Happy New Year

Crone and Bear It wishes for you and yours a wonderful 2011.  May you enjoy peace, happiness, joy, love, good health, prosperity and may God richly bless you and your families!  Thanks to my 19 faithful readers for sticking around this last year.  May we enjoy another year of silliness, sarcasm, witticisms, jokes, bad puns, and my rapidly shrinking neural network…..




12 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. A Happy New Year to you as well my Queen!

    All the best to you and yours.

    Total global domination in 2011

    Peace, love, and happiness
    I hope 2011 brings you the Knighthood you so richly deserve! xo

  2. What more is there to say? May HASHEM fill your new year with love. Love is all that matters.
    Thank you my dear friend — may God fill your life with love overflowing this coming year! xo

  3. Happy New Year!!!!

    May this new year bring health, wealth, and peace to you and those you love. May the love and joy of God and Jesus bring you the protection and joy from the Angels above.

    Best wishes for all in this coming year.

    God bless.
    Thank you to my dear sweet bloggy friend who has been with me through thick and thin!! Love the stuffin’ outta you girl and I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you and by that I mean that it brings you peace and restores your health. God bless.

  4. Happy new year to my friend Linda! Visiting your blog was the very first thing I did in 2011 (besides getting up, brushing my teeth, and making coffee). I miss blogging, especially reading blogs.

    love, chris
    This is so bizarre — I was on FB and saw your link and the FIRST blog I visited in 2011 was YOURS and left u a comment! wow. You’ve had a busy year sweetie – take it easy on you – but we all love to have you visit us!! I wish you a fabulous New Year, Chris!! love ya back, linda

  5. Oh, maybe I can be lucky #20. Happy 2011. This is going to be a great year!
    Good grief I don’t know if I can handle 20 faithful readers…the pressure…the pressure… lol Yes swee’pea it IS gonna be a great year. 😉

  6. And on top of everything else, you’re the first blogger I’ve seen who’s added 2011 to the copyright notice!

    You’ve obviously got a running start on the year – blessings to you and best wishes for the months to come!
    Blessings for a wonderful year right back atcha swee’pea!

  7. My Queen the e-book is finished I’d love for you to have a free free free copy!

    My e-mail is Robblogger@hotmail.com if you have any desire let me know, and let me know where I can special deliver it to you!

    A bribe for Knighthood? Sure is! And a hope for some more of that free promotion I always get from you!
    How did I miss this comment and a few others too? wow this cold is really affecting my brain. Yes I want ur e-book so I’ll shoot ya an email. Knighthood? Free promotion? Steady baby…it’s still earlyn in the year…. 😉

  8. Ha. One of my resolutions for the new year is to read more blogs. I might have to cut my facebook time, but oh well. I’ve fixed up my google reader so I can see my bloggers (hopefully) each day. x
    that’s one of mine too but so far I’ve already broken it – I need to subscribe to more – that way I see them and know someone has posted and get off my butt and go visit!!! sheesh xoxo

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  10. Happy New Year!
    Love your Blog and can’t wait to see what silliness ensues for 2011! (That still sounds like the Future to me…)
    Thanks babycakes – you are always so kind to visit and leave comments and I rarely get to your blog because I’m a rotten bloggy friend….but I hope to remedy that this year by visiting my friends more often….. xoxo

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