Wordless Wednesday…or I’m Too Sick to Post

having crawled across the kitchen in search of a treat in EmmaLou's bowl, BoBo opted for a nap instead


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…or I’m Too Sick to Post

  1. Ha ha these “stuffed” toys are pretty talented! My2yo son’s Iggle Piggle is learning to potty train. Too bad the 2yo who is potty training “Piggle” isn’t potty trained himself 😛
    BoBo isn’t potty trained yet — I continually find him wet. hmmm

  2. Alternate caption:
    BoBo. The pooch who got into the hooch.
    Wanna be my ghostwriter? lol BoBo the “unstuffed” bear is dragged unceremoniously everywhere by EmmaLou now that she has forsaken Rocky the Raccoon (last year’s model) and I am constantly amazed at where I find him. The other morning I woke up and there was BoBo lying on the pillow next to me — LOOKING at me. Either EmmaLou has a sense of humor or I’m completely losing it…. let’s not go there now. 😉

  3. Well, I suppose the good news might be that you have an answer to both losing weight and saving money… but not a good answer, mind you.

    I hope you’re just suffering from post-holiday dragginess, as so many seem to be. And I certainly hope you don’t feel as bad as BoBo!
    I’ve been fighting off a cold and sinus since before the holidays and it’s affected my neural network – I can’t think, not that I could before mind you. Be patient…I’ll get back to posting soon. 😉

  4. BoBo looks like he still has all his guts. Emmalou is so nice to her toys. Nessa would have gutted that baby in a heartbeat.

    Get well soon.
    Hi swee’pea – that’s the good news – this is an “unstuffed” toy so she can’t rip out his guts – he is ‘gutless’. bwahahahaha so he’s like some limp rag she just carries around in her mouth all day. Oh she’ll get around to chewing off his ears (she did that w/Rocky Raccoon) but for now BoBo is is good shape…if a bit hungry. lol

  5. What a hoot! At first I thought he was tipsy lol
    Isn’t it funny? She just dropped him there and that’s how he landed – I laughed myself into a coughing fit! The other day I woke up and she had placed BoBo on the pillow next to me and he was facing me as if to say “Good morning” – sometimes that dog scares me. LOL 😉

  6. Are you sure Bobo did not dragg himself across the desert and then he saw this oasis with water and by the time he got there he passed out too tired to even take a tiny sip to save himself. I mean I’m just saying.

    Hope you get well soon, and stop getting so many colds. Colds suck or is it Colds blow. Either way they stink, well I think they do if I could smell them.

    God bless.
    No one understands why BoBo does anything he does. LOL I’m resting – This cold just wants to hold on for awhile longer. ack

  7. Feel better soon, Sis. I see you have not been on the Grid lately. See your doc if ithis cold lingers.
    I am better, in fact on Monday’s blog I’ll tell you just how much better I am…. snort

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