It’s All Okra-Dokra With Me…

This is a quick veggie tale for a couple of my Twitter buds.  If I’ve told ya’ll this one before….well, I’m old and decrepit and the mind is going so just put up with it… I also need more coffee.

When Devoted Spouse was Active Duty Air Force we lived in this lovely little brick cottage on a base here in Ohio.  We had such nice neighbors – the one on one side always met me at the fence with an extra Mason jar of ‘gawdknowswhat’ for me to share with her….the one on the other side was a Southern Belle and wouldn’t be caught out without her hair and spackle just perfect…. ya’ll.  Diversity…

Anyway.  Devoted Spouse and I decided to put in a little garden in the backyard.  Yay us.  We dug and dug…we composted…we planted…we weeded… I used my target pistol on the squirrels (another story for another day) and and and and… we had a heckuva garden going.

Devoted Spouse picked out all the plants and seeds that year — we had tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, zucchini (how da heck u spell zucchini anyway?) and he found something called okra.  Now I grew up in Virginia but I didn’t know what okra was.  Devoted Spouse said it was something you grew, picked, washed, dried, battered, fried, & ate.

I can do that.

Our okra thrived — the squirrels went after the cucumbers instead (having tasted okra I’m with the squirrels).

One day my front doorbell rang.  I went to the door in my ratty chenille robe and bunny slippers.  There stood Miss Texas 19oughtsomething all decked out in her purty outfit w/matching shoes.  I invited her in.  She daintily stepped over my threshold, looked around, got a look on her face and said:

“Hunny I caaaaaan’t (that has 3 syllables btw) stay loooooonnnnng but tha ladies and I have (have has 2 syllables in this drawl…keep up please) been discussin’ ya’ll’s okra and tha ladies thought I should be tha one ta tell ya hunny.  Okra is s’posed ta be picked when it’s smalllllll, not when it’s tha size of a cucumbah.”

Then she had the audacity to grin at me, tell me she had to run and out the door she went leaving me standing there pretty much with okra on my face.

Crap – and here I thought I was growing the best and largest okra in the neighborhood and I would win a garden prize. 

From that day….I have detested okra.  Oh yeah, I finally tasted it.  What a waste…right up there with brussel sprouts.  Future topic for my meeting in heaven… “What Was Jesus Thinking?”  Yeah… add okra to the list.  Blechhhhh….sigh


17 thoughts on “It’s All Okra-Dokra With Me…

  1. Okra is good if it is battered, fried, and dipped in honey. If you boil it, it’s just slimy and gross. I will occasionally order it if we’re eating out at a BBQ joint. Yes, they look at me funny when I ask for honey and usually ask (with disgust) “Where y’all from?!?!” but since I’m a Southern Belle is doesn’t phase me. I turn it around on them as if it is the oldest tradition to pair fried okra with honey and let them know that they just aren’t anybody til they’ve tried it. 🙂
    well you’d hafta put SOMETHING on it coz it HAS no taste of its own…. rofl enjoy sweetie – I’ll pass. 😉

  2. I love brussel sprouts, with a little butter and salt YUMMMMMM! When i was pg with #2 I had to have it in the house at all times. The girls at work complained about the smell, but I thought it was delicious!
    little dead cabbages….truly disturbing images going thru my head now. ugh. But as long as you’re happy sweetie, I’m happy too! xo

  3. Hey Linda;

    Bwahahahaha! Okra, okra, okra! It’s the best when it passes the test! Okra, okra, okra! You’ll learn to love it when when you’ve dug it. (Okay, so that last rhyme was kind of lame). LOL!

    But, I do love the story! I can just hear Mss Southern ‘Belle telling you how to grow it too!

    Dr. Rus
    This was back in the 80’s and lemme tell ya — I was MORTIFIED coz she hung out with the General’s wife and I already had Mrs General miffed at me coz I was working full time instead of being at her Officers Wives Club meetings making little crafty things. meh Fortunately I didn’t hurt Devoted Spouse’s career…. much…. LOL snort

  4. “What a waste…right up there with brussel sprouts.” I could not agree more!!!! Julie said “Okra is good if it is battered, fried, and dipped in honey.” Hell, brussel sprouts would probably taste good battered, fried & dipped! LOL!
    All I know about growing it is that it does get very tall!
    yep see my comment above – if ya gotta do that much to a veggie in order to gag it down, then I say the heck with it. And, I do seem to remember the plants becoming quite tall. Dang those okra (okri?) were massive boogers. rofl

  5. Okra = Snot

    That is all I am saying. Okay I will add a little more, pickled okra is ok to eat about every ten years and I like brussel sprouts every so often. Way better than okra snot. And yup she was right, okra should be picked small, really, really small, like while it is still a sprout and then feed it to the hogs. I know this cuz I is from the south, you know, Southern California.

