to just slow down and smell the roses. I saw something a few months ago, a study done about how well we multi-task. Mostly it was that we really suck at multi-tasking when one is young and when we are older we do better, but it is because we lose our train of thought quicker then when one is young. Basically what I took away from the study, and I think the same conclusion was reached by the researchers, is that we should not be multi-tasking. When we multi-task, we are just basically doing a half-ass job on all those tasks, whereas when we concentrate on one job, then we do a good job.

    But be thankful it was not a cup of soda pop that was left on top of the car. It is really hard to see out the windshield, and it is hard to clean off the car after it dries. If I am going to put anything on the car, I have learned to put it on the hood, that way I usually notice it before I drive forward (notice I said forward, because I have driven backwards with it still there). And putting it on the ground is not much better. Squashed it…..

    Oh and I am so thankful for you that your purse did not go flying somewhere. Truly an angel was watching over you and your purse.

    God bless.
    I don’t multi-task well…and I’ve been really distracted lately. Life is moving too fast right now plus EmmaLou is having health issues and that has me in the “emotional wreck” category right now. sigh…

  7. Oh yes! You sound just like the Geezer! When he gets involved with multitasking the multitasks he tends to get confused. Somehow things get transposed. He winds his hair, wipes his teeth, and washes his watch at such times. Like the this morning when he used two teaspoons of salt to sweeten his coffee. Say hi to Emma for me! Sandy
    Well, Sandy sweetie-pie, me and the Geezer have lots in common!! EmmaLou says howdy right back atcha! 😉

  8. It’s been a while since I furthered my efforts towards knighthood.

    And this is not just blatant asskissery, well maybe it is a little bit.

    But credit where credit is due.

    You took a lump of rough clay, me, and turned it into, well, a lump of not so rough clay.

    That’s something.

    Love, love, love!
    Apparently you have caught Her Majesty in a most gracious mood….checking the Knighthood list….hmmm it appears the next in line was accidentally beaten senseless during a round of Royal Croquet…. leaving yourself next up on the list for official Knighthood. Seems the leap from Knave to Knight is pending…. but first the Queen needs a refreshing beverage….perhaps she will look at the list again another day.

  9. At least you didn’t lose the purse or anything in it and you have the not feeling well card to play on top of everything, so this one is a gimme.
    I like that — I’m playin the “not feelin well card” on this one and gettin a free pass on the Dork Factor! LOL

  10. Ha! Happens to everybody! I remember losing my wallet at the beach once. I went swimming in the Gulf, forgetting to take my wallet out of my swimtrunks pocket first. Shortly afterward, I saw a wallet floating nearby, and wondered whose it was–until I got it out of the water! Everything in it was soaked, of course–I may still have a paper card or two in my current wallet that’s water-damaged!
    Yikes! I once ran some money I had in a jeans pocket through the washing machine – then I ran around telling everyone I was a money-launderer! LOL

  11. Did the same thing w/ a new pair of prescription sun glasses. The case noisily dislodged itself from the roof rack while I was on the entrance ramp to the interstate. Thump, thump, thump, “What the hell was that?” “Oh no!”. I could see the intact case in the middle of the right-hand lane of the ramp. I pulled over and stopped. They were about 200 yards back. I thought – “I can save this” and started backing up on the shoulder. A car coming down the ramp saw me and apparently decided that he needed to get out of the idiots way, so he changed lanes – right over top of the glasses case.
    You’re lucky he didn’t drive over YOU – forget the glasses. Sheesh. I feel for ya though. 😉

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