That’s Alright Honey, You’re Aging Like Fine Wine…Not Moldy Cheese


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Scene Setting:  Sunday afternoon.  Football game on tv.  What to eat?  Pizza….duh.

Devoted Spouse:  You want more pizza?

Me:  Heck yeah.  I dunno why I’m so hungry; I’m absolutely starved!

Devoted Spouse:  What’d we have for dinner last night?

Me:  Umm…errrr….uhhhh…

Devoted Spouse:  No, really, I don’t remember…what’d we have for dinner last night?

Me:  I.Don’t.Know.  I.Can’t.Remember.  Are.You.Happy? Okay, so now BOTH of us need to go to “the home”  (laughing in background)

Devoted Spouse:  (grinning) So…what’d we have for dinner last night? 

Me:  CRAP.  I.Don’t.Know.  Gimme my pizza.

Devoted Spouse:  calmly walks toward family room with his plate of pizza and a smirk on his face


Devoted Spouse:  Huh?  You want nachos now? (looks confused)

Me:  No you goofball, remember we had a big plate of nachos late in the afternoon Saturday coz we were watching football and that ended up BEING dinner.  (Wipes brow and breathes sigh of relief knowing mind is still sharp as a tack and I won’t be going to “the home” anytime soon.)

Devoted Spouse:  Oh yeah, nachos.

Me:  ‘Oh yeah, nachos?’  That’s the best you can do??  I REMEMBERED AND YOU DIDN’T (insert me doing happy dance here).

Devoted Spouse:  Chews pizza, tosses crust to EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, and goes back to watching football.

Tomorrow I may just drive down the highway, slow down at the gates of the VA , reach over, open the passenger door, and boot him out.  They have to take him.  It’s in the handbook…sigh…


7 thoughts on “That’s Alright Honey, You’re Aging Like Fine Wine…Not Moldy Cheese

  1. LOL. Make sure you drop him off before 4PM so he doesn’t miss the Early Bird Special.
    (falls out of comfy chair laffin) DS sez thanks for your concern that he’ll be fed!!! I hear the VA has good prune whip. ROFL

  2. Hey Linda!

    Well that’s nothing! @Mylovewife and I were sitting having breakfast yesterday when she said – “You know what honey?” I responded saying, “What?” (with a look of curiosity on my face). She then said – “Oh darn! I forget what I was going to say!” LOL!

    Dr. Rus
    Well fortunately I’ve NEVER done that! lol snort

  3. aaaaAAAAHH! A mind is such a terrible thing to waste. Or is it a waist is such a terrible thing to mind.
    Hey there buckaroo – don’t talk to me about waists – I have one now!!! And I only gained 4 pounds over the holidays, 2 of which are gone finally. As for minds….I have no further comment…coz I don’t remember what we were talking about…. rofl 😉 {{hugs}}

  4. Hehehe. That happens to us all the time. But, Hubby never likes to admit it on the rare ocassions when I remember something and he doesn’t. Why is that?
    hmmm…I’m reminded of the Carly Simon song, “You’re So Vain….” ROFL 😉

  5. How about what did I have for lunch?
    wait…I can do this…thinking, thinking, thinking….I KNOW – a turkey sandwich. Whew – that was a close call. Don’t do that to me again. ROFL xoxo

  6. Uh, I thought I left a comment yesterday but I can’t remember sh*t, although I had this great urge for pizza or what was it, maybe I just was dreaming of spicy cheese. Oh well, ended up with a sandwich.

    God bless.

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