    God bless.
    Ack you make me laugh so hard I have coughing fits…terrible coughing fits…stop making me laugh so hard!!! ack

    PS…it is better than being from Pelosi Territory in the northern part of the state, ugh, when is she going to go away. She is worse than okra.

  6. I’ve never eaten okra but if you cut off the pointy tips, they’ll stick right to your face and you can look like a human cactus and entertain your friends and neighbors.

    For decades I have thought brussel sprouts were an icky food, something you eat only when punished. Along with lima beans. That all changed about 2 weeks ago. I was having dinner at my sister’s house and there was a dish of what looked like chopped stir-fried vegetables of some sort and I tried it and went back for seconds. Imagine my shock and awe to find out it was none other than chopped up brussel sprouts saute’d in olive oil with seasonings and chopped pecans.
    hunny you can put seasonings, olive oil and pecans in dog poop and it might taste good but it’s still dog poop. brussel sprouts and okra are things that have to be covered with something else in order to be eaten and that proves my point — they’re nasty coz ya gotta cover their taste(or lack thereof) by breading, frying, or whatevering. ick-squared

  7. Those of us that can, grow and eat Okra.

    Those that can’t eat zucchini 🙂

    Happy Gardening
    I’ll accept that — I like grilled zucchini and I love to make zucchini bread but I can’t imagine making okra bread. lol Thanks for stopping by to see me!!! 😉

  8. Okra? Pickle it or batter and fry it – otherwise, it’s just another one of those foods that reminds me of George Bush – you know, Mr. “I’m the President and I don’t have to eat broccoli if I don’t want to!”
    As I recall he also yakked it up under the table at some Japanese reception or something like that. Poor man. I love brocolli but it has a flavor unlike okra which is totally tasteless, hence the batter, season, honey, whatever stuff you hafta do to it. Why bother? I mean you can season cardboard too, but what’s the flippin’ point? 😉

  9. Funny. I agree, if you batter anything and dip it in honey, it would taste good but why bother?

    I think she did you a favour. You have a good reason to never grow okra or eat it again!
    You got it! No mo okra – I don’t care if the South DOES rise again. rofl

  10. I taught with a Southern Belle, a life-long member of GRITS (yes 2 syllables) which stands for Girls Raised In The South…y’all. She taught me quite a bit of Southern-speak. I can properly say schoo, coo, and poo (school, cool, pool) and I know that y’all is singular–used when talking to just one person and “all y’all” is used when talking to a group. AND that one must be polite even when one is pissed. This is acomplished with the handly little phrase, “Well ain’t that nice.” She was never seen without her hair done and spackle applied either….still isn’t. Soooo, I totally looooved yer drawlin’ honey-pie. Hugs and kisses, Heidi, fellow okra hater, but loves brussel sprouts : )
    Dahhlin ya’ll obviously know yoah Suthunn Belles. Yikes – she actually scared me. LOL

  11. OMG – secondcupofcoffee just reminded me – you do know about the Sweet Potato Queens, right?

    One of my friends is from Jackson, MS and knows Jill Conner Browne. Oh, you have to know. If not, just google, dearie.

    My introduction came via “The Sweet Potato Queens’ Big-Ass Cookbook and Financial Planner”. I need to dig it out and give it another looking-over.
    good grief how did I ever miss The Sweet Potato Queens????? GASPS – must research immediately!! ack

  12. I really am a masochist and you are a good or bad influence on me.

    Now I need to go out and buy Okra just out of total morbid curiousity.

    Will likely be hitting you up for okra recipes later in the day.

    Thank you for the smile don’t know how this one slipped by me am usually like an eager bridegroom jumping on your posts as soon as they are up

    Not winning any Knighthood points today.

    Now how much is reasonable to pay for Okra? Is it by the pound or by the each? Is it even in season?

    Maybe a good thing this one has slipped by me until now.

