Ya Couldn’t Wait an Hour or So?

Devoted Spouse had to wake me up at 4 am to announce his throat was sore and dry.  It was imperative I be given that information.  Then he and the dog rolled over and went back to sleep.


My house is now quarantined.  I thought I had been sick for a couple of weeks.  I got nothing on Devoted Spouse.  He sounds like a Canada Goose in 3 part harmony.  Honk, honk, honk.  I  thought I was hacking up pieces of lung while I had this Ohio Crud.  I do believe I saw him spit a piece of his gallbladder onto the coffee table earlier.  Blechh. 

He’s on the couch.  I’m busy Clorox-wiping every possible surface in a 5-mile radius he could have touched.  I’m exhausted.  Crap he blew his nose and touched something.  Wipe, wipe, wipe.  I thought about getting out the latex gloves and the face mask but I was afraid it might give him ideas.  So I have put him in another part of the house and I’m keeping my distance. 

Me:  “Honey, Can I get you anything?” (pls say no) 

Him:  “No, I’m okay, honk, honk, hack, sniffle.  Maybe some of that tea with honey and lemon might be good.” 

Me:  Get.Away.From.Me.You.Germ.Infested.Monster. (makes tea and deposits on coffee table then rushes to scrub hands until they bleed.)

Winter in Ohio – home of the never-ending cold.  At least Devoted Spouse has a dr’s appointment that had already been scheduled for today – I told him to request a Z-pak just in case.  Then again, just being in the waiting room, he’ll probably pick up bubonic plague and bring it home to me.

It’s a shame we have several inches of snow on the way – coz that means he’ll have to bundle up his sick self and go use the snow blower.  I can’t do it – my back still hurts from the earlier tree fiasco.  It’s as if Christmas hasn’t left…rhinovirus – the gift that keeps on giving…sigh…


11 thoughts on “Ya Couldn’t Wait an Hour or So?

  1. Hey Linda!

    Wow! Remind me never to get sick in your house! Poor devoted spouse. LOL!

    Another great post!

    Dr. Rus
    looks like we’re just gonna pass it back and forth this winter. The one having fun is EmmaLou as she snarfs up errant Kleenexes (Kleenexi?) silly dog. eww. Don’t worry – I’ll take care of him – but I’m wearing a Biohazard suit now… LOL snort

  2. I will be praying for you both.

    Get well soon.

    God bless.
    thx sweetie – xoxo – If I can just keep the germ-infested husband away from me for a couple days, we’ll be fine! I so hate winter in Ohio…

  3. ::knock on wood:: So far ELPH & I have managed to stay healthy. Now If I can keep my germ infested co-workers from touching my stuff I’ll be ok.
    Get well!
    I’d Clorox wipe your keyboard and phone just to be on the safe side. You never know who touches the stuff when you’re out of office… ick – Stay well Sis!

  4. We he said “Maybe some of that tea with honey and lemon …” I hope he meant “Maybe some of that tea with honey and lemon and rum …”
    he’s not dumb…he added a shot of Jack. lol I’m the one who adds the rum!

  5. I’m getting ready to have a little lemon “tea” myself! Hubby and I have had that same honking disgusting sounding cough! It seems to last forever. Hopefully, Jack will chase it away!
    I dunno…he sounds awful but he feels pretty good rofl Jack to the rescue! Hope you and hubby feel better soon!

  6. LOL! Is it okay to laugh at sick people’s, or rather, anti-sick people’s, escapades? Too bad you can’t open a window and freeze those pesky germs, take them outside and play ice hockey (or whatever works in inches of snow) with them. That might make them think twice before getting back in your system 😉

    Hope DS gets better soon, WITHOUT passing the germs back to you!
    Sweetie – you can laugh at anything you want to here – this is a laughter safe zone!! I’m thinking we should both be in BioHazard suits until this stuff leaves. Then put the dog in the kennel and get an Industrial strength sprayer and fill it with Lysol and spray the entire house till it’s foggy inside. Maybe THAT would do it. Otherwise, we just keep sniffling and wait for Spring….and eat lotsa soup. 😉

  7. you didn’t mention the ‘walking the halls’ at night part…when one person is so sick, they make too much noise for the other one to get any sleep…

    my husband is usually the noise-maker and me the one who cant sleep so i go into the spare room and sneak back in before morning or he feels bad and says “oh no, did i keep you awake?”…

    winter in the cold areas is tough…i think i’ve had a cold for so long I don’t even realize it’s not normal to need tissues as part of my morning ‘pack up’ routine

    feel better and keep (clorox) wiping those surfaces.
    yeah we do the walking halls bit too but one of us at least goes downstairs. It’s either getting better or I’m getting used to it. sigh…

  8. I’m really sorry – honest to goodness I am. But I can also tell you every year at this time I’m so glad I work all by myself out on the docks, in the fresh air. I may freeze and got through chapstick and hand lotion by the gallons, but I’ve not had a cold for five years.

    I’ll think healthy thoughts for you. OH! or send you my dad’s hot rum punch recipe. It’s truly wonderful – sugar syrup infused with spices, fresh orange and lemon juice and then rum. We always made a batch for those Iowa winters and kept it in the fridge in Mason jars, so whoever needed it could just heat up a cup 😉
    I so want the hot rum punch – like right now!!! lol

  9. Awwwww – I’m a total germaphobe so I can relate to you.

    At work, half of us are sick, half of us are waiting. I’m actually in the half that isn’t sick – yet!!
    Having difficulty replyting yo thid ad I am weaeing a BioHazaed Suit ad the oment. Cznt ty[e. ack

  10. ah crap, just lick up the germs. It’ll build your immune system.
    I have thought of that, too. So, if you don’t see any blog postings from me for months, you’ll know I succumbed to some virus or other…simply remember me fondly. lol snort

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