Why Can’t Simple Products Simply Work….Simply?

courtesy of quickandsimple.com

Okay – here’s a little something I uploaded to YouTube recently.  I’m sorry for the sound of my voice – I’m still sick – and yes I fully realize I made this video with absolutely no makeup on, my hair is ratty, and the angle of the webcam gave me twenty chins.  I truly don’t look this bad in person – BUT I’VE BEEN SICK.  One of these days I’ll put on the spackle, dress nicely and do another weblog – until that day comes….you’re stuck with this one.  lol  snort  hack hack


13 thoughts on “Why Can’t Simple Products Simply Work….Simply?

  1. LOL! Sounds like a job for EmmaLou!
    She actually chewed one of the plastic containers before I opened it… sigh…needless to say the wipes dried out pretty fast. Maybe I should just get HER to lick/wipe all the germ-infested surfaces… ewww nevermind

  2. What a hoot!! I never could figure those out. Now I use baby wipes. Much easier top.
    Not a bad idea, but do baby wipes have lotion in them coz that would be messy. 😉

  3. LOL! This is so funny! I love it! I usually just rip the whole lid off the thing!
    I have been known to rip the lid off and then put that really super strong clingy plastic wrap stuff on it to keep the wraps from drying out. makes me insaaaaaaaane…..

  4. That was just too funny and too true. I just take the whole lid off and found that was the easiest thing to do. I am so looking forward to more of these video web casts. Now if you just had EmmaLou as your sidekick.

    Still laughing.

    God bless.
    I’ll be happy to do more webcasts since obviously the whole no makeup and twenty chins thing plus sounding like Darth Vader hasn’t given anyone a heart attack yet…that I know of…and if I can make her sit here I’ll bring EmmaLou in on it too. Shoot – she needs her own weblog. She’s waaaaay funnier than me kiddo. xoxo

  5. I use those things in winter at work but that’s when my hands are dry and trying to get those things out is incredibly painful. Have you scraped your skin between those plastic pieces? I cringe in memory!

    I cannot tell you how many products have just about ended up going through the window at a 100 miles an hour – but then I bet the replacement window wouldn’t fit in correctly or it wouldn’t lock or open smoothly…can you throw a window out a window? One of these days I might find out…
    I will join you in throwing out a window thru the window with delight m’dear – we could video it too. snort

  6. OMG! LOVE IT! You are so right! Those wipe containers drive me crazy. I got my finger actually caught in the grips of those two plastic pieces inside once, and couldn’t get my finger back out. It hurt really bad! I can’t imagine why they can’t just put them in easy little square tubs like baby wipes or the swiffer wet things.
    Are you ready for this??? After I did the video I looked down at my hand and I actually had sliced my thumb on one of the plastic pieces. I SLICED MY THUMB — Ack. Talk about going postal…. I want to be on the panels of people who get to test products before they go on the market. I would be so good at that….lol

  7. That was amazing!!!!!!!!

    But where was the crutch?

    “Corn through a goose?” Yikes juset yikes!
    The crutch is only used on the other blog Oh Crap on a Crutch – deduct one Knighthood point….

  8. Loved it. Much better than Andy Rooney kvetching about things.
    Unfortunately, I’m beginning to resemble him. ack

  9. What a great idea – and good to “meet” ya in person! I agree with you – I use floor wipes that come in a plastic packet, and they all come out at once. When you get the answer about these products, do tell me!
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Sunshine xx
    thx swee’pea! Sorry I wasn’t lookin’ my best, but oh who cares! There’s another ‘brand’ of these wipes and the same thing happens, when you finally find the first wipe, they all come out at once like a bunch of sausages. Total insanity. Sigh. I am slowly getting over this stuff – it sure has taken its sweet time. lol 😉

  10. Oh heck, LOL! I’m still laughing!! This seems to be a Universal problem. I’ve given up trying to pull wipes from those dispensers. The ones we have here has the same type plastic lid, (the flip-top lulls one into thinking it will be easy to get to the stuff inside), but with a kind of 4-leave clover effect through which one is supposed to pull the actual wipe. It’s a trap. If it doesn’t snatch your finger, it refuses to let go of the wipe, or shreds it.

    I end up unscrewing the lid, make the smallest tear possible in the foil cover (so the wipes don’t dry out), put my fingers in a V over the mouth of the container and pull out the wipe/s. And all the while I’m hoping they didn’t make me pay for that useless piece of plastic.
    I find it difficult to believe that people are paid enormous salaries to come up with this crapola and then we buy into it thinking it will work and it never does but we continue to buy these products. I still can’t believe that when I hit the stop record button and looked down, my thumb was bleeding from the stupid plastic inside the can. Amazing lot of goofballs those household product engineers are… ack

  11. First off it was so cool to find put a voice with a face!!

    I completely agree that the simplest things don’t work simply. I just usually put the top off and feed the wipes through. I use so many they don’t have a chance to dry out.

    I’ve always wondered how sanitary sticking your fingers into the container full of wipes is.
    aha – but that was my “I’m at death’s door from this cold and I sound like Darth Vader an octave lower” voice. bwahahahaha – you still don’t know what I truly sound like. Oh who am I kidding…my “not sick” voice isn’t much better. snort. Wait… you mean I hafta wash my snot filled hands before I stick one in the container to rip out wipes? Crap…I figured the stuff on the wipe would instantly irradicate that problem. Great something else I need to be concerned with. sigh. 😉

  12. Yes, it’s nice to meet you. Those simple containers are very annoying!! Maybe someday, someone will make something that works–easily!
    I’m sorry I wasn’t at my best “for company” LOL – I can’t believe I did that – what a first impression w/my horrid “cold/flu” voice and looking so ratty – but I’m rather impulsive and so there you have it. I’ll come back another day and try to be a bit more presentable and easier on one’s ears! As to the containers…just rip off the tops and put plastic wrap over them – that’s what I’ve finally resorted to doing. Makes me crazy though – they should simply make a product correctly the first time. 😉

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