    Love you, your majesty!
    Because I am still so sick and on the heavy duty drugs today, I’m feeling generous…so I will grant you ONE Knighthood point just because you love me and are heartily sorry you don’t visit me more often. Now listen to me carefully…Stay.Away.From.The.Okra. No good can come from your buying okra. It is not edible, does not make a good substitution for crayons and cannot be used in any of your girlfriend games!!! 😉

  13. OMG, Linda and shoreacres! I LOVED the Sweet Potato Queens!!!!! Linda, you MUST read the books AND get their cookbook! Lots of buttah, velveeta and marshmallow cream…..*crack* (the sound your arteries make when you read it)….and margaritas…what did they call them? Knock You Naked Margaritas? Something like that. ; )
    o for the love of pete….I guess I’m gonna hafta get this stuff – but there’s no way on God’s green earth I’m gonna eat any of that stuff – as much as I would love to scarf down an entire block of Velveeta cheese or perhaps an entire jar of marshmallow cream it took too much time and effort to lose these 50 pounds to get close enough to good ole Southuhn food EVAH again. In this house the South is Not Gonna Rise Again and by that I mean my butt ain’t gonna grow no mo!!! ROFL u guys r too much!! 😉

  14. Aww, poor okra! In some part of Asia okra is treated as the queen of all vegetables! Okra has many many benefits on health, you’ll love it if you realized how useful it is!

    Give Okra a chance and give yourself a chance! LOL!
    I never meant to offend poor okra nor anyone who enjoys it! I can get just as healthy gagging down slimey Tofu..oops there I go being offensive to someone or something again. Just Kidding!! Okra is fine in Gumbo (a southern stew recipe) but by itself I don’t enjoy it’s flavor – thanks anyway. I do, however, appreciate your kind visit and nice comment here! Stop by any time! 😉

  15. I’ve only tasted okra when I added it to my gumbo. It makes it thicker. Zucchini is another veggie that people often let grow too big. Best picked small, too. Just sayin…..
    Good point – when I ignore my zucchini and it gets too big I just use it in bread anyway and it’s still okay. I’ve never actually made gumbo; I’ve eaten it and loved it but couldn’t tell what the flavor of okra was due to all the seasonings in the gumbo. To be honest, zucchini has no real flavor either – I always season it and grill it or roast it. Slicing it up in a salad is okay but even a cucumber has some flavor so I’d rather use that. Ya s’pose it’s just me? LOL

  16. I’m right there with you okra and kalarabi ( not sure if that is spelled right) is just N-A-S-T-Y !!! my mom dated a guy that was from Oklahoma and he acted like it was the national vegetable from his home town.. Blechh. to me kalarabi is a mix of brussel sprouts and something else just as gross..
    ick ick and more ick LOL

  17. That is funny! One correction though: Being a Floridian born and raised in Alabama–the contraction is spelled “y’all”, not “ya’ll”.

    I liked squirrels before moving here and starting a garden of my own (flower garden)–now I despise them! Simply put, they dig up and eat the seeds, right after you’ve planted them! At first, I tried to scare them away with a plastic owl and snake–did nothing. Then I caught them in a live trap, hauled them dozens of miles away, and turned them loose. But there were more to replace them. Finally, I begrudgingly killed them with a pellet gun–I killed 62, before finally giving up. Every one I had hauled away or killed was simply replaced by another. So the squirrels (there’ve got to be millions in this county alone), with some help from the mosquitos, finally drove me to give up gardening altogether.

    I must admit squirrels are cute, and that they are an essential in the wild (serving as food for larger animals, and inadvertently planting seeds that grow into trees). But they’re too smart for their own good (they’re number 10 on the list of the world’s most intelligent animals (not counting humans) (Travel Channel, 2001)). And this is what makes them such a nuisance among humans (for feeding birds, as well as gardening).

    Finally, on a lighter subject, I grew up with okra (not Oprah), but have never liked it. Simply put, it’s slimy when cooked. Unfortunately, it’s a key ingredient in seafood or chicken gumbo for most folks, but I eat the gumbo anyway (the other stuff usually disguising the feel and taste of the okra)!
    Hi Scott! I DO know how to spell “y’all” I simply get goin so fast my apostrophes end up in the wrong places!! Mea Culpa!!! I ammmmm a Suthahn girl from Vuhginnnnya ya know. LOL As to squirrels – let me tell you what has helped us — we placed a fence around the garden – now this is almost the same as chicken wire – very small holes and the SECRET is to BURY the fence and also turn it under the garden by at least 4 or 5 inches maybe more if you can. It keeps the squirrels out coz they dig and then encounter even more fence and they go someplace else — helps keep out rabbits too. Now it DOESN’T stop squirrels from jumping down from tree branches or running along the top of your fence if you have any wood on top (like a wooden gate, etc.) LOL Thanks so much for you kind comment!! 🙂 See y’all l8r!